Niubniub's WideVision Diorama Cards

I have posted the 5 final Wave 1 A New Hope cards in Niubniub's Widevision Cards section. Check it out, plus you can even print them out like I do and store them in your binder. Just like real trading cards.


What a GREAT day

1- Today opens Pixar's Monsters Inc. - All of us at work are going to the show tonight. I will let you know what I thought next week.

2- Get to see the Attack Of The Clones Teaser Trailer before the movie - Woohoo, this is gonna be awesome, I feel it :)

3- Shrek comes out on DVD today, If you own a player you HAVE to buy this DVD. My copy is reserved and will pick it up before going to the cinema. I know I will watch it at least 3 times this weekend ;P




Blastshield training Sneak Preview

The weekend sure passes by way too quickly :( I did however finish the Chess table and bench (well almost - LOL) They are all painted and look awesome, All that is really left is for me to make decals for the Control Panel. That should be done for next week. But for today, you can see 17 NEW pictures :) all in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section. As usual, click on Blastshield Training to view the pictures.


Monsters Inc. is BRILLIANT !!!!

I so LOVE Pixar :) If you haven't seen this movie (hmmm there was a Episode 2 trailer so I bet you all did go already - heh heh) Go next weekend. I have seen it 3 times so far, it is sooo good. I thought Toy Story 2 was great but man, I haven't laughed this much in a long time. All the character designs are right on and Boo is just so cute, not to mention a dead ringer for my best friend at work Melanie :). The sequence with the door chase is unbelievable. This movie excited me soo much that I had to go and buy...take a guess...yes...TOYS :) I will try and put up reviews sometime during the week.



Attack Of The Clones trailer

Well since you know I went to see monsters Inc, you also know I, like 20 million others :), saw the Episode 2 teaser this weekend. Was it worth it? DUH - LOL. Simple and yet did the me all excited for next summer. I cannot wait to see this movie. Plus I get to have more diorama ideas - heh heh. The few scenes gave me the impression that Attack Of The Clones will be a much more exciting movie then Episode 1. I now more then ever want to work at ILM (doesn't everybody?) Anyone have a time machine? LOL.



Catching Up With the Visitors :)

I am so behind in updates to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. So I worked all night to add new pictures to 3 of Niub's Visitors... Ed Baruli's Death Star Control Room, Brent McCracken's Emperor's Arrival and 3 Movie Scenes from Chris Kelso. If you have pictures you want to share with the rest of us, make sure to send them in. I love seeing what you guys and girls are up to.


Working Nights

I was asked yesterday if I could work the nightshift this week (5pm to 3 am) in order to finish some avalanche fx scenes for the film we are working on. Hopefully I will be able to do some updates during the day if I am not too tired.



Character VR Wednesday

It's almost 4 am and I am sooo tired. But because I love you all so much I made a special VR last night... Luke Skywalker Bacta Tank This is one of Hasbro's best figure for the value this year. No one has an excuse now not to make a diorama display of Echo Base's Medical Center :)

If want to see what he looks like in 360 degree stop motion animation, go now to Niubniub's Virtual Characters C:VR section and click on the Rebels Sub-Menu.



Back to normal :)

Well I am happy to announce I am back to day shift at work. Thats the good news - for me at least - LOL. The bad news is I had no time to work on the Falcon diorama :(. I know many look forwards to monday mornings to see what I was up to during the weekend, I will try and work on it a couple of hours at night during the week. Maybe have a post before friday :)


Top 6 Wanted and favourites - Results Posted

Thanks to all who voted, I really apreaciate your participation :) You can go find out if your choices made it to Number One in the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections.


Share your views on Star Wars figures

I am happy to announce that I have modified my Choose A Character figure reviews. I added a "Final thoughts" box that gives a longer description of my views on the figure. But more important, a NEW space where you, Niubniub's readers, can share your opinions with the rest of us.

I want to thank Nils for helping me get started and showing you how it works. :) So far only the Power Of The Jedi reviews have been updated. Soon every figure, ship, beast and playset will have a space for you to give your opinion. I think this will be a fun way to see how many people agree or dissagree with our views :)
Send in as many reviews as you want, even if they are older toys. I will place them as I update those sections later this week.



Huge Visitors Dioramas Update

I thought I would get caught up to date with the pictures I had been sent for Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. So I am happy to share 3 visitors with you today.

First up is an update of my friend Nate True. He sent me some amazing pictures of the Bespin Room where vader beats the poop out of luke :) An ingenious use of my Downlaod Textures was used in nates diorama.
Next up are 2 brand NEW visitors, David Hannebohn and James Warin who were kind enough to share their dioramas with the rest of us. Make sure to check them all out. And if you made a diorama that you want to share with the rest of the world :) Send me your pictures. I would LOVE to see them.



Niubniub's WideVision Diorama Cards

Keven and nathen have done it again - great job guys :)

I am happy to bring you the first 5 cards of Series 2 - The Empire Strikes Back. You can still view the entire Series 1 - A New Hope. It's all in Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. Check it out, and remember, you can even print them out like I do and store them in your binder. Just like real trading cards.


All 3 Episode 2 Teasers Now Online

I have just watched the 3rd and final Episode 2 Teaser: "Forbidden Love" You can download it on the Official Star Wars Site or at Apple's Quicktime Trailers Site section.

Teaser 1 "Breathing" :
I really like this teaser. It does the job. Makes you want to build a Time Machine so you can warp to May 2002 NOW - LOL. It's cool to see 3P0, Yoda, The new ships, Jango and the Asteroids, I feel like I am 13 again.

Teaser 2 "Mystery" (Need the Episode 1 DVD) :
Finally after many complaints Lucas made the DVD Teaser available to us Mac Users. Was it worth all the hassle? You Bet!!! I thought I was excited seeing the First Teaser, Wow was I drooling watching this one. It is fun to see how Episode 2 merges with images from the Classic Trilogy like Sandcrawlers and Luke's Home. Obi-Wan finally looks the part with his beard and have you seen the Tie Fighter stuck in Padme's Hair? LOL.
The humour seems a lot more tongue in cheek like the Classic Trilogy then corny like in Episode 1. And it's funny to see that many of the Episode 1 rejected designs appear in Episode 2 like Watto wearing his cap and the alien species in the arena that look like battle droids (the original neemoudian design) Really cool!
There will be many many cool dioramas to create for this film. Next year will be a fun one for all of us I am sure.

Teaser 3 "Forbidden Love" :
The final Teaser shows us the love relationship and looks like Titanic in Space. I expect Leonardo to pop up any minute - LOL. Yikes. I know we have to see the love story and all but I hope it isnt 75% of the movie. I don't know, it sure seems sappy. I wonder if Padme bought her fireplace outfit at an Olivia Newton-John convention? - LOL - You older guys will get that one, hee hee. The cool thing is that we now have 3 teasers to look at over and over until next March :) Plenty to fill up a bucket's worth of drool. When can we reserve our tickets? - heh heh


Nintendo GameCube Launches Sunday :)

Woohoo I am so excited. Finally Sunday i will be able to go and pick up my Nintendo GameCube and Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2. :) This weekend will be one filled with decisions :P

1) I must visit Mommy Niubniub on her Birthday
2) I must play Game Cube :)
3) Work on Falcon Diorama

Hmmm tough choices....I will pick #2....Sorry Mom - LOL. I will probably do all 3 and tell you all about it on Monday. Have a great weekend everybody!



Blastshield training Sneak Preview

Mom is happy, she likes her birthday present and I am happy because I got my Nintendo gameCube and You guys will be happy because I have some New Falcon Pictures for you today :) I managed to finish the Falcon Hallway - minus the lights - all which can be found in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section. Just click on Blastshield Training to view the pictures. New pics are on middle of Pages 15 through Page 17.



Blastshield training Sneak Preview

Boy, it took me all night to paste your reviews but I managed to finish before going to bed. I can't thank you enough for sending in so many Visitor Figure Reviews! If you want to see what others opinions are of Star Wars figures, Just go to the Power Of The Jedi Menu in the Choose A Character Section.

If you want to send in your opinions, just click on a figure and hit the email button at the bottom of his Review Page. Send in as many as you want. It's with your help that this section will become fun.



Niubniub Update...

Here is what's happening with poor old Niub...LOL

We are going into warp speed at work, working 7 days a week, 10-12 hour shifts. We must complete all our effects shots for december 15. Which doesn't leave much time for making dioramas :( Plus I am so lucky to have caught a nice flu virus. Woohoo. It's crazy working this hard when feeling like Bantha PooPoo :)

I will try and update as much as I can, I have sooo many cool new toys and pictures I want to add to the site as well as get the final touches on the Falcon. (Plus some neat surprises as well) So please be patient, I do aim to please and feel guilty when not up to speed. At least it's good to know I care about my visitors right? :)


Improved User Friendly Downloads

I have gotten quite a few e-mails telling me that some Download Textures were too large for printing and if I could offer an alternative. Well it took me way too long to get this updated but finally today, I am happy to announce that every single texture is now available in HI-RES and LOW-RES. The choice is up to you and your printers capabilities. This way everybody can get my textures for their own diorama making. Plus it's FREE :) just go to Niubniub's Download Textures and select the diorama of your choice and click the Hi or Low Res type found under the textures button. Happy Printing !!!


Willow DVD Today

Hey all you Lucasfilm out to your local video store and pick yourself up one great 2 disc Special Edition. (Well I think it's great even though I haven't seen it yet - LOL) I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters and happy Mr. Lucas decided to offer it to us in 2001 :) For all you young ones, Willow was the first film to have ILM Morphs. Plus my cousin Wicket is the main star ;P


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