August 01, 2001 - WEDNESDAY

Where's Niubniub officialy closed

Well I had a blast preparing this contest for you and from the e-mails I got, you had lots of fun searching for the Niubniubs. Even if the last 1 or 2 almost put you in a mental institute - LOL

I am now double checking the submissions making sure there are no duplicates so that everyone has a fair shot at the prizes. Later today Philip Wise from Rebelscum will email me 5 numbers. I will then match the numbers with the submissions order in my email box. I will post the winners on Friday.


Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas - Carbon Freezing Chamber

4 NEW Hi-Res pictures can be found today in Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas Section. Click on Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber to see the Pics.


Character VR Wednesday tomorrow

I forgot my camera at work today so i could not take pictures to make the C:VR. I promise to have a cool one up tomorrow :)


Summer Blockbuster Review - Planet Of The Apes

I finally got to see planet Of The Apes tonight. I wish to quote Luke Skywalker to express my thoughts..."What a piece of %@#%" oops I mean Junk - LOL.

As a HUGE fan of the original version, a TRUE Classic on my list, Why oh Why were they givena green light on this project? The story is awfull and the monkey acting is embarrassing!!! Charleton Heston's cameo is a joke. God this movie was bad!!!!! And to top it off what's with the ending? Hilite to read this part as it could spoil things for people who did not yet see this film...

Little Bubbles the chimp goes into space, they lose him, then Marky Mark runs after him, risking his life. Then at the end of the film, Bubbles appears in the ship and everyone goes's god. Then marky mark gets in his ship and takes off leaving Bubbles on the planet!!!! Helllllooooooo!!!!! Why did he take off after Bubbles only to not bring him back with him when he finally found him?

Stay far away from this movie - Go see Shrek again or Jurassic Park 3. You will leave the theater in a better mood :)


August 03, 2001 - FRIDAY

Where's Niubniub? And the winner is...

The official numbers are in and I can't thank you guys and girls enough for participating in my First Annual Contest. 1034 people sent in Submissions but only 68 managed to find all 30 niubniubs ! From Australia, Belgique, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and the USA, everyone agrees they had a lot of laughs seeing the pictures and had fun going through the site looking for my alter ego :) Are dying to find out who won yet? - LOL

Click here to go to "Where's niubniub?" Winners Page.

Click here to go view the 20 Niubniubs hidden withing the Diorama Section.

Click here to go view the 10 Niubniubs hidden elsewhere in the site.


New look to the DVD section

Because of the lack of time I have in a, sleep, excercise, watching movies and making dioramas...has it allready been 24 hrs - LOL, I have sadly decided to scrap my dvd reviews. :(

However, since I know many of you are also into DVD's (especially with Episode 1 finally coming out :) I am keeping my Niubniub Ratings system and placing them under every DVD cover so that you can still see what my tastes are as well as what DVD's have been released and added to my collection.

You can still see my All Time Favourite Movie List and Stinky Poos. It's all in my Home Cinema Section.


August 06, 2001 - MONDAY

Weekend + Pool + Sun = Ouch - LOL

The weekend was gorgeous for the first time this summer and old Niubniub got himself a humoungous sunburn :( I look like a cooked Mon Calamari :) Let's hope I don't faint and can still finish those Jedi customs this week.


Niubniub's Diorama Widevision Cards

5 new cards, Numbers 11 to 15 have just been added in Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. I love Keven and Nathans work, it's like reading a coomic book. Check it out...Just click Here for the new pictures.


New Visitor Pictures added

Today I give you an update on Markus Gerlachs's dioramas, Photos 23 through 27 as well as a new section for Stephen Moody with a whopping 42 pictures!!! As usual, they can all be found in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. If you have some creations you wish to share with us, don't be shy :) Just send them in.


Do you live in California?

Next Saturday I am flying to California for 1 week's holliday. I will be staying at my friends home in Santa Monica. If you live nearby, I would love to get together in person and have you show me the hot spots of toy shopping L.A. Style :) Send me an e-mail before the end of the week and we can arrange to meet.


August 10, 2001 - FRIDAY

Sneak preview - Adi Gallia in Jedi Chair

I finished Adi Gallia yesterday. I felt I needed to give you a realy cool update before my trip. So head on Over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and click on Adi Gallia Sitting Custom to see how she turned out.


Updates in niubniub's Visitor Section

Before I leave, I updated Brent McCracken's dioramas. 10 new pictures so check it out! Where? well in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section of course. If you wish to share your dioramas with the world, don't be shy :) Just send them in.


I am off to California :)

I am leaving Saturday and will be gone for 1 week. I hope to have lots of fun visiting friends over there and maybe even have my dream come true :) So there won't be any updates until I get back on August 20th. I saved up and hope to find a B-Wing and some new figures. I promise I will let you know how successful my toy search was :) Have a great weekend, see you in 10 days...


August 21, 2001 - TUESDAY

Hey gang, I'm home again :)

I had a great time in california, Boy could I adapt to live there - hee hee. A week passes by way too quickly :( and to top it off I am sooo sick now. I caught some kind of a cold virus last week and now it's turned into a sinus attack. My head feels like it's about to explode.

Tom, even though we didn't find any toys in stores, Thanks again for taking the time to hook up during my stay in LA. I will now be able to see a face when I get my boxes :)

Brent, it was great fun to meet you in person and finally get to see the Santa Monica Pier. Even if that second ride made me feel like puking for the rest of the night - LOL. God I am sooo old :) Your parents were really cool to drive all the way up to visit. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see dagobah :)

And to Eric, Randy, Aris...sorry I couldn't fit you in my scheduale. I promise next time I will do all my best to hook up. It's really cool to get together with fans and other web masters.

So now it's time to bring the site back up to speed and to get better asap. I decided that I will resculpt Yoda in the same style as the rest of my Jedi council, so that is my next priority. After he is complete, 10 new pictures re-creating the council scene from the movie will be postedin the diorama section. Then I can move onto a brand new diorama I have wanted to make for a long time now - The interior of the Millennium Falcon. So sit back and enjoy the ride :)


August 27, 2001 - MONDAY

A reminder about updates...

I have been getting a lot of e-mail (thank god not all obscenely rude - you know who you are) asking "Are you abandoning the site?", "Where are the updates?"

The good news is NO, I am not abandoning the site, I plan to continue making dioramas and sharing them with you until hasbro stops making figures which should be not before 2007 at the earliest. As for updates, most of you realise Niubniub's is about my hobby of making dioramas and unlike News sites that have 3,4,5+ contributors to update daily, I am but one. When I am sick (or out of town), there is no one else to take my place. And rest assured, I do feel guilty when I don't update at least every other day.

Now I got rid of that awfull flu and am back to my old self again. So let me show you what you all love coming here for :)


Sneak preview - Yoda in Jedi Chair

I worked on my yoda custom yesterday. It was fun to get back into making dioramas. If you want to see how he turned out, head on over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas and click on Yoda's chair.


August 29, 2001 - WEDNESDAY

Character VR Wednesday

Catching up before a new wave hits the stores, this weeks C:VR is Ketwol the cantina dude from Star Wars Special Edition. You can see him in 360 degree stop motion animation in the Virtual Characters C:VR section.


Choose A Character Reviews

For those of you who like to read my reviews, I finally found a Sabe and placed her picture and my review of the figure in the Choose A Character Section. Check it out.


Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas

2 updates today for some people you might have scoped already. I added Ben Kenobi's House in Michael Fright's Section as well as Sandtrooper Patrol in Centuri Chan's Section. They can be found in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Remember if you want a section featuring your dioramas, it's as easy as sending me your pictures :)


AUGUST 31, 2001 - FRIDAY

Jedi Council Tease ;-)

I took a lot of pictures tonight but it's now 1:21 am and I am too tired to finish the diorama section. So before you get all dissapointed - heh heh - I thought i would post a tease picture of whats to come this weekend :)


The Making Of my Lifesize R2-D2

I had a couple of people asking me if I had step by step pictures of my lifesize R2-D2. Good thing is that I took pictures while making him back in 1999. If you always wanted to make your own R2 Unit or just curious to see how I built mine, Click on R2-D2 in Niubniub's Making Of Dioramas Section.


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