December allready? Yikes...

Well I have been stuck at work again all weekend...been 22 days in a row now, I sure am looking forwards to Christmas break and finally have time to myself. Speaking of the Christmas spirit, I thought I would spice up the site with a visit from Niubniub Claus :) Sadly I haven't had time to work on my Falcon Diorama but don't leave just yet :) I am excited to share with you....


Niubniub Visitors Dioramas Update

I was totally in awe when Tanguy sent me his latest work. I totally thought I was looking at movie stills!!! This has got to be THE best Bespin Carbon Freeze Diorama I have ever seen, from all the details to the actual built in lighting system. I am thrilled to add M.Tanguy's work to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. I am sure this will keep you happy until I get up new Falcon pictures :) Check it out, You won't be sorry. Trust me.




Newest Simpsons Figure Reviews

I wanted this to go up last month but never found the time until now. You will find all of the wave 5 and 6 Simpsons figures including the most awesome of all Simpsons toys so far...The TRU Exclusive Alien Treehouse Of Horror Spaceship Playset. If you can still find this in store you HAVE to pick one up. Way to go Playmates!!! They KNOW how to do sound right!!! It's all in My Toy Collection section.


Oops forgot about the Top 6 Wanted and faves

Another month has passed and I need your votes to update the Top Six Favourite Dioramas and Top Six Wanted Dioramas Sections. Click on the links and send in your votes if you can.


Excited about my GameCube :)

I just bought Xtreme G3 Racing for my Nintendo Gamecube today and wanted to share my excitement :) This is a cool game, if you got a system at launch or think Santa will bring you one, put this on your list. Like Wipeout or F-Zero, this is FAST and Super Cool futuristic motorcycle racing. It sure helped me forget about work for 1 hour - a good thing for me these days :)

Speaking of Gamecube, I never talked about the Star Wars Rogue Leader game that came out 2 weeks ago. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS :) The Death Star alone is like being in the movie. Oh and the Hoth At-AT level also. Sooo Cool. Video Games sure have come a long way since pong - I should know cause my dad bought that in 76 - LOL. So far I got to the Asteroid level. I haven't had time to play much. Will probaly get lots of workout during Christmas hollidays :) Has anyone gotten past this? What levels come after this? let me know what you think of the game...




No work this weekend :)

I can't believe I have 2 days off...Woohoo!!!! - LOL. I am going to get extra foamcore and glue sticks and will be working hard to finish as much of my Falcon Diorama that I can. Make sure to come back monday for a MAJOR update.



Blastshield training Sneak Preview

First thing I wanted to do was re-organise the pages. I have now over 200 pictures and the diorama isn't even finished!!! So I put 12 pictures to a page instead of 5 to reduce the number of linked pages. So for today, you can see NEW pictures in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section. Simply click on Blastshield Training to view the pictures. New pics are on bottom of Pages 16 through Page 18.


Catching up on my e-mail?

I just wanted to tell everyone who sent me an e-mail and has yet to get a reply, Sorry about the delay, but don't dispair...I do read and reply to EVERY e-mail and will try to catch up during this week now that work is a little less crazy...Remember I said A LITTLE - LOL.



Blastshield Sneak Preview

Making decals is fun but man, does it take a long time. I spent 7 hours making the decals for the Chess Chair. Not much more time to do other aditions :( Here is a peak at what they look like.


I will be working on my diorama today and will try and post more pictures for tomorrow. I will also be adding these in the Download Section later in the week.


Niubniub on holiday :)

Yes you read right...I am very lucky to not have to work until January 4th. So that means I can finish my falcon Diorama and get started on a new one for the New Year...I hope :) I also want to add my monsters Inc and Lord Of The Rings reviews to My Toys Section as well as update all those figure reviews you have sent me. It sure ain't easy being an ewok - LOL



Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all

I hope you and your families have a wonderfull and safe holiday season. I hope that you all get a lot of Star Wars toys for presents and maybe even some DVD's and a Gamecube :) Hmmm....wait a second...That's what I got ;)


Choose a Character Reviews

I am slowly revamping every section so that you guys can participate and share your 2 cents with the rest of the world :) Today I managed to update every single Ship, playset and Beast from all 4 movies. Simply go to Choose A Character Section and click on the figures name to read my new comments and to send a review. I also posted reviews for the Carbon Freeze playset, B-wing, B-wing Pilot, Tie Interceptor, Tie Interceptor Pilot and the amazing Luke Bacta Tank Deluxe Figure.




Blastshield Sneak Preview Tease

Well it's now 3:30 in the morning and I am very sleepy. I spent all day finishing the 2 missing walls for the Falcon Diorama and applied the decals to the bench. Looking cool :)

I will put the pictures I took into webpages when I wake up. For the moment I leave you with this small tease of wall #3. So make sure to come back this afternoon to see all 28 NEW pictures.


Blastshield Sneak Full Preview

As promised, I have uploaded 28 NEW pictures of the Falcon Blastshield Training Diorama. It's still not finished, I have to add the lights and sculpt all the accessories like stools, crates and junk. But that should be done this weekend :) For now head on over to Sneak Previews Section and click on page 18, Page 19 and Page 20 for the new pictures. I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think. More pictures next Monday


Niubniub's Secret Page

Congratulations to Jeremy M, Stephanie B, Michael C and Miguel G. It's been a while since people found my Secret Page. Way to go guys.



Visitors Diorama Update

I have a feeling many of you received a Bacta Luke as gifts this week and don't know what to do with him :) Well lucky for us, Chris McVeigh sent in his awesome Bacta Tank Diorama complete with lights and everything!!!!. Head on over to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section to check it out. I promise you won't be dissapointed.


Niubniub's WideVision Diorama Cards

I have posted 5 NEW Empire Strikes Back cards in Niubniub's Widevision Cards section. Check it out...and remember, you can even print them out like I do and store them in your binder. Just like real trading cards.




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