JULY 03, 2001 - TUESDAY

Top 6 Faves and Wanted - Results are posted.

What a shock! Leia's plans premieres with a bullet :) Wanna know how your votes measured up?. Head on over to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections and see the results.


Dave Frye ... You give us hope

Well I am pleased to tell you Dave Frye is the first to correctly find ALL 30 Niubniubs!!! Way to go Dave. This encourages me that it is not impossible to find all the hidden Niubniubs. :) Keep on looking...Everyone can still have a chance to win, The search has just begun - heh heh.

I know how hard it is to find that last remaining Niubniub. God knows I've gotten a ton of please tell me where he is e-mails - LOL. I won't help you out with the 20 in the Dioramas Section. Those are easy to find. However, I will be giving you riddle clues every 3 days as to where to find the remaining 10.

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 1

Around, Around, Around we go...What is Niub's talking about? Maybe Lando will know?

And don't ask me what it means - LOL - You have to figure it out on your own :)



JULY 05, 2001 - THURSDAY

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 2

Run Away....Far Away....She said to her Bro. Where on this site can we see actual pics from the show?

So far we have 5 people in the drawing. Dave, Dan, Brian, Jonathan and Erik. Great going guys - all of you found the 30 Niubniub's. :) We are not even in the end of week 1, there is plenty of time for everyone to catch up. I know you can do it :)


Character VR Wednesday on Thursday :)

I had friends over Tuesday night to watch the DVD of Unbreakable (cool movie) so I didn't have time to make the C:VR. So I made it last night, Better late then never right? This week i chose one of my favourite figures...the Gamorrean Guard. You can see him in 360 degree stop motion animation in the Virtual Characters C:VR section.


JULY 06, 2001 - FRIDAY

ArtoosNews.com's Exclusive Niubniub Interview

There is a great new section at ArtoosNews.com that features interviews with fellow collectors.
In the same manner as in my Visitors Dioramas Section, Artoos Featured Fan pages invites you - the visitors - to talk about your Star Wars Collection...Like Where you are from, what got you into collecting, your fave figures etc...It's a Super idea and shows us that we are not the only crazy ones out there :)

Last week, Jason asked if I would be interested in being interviewed to help celebrate my 1 year anniversary. How could I resist such an invitation? :) Just Click Here to jump to the interview. Oh and by the way, I gave Jason an exclusive CLUE to the contest to help you out. And after reading my interview, why not fill out a ballot and become a Featured Fan yourself?


New Section !!! - Niubniub's Widevision Cards

I always loved Trading Cards. From 1977 Topps Star Wars Bubble Gum Cards to Episode 1 Widevisions. One day I got an E-Mail from Keven and Nathen Reinke, I smiled and just HAD to share these with the rest of you. I am happy to announce the Premiere of Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. Every 2 weeks we will post 5 new cards. You can even save them and print them out like I did. What's best is that Keven and Nathen do all the work themselves - what could be better for me then that - LOL. This week we start with Series 1 - Star Wars A New hope. So check them out, Let me know what you think of the section.


Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 3

So Cool and Scaled Down, too bad there will never be more. Lucasfilm Vaults surely have these imperials in store.

Lots of entries coming in with 27-28-29 votes...Keep up the great search, I know you can make it :)


JULY 08, 2001 - SUNDAY

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 4

Go down one houses level by using the stairs, Then Right in his Workplace, the Trooper did stare.


New Toy Collection Pics - The Road Warrior

If you are a fan of the Mad Max Movies, These toys are pretty cool.I got these a couple months back but did not have the time to make a section for them until now. The likenesses are very close to the real actors but there could have been a bit more articulation. If you were thinking on getting these but weren't sure, Head on over to My Toy Collection Section and click on the Road Warrior Logo.


JULY 10, 2001 - TUESDAY

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 5

From Mount olympus you can see, Zero to Hero's family.


Clarifications for the contest

Niubniubs added after the contest start like the Niubniub in the Trading Cards does not count, it would not be fair to add Niubiubs as we go along. If you have doubts if a page contains a Niubniub, copy and paste it into the contest form and hit submit, You will automatically be told if it's a good or bad answer. There are no penalties for hitting Submit more then once. It is only when you get all 30 niubniubs does your name go into the draw.



Character VR Wednesday

I just received my New playset last week so I thought what better figure for this weeks C:VR then David Duchovny - Uh - I mean The Carbon Freezer playset's Bespin Security Guard. LOL. You can see him and tons of other figures in 360 degree stop motion animation in the Virtual Characters C:VR section. Any Suggestions for next week? Send me an e-mail.


New Improved FFURG Now Online !!!

There's a lot of new stuff at the FFURG this month. They've got a brand-new design and layout for the site, the Custom Recipes section has an all-new look, and now comes complete with a ratings guide! Really Cool! There is still a little "construction" going on but 99% is operational :)


Final Fantasy Opens Today :)

So how many of you are gonna go see this summer blockbuster? :) My co-workers and I are taking a L-O-N-G lunch hour to go check it out. Don't tell our boss - heh heh. I will let you know tomorrow what I thought of it.


JULY 12, 2001 - THURSDAY

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 6

To get a good look before dioramas are done, To rescue the Princess, you must pass beside one.


Niubniub's Tips and Tricks updated

I've updated the Questions Tips and Tricks Sections with some info that might be of interest to diorama makers. Thanks to Martin, Brett and Russ for the Questions.


Niubniub's Secret page found again :)

It's been a couple of weeks since someone has found my secret page. Congratulations to Nate, Pieta97, Scott K, Paul and Seth. You found it without any help :)


Final Fantasy - Worth the money?

WOW! This sure was a gorgeous movie to see. The cinema was packed at the 12:30 show. Don't these people work - LOL. I have played a few of the games and must say this story has nothing to do with any of them. It's like Starship troopers meets Aliens. The story moved along quite well even if the lip sync is a bit weird. Hollywood actors don't have to worry about loosing their jobs just yet :)

I liked it a lot. I don't see how anyone can say..."This movie sucked" cause it doesn't. I did like Shrek more - maybe cause you laugh all the time. But if you enjoy Sci-Fi movies and like watching cut scenes in your video games then for sure you will enjoy Final Fantasy.

By the way, the male character GRAY looks SO much like Ben Affleck it's scary. And even MORE Scary...He acted better then Ben did in Pearl Habor - LOL.


JULY 13, 2001 - FRIDAY

Sneak Preview - Jedi Council Phase 2 - Mace Windu

You have seen my Jedi Chairs, Now see how I am modifying the Council Members to finally make my Jedi Council Diorama movie accurate. Head on over to the Sneak Previews Dioramas Section to check it all out. Click on the Mace Windu icon. More members coming real soon.


JULY 15, 2001 - SUNDAY

Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 7

Once Commtechs were found, but now they are gone, To escape from this Bounty you would have to be Bond...James Bond :)


JULY 16, 2001 - MONDAY

Sneak Preview - DS Tower Phase 2 - Consoles

You have seen the Episode 4 Death Star Consoles, Now see how I modified them to be part of my Phase 2 Episode 6 Diorama...Emperor's Death Star Consoles. Head on over to the Sneak Previews Section to check it all out. The actual Phase 2 Diorama pictures will be ready by mid-week.


New Section - Niub Chat !

You ask and shall receive :) I've received a lot of emails recently asking why I did not have a chat for people to discuss diorama tips. So I looked into it and found one that even I could understand - LOL. So I am happy to announce the opening of NiubChat. A place right here on the site that you can hook up and meet other Niubniub fans. Have fun and remember to be nice or I will find you and poke my spear in your butt :)


New Fan Site added to the Links Section

A cool new fan custom and diorama site Scoundrels Gallery has been added in Niubniub's Fan Websites Section. Why not check it out after you are done visiting here.



Character VR Wednesday

It's always easier to pick a figure when I have requests. This weeks C:VR is Princess Leia - Jabba's Prisoner. You can see her and 30 other figures in 360 degree stop motion animation in the Virtual Characters C:VR section. Have a figure you want to see next week? Send me an e-mail.


Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 8

McFarlane amazes, These sculpts are too cool, Niubniub went visiting where Lord Farquaad rules.


My Toy Collection - Simpsons Wave 4 Reviews

They've been out for a while now, I am just now catching up. My favourite toys after Star Wars, Playmates Simpsons are just Awesome! You can view the Group Shot with Hot Spot Links to every Character or go to the Simpsons Menu and just click on your favourite character. It's all in My Toy Colection Section.


JULY 19, 2001 - THURSDAY

Emperor's Tower Phase 2 Pictures Online

Now that I finished my Death Star 2 Consoles, I placed them in their proper diorama and took some new pictures. You can see them in the Star Wars Dioramas Section in Episode 6 - Return Of The Jedi Menu, Just click on Emperor's Tower. Cinema Front, Views 6,7,8,9 and Cinema Comparison are all New Pictures.


Niubniub's Download Textures - Death Star Consoles

Today you can download the decals I used for both the Star Wars Death Star Console as well as Return Of The Jedi's Death Star 2 Consoles. Even if you don't have my Sculpey bases, You could easily make their basic shapes in foamcore, paint them and glue the decals on. The important thing is to have fun with them :)

Remember, All the decals I have made for my dioramas can be found in Niubniub's Download Textures Section and are there to help you create your own dioramas.


Jurassic Park 3 opened yesterday and it ROCKS!!!!!

I know, it's hard to believe that Niubniub would go see JP3 on opening day - LOL. The 9 oclock show last night was sold out, People were excited, everyone clapped when the curtain whent up. I think it will be the #1 champ this weekend. One word of caution though...Bring your EARPLUGS, this movie is LOUD!!! I don't think my neighbour will be very happy when I watch the DVD this Christmas :)

My favourite part was the pterodactyl cage attack and even though we've seen all the dinosaurs before, they are more agressive in this film. I know my fur would not stay clean very long on that island - LOL. All in all a great roller coaster summer movie. Lots of action and amazing ILM special effects. If you liked the other 2, you will enjoy this one. I give it 4 Niubniubs for the Dinos and 1 Niubniub for the dialogue and CORNY ending :)



New Visitor Diorama

I am getting backed up again with Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. It's so cool to see there are so many people getting into the hobby. Please be patient, I will post every picture that has been sent. It just takes me a little time :)

Today you can see some very cool Death Star Diorama pics of Declan McLaughlin. Head on over and let him know what you think of his work.


Sill searching for the 30

Because I have been updating since the contest began, there seems to be confusions about the Niubniub in the Widevision Cards Section. He is not part of the contest. All 30 niubniubs were placed prior to July 1, 2001. Sorry for the confusion guys.


JULY 20, 2001 - FRIDAY

Jedi Council - Phase 2 Sneak Previews

When I made my diorama for The Jedi Council, my website did not exist thus no making of pictures. However I can show you my Phase 2 step by step procedure in how I am transforming a plain diorama into a cool movie accurate scene with sitting Jedis :) just go to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas Section and click on the Jedi Council Phase 2 Icon.


Sneak preview - Mace Windu in Jedi Chair

I finished painting the first of my custom jedis and this is how Hasbro should have made Mace Windu. Head on Over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and check him out at the bottom of Page 4.


Niubniub's Diorama Widevision Cards

Today Keven and Nathen sent me 5 new cards, Numbers 6 to 10 in Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. Every 2 weeks we will post 5 new cards. You can even save them and print them out like I did. Just click on Series 1 - Star Wars A New hope to check them out.


Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 9

How did you do that? We want to know... To find me the Gungans must take you in tow.


Leia's Plans now in Making of Section

Looking for the Sneak Previews of Leia's Plans? Well as you know, when I finish a diorama it isn't a sneak preview any longer - hee hee - so I have moved the step by step instructions into Niubniub's making Of Dioramas Section. From there you can click on Leia's Plans Icon to view the pictures and instructions.


Wanna ask me questions live?

I will be in NiubChat tonight at 8:00 pm eastern North American time. Hope to see you there.


JULY 23, 2001 - MONDAY

Sneak preview - Ki Adi Mundi in Jedi Chair

I finished the 2nd of my custom jedis and have only 3 more to do :( - LOL. Head on Over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and click on Ki Adi Mundi to see how he turned out.


Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas - Emperor's Tower

I added 5 Hi-Res pictures of my Phase 2 Emperor's Tower Diorama in Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas Section. Click on DEATH STAR 2 - EMPEROR'S TOWER to see the Pics. My fave is Photo 05.


Where's niubniub? Clues - Number 10

Well there is 1 week left for you to find those 30 niubniubs and after todays last clue, I can no longer help you...Here is the clue.

Alone in the Dark with Popcorn in hand, It's time to watch Empire, What a wonderfull plan!


Secret Page Discovered Again :)

Wow, last week there was a deluge of people who found Niubniub's Secret page. Congratulations to Mike H, Francisco R, Russ M, Ben R, John V, Jedi Beagle, Sean J and Patrick C. Way to go guys!!!!!



Character VR Wednesday

My god it's hot here, 32', A Major heatwave with 95% Humidity. But I managed not to die of heatstroke just yet :) Since this weeks theme seems to be Phase 2 of the Jedi Council, I thought why not pick a Jedi. This weeks C:VR is Saesee Tiin. You can see him and over 30 other figures in 360 degree stop motion animation in the Virtual Characters C:VR section.


My Toy Collection - Lara Croft Tomb Raider

You've probably seen the movie, now you can see how Playmates made the toys. It's just too bad they limited themselves to Lara and no other Characters from the film :(. It's all in My Toy Colection Section. Click on Tomb Raider Logo to see the pics and read my reviews.


Another New Visitor Added

I have had time to catch up with all the cool pictures you have sent me. Let's start the week with the pictures of Joël Dorigny. I really get excited when I see dioramas of scenes that I haven't done yet. I get very inspired - LOL - Check out Joël's Pictures as well as other visitors cool dioramas in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section.


JULY 27, 2001 - FRIDAY

5 days left to find the Niubniubs !!!

The end of July is almost here...if you haven't found all 30 Niubniub's yet it's time to get cracking :) Winners odds are still great. As of today, 986 submissions have been entered and only 46 have found all 30 hidden NiubNiubs.


Sneak preview - Plo Koon in Jedi Chair

I finished yet another custom jedi and he turned out pretty cool. Head on Over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and click on Plo Koon to see how he turned out.


2New Visitor Dioramas added

Thought I would catch up by updating 2 visitors in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. it's always fun to see how others use their creativity :) Today click on Daniel Elmore and Manny Mendoza to check out their amazing work.


Finally Duros wave Reviews and Pics online.

Thanks so much to Brent, I have gotten the Duros wave of figures. God help me if I would actually find them in Montreal stores - HA!!!. All we have are 50 Leia Hoths warming the shelves of every store. Looks like Episode 1 all over again :(

Anyhow...you can go to the Choose A Character Section and select Sandtrooper, Duros, Ketwol, Bespin Guard 1 and Bespin Guard 2 from the Power Of The Jedi Menu. Have a great weekend everybody.


JULY 30, 2001 - MONDAY

New figures in Carbon Freezer Diorama

I took some new pictures replacing older figures with the newest waves of Leia Bespin, Lando Bespin, Chewie Mechanic and Boba Fett 300th for the Carbon Freezing Chamber Diorama. Cinema Views 5, 6,7,8 and 9 are all New Pictures.


Sneak preview - Saesee Tiin in Jedi Chair

I finished Saesee on the weekend. Seeing him sitting with the others is very cool indeed. I can't wait to show you the finished diorama pics, but I have 2 more members to go :) So for today, head on Over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and click on Saesee Tiin to see how he turned out.


Jedi Force Files - Duros Wave

I added the Jedi Force Files to the new figures I received last week, namely, Sandtrooper, Duros, Ketwol and Bespin Guard 2.


JULY 31, 2001 - TUESDAY

Last Day to find the 30 Niubniubs !!!

Well I have gotten many emails saying how finding the last Niubniub is torture - LOL. Well better find the last one quick. At midnight tonight the contest is closed. Good luck, I know you can do it :)


Jedi Force Files - Sabe

Thanks to Eric, I got a 2nd Sabe figure today. Now I could open her and scan the force file. If you don't open your cards and want to read the file just click on Sabe in the Jedi Force File menu.


More Visitor Pictures added

Jason Keith has sent me 2 new pictures for Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. The diorama is not completed but I had to share it with you. This is the best quality work I have ever seen anywhere. This is Hasbro quality folks. My hood goes off to Jason.


Top 6 Faves and Wanted - Time to vote

It's the end of the month again, you know what that means. Please take 2 minutes and send in your choices. I can't do this without your help :). Head on over to the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections and vote NOW.


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