Wow, it's already 2002, time sure does fly by doesn't it? I want to thank everybody who has visited Niubniub's in 2001. You guys really motivate me to try and make the best diorama site on the net. Thank you to all who sent in cool pictures of their work and all those who sent me e-mails. (Even if I sometimes take 2 weeks to reply - hee hee) I wish you all the best for 2002!!! This site wouldn't be what it is without all your participation. I have some cool ideas for 2002, I hope I find the time (there's that nasty word again - LOL) to do it all :) One thing for sure, I know 2002 is gonna be a killer year!!!!

1) Attack Of The Clones comes out in theaters !
2) LOTS of COOL new toys to play with.
3) LOTS of NEW Dioramas to make - ;)
4) A MAJOR change in my career
5) and...Blastshield Training is now complete!!!!

I have 48 final Preview pics to put online, I just have to place them in Pagemill and type in the descriptions. I should have that ready by tonight. Then Wednesday I will take pictures with all the figures in place, those should be up by weeks end. Stay tuned for what I think is my most elaborate Diorama to date


Congratulations to Collect Star Wars

I just wanted to publicly congratulate Mike and his staff at Collect Star Wars on their merger with Rebelscum. Joining forces will be a great asset for all Star Wars Collectors and provide tons resources under one roof. Welcome to the family :)




Falcon Blastshield Final Sneak Preview

Finally (hee hee)...After 4 months and 299 pictures, man that's a lot :) The Falcon Blastshield Training is now complete. But before I show you the end result... I have uploaded the final 48 Sneak Preview pictures for the Falcon Blastshield Training Diorama. So head on over to Sneak Previews Section and click on page 21, Page 22, Page 23 and Page 24 for the new pictures. As always your comments are welcome :)



Niubniub's Diorama - Falcon Blastshield Training

We got Diorama pictures in the house :) You can now see the finished Millennium Falcon - Blastshield Training Diorama in all it's glory. Head on over to the Star Wars Dioramas Section and select Star Wars then Blastshield Training. I hope you enjoy the pics and that the long wait was worth it :) Next up will be...Hoth Medical Center - Bacta Tank


Secret Page found again !

Congratulations to Andrew K, Sid G and Christopher G for being the first in 2002 to find my Secret Niubniub Review Page. Way to go guys!!!



Started preparing bacta Luke Diorama.

I went through my books and watched my Empire Strikes Back laserdisc to find as many details of the Hoth Medical Center as I could sketch. This will be a simple 2 room diorama and should be done quite quickly. The longest part will be making all the decals that will bring the room to life. I opened up the Bacta Tank Medical center with pictures of my conception sketches and reference photo. Check it out in the Sneak Previews Section.


New Figure Reviews

If you are a Canadian you already know Hasbro has decided NOT to release ANY figures Up North until Episode 2 :( As much as we spend our money like our friends in the US, we always seem to get the short end of the lightsaber ;P Thank god for making friends on the internet :) HUGE thanks to Brent McC for finding me the latest wave ...Eeth Koth Jedi, Zutton Cantina Dude, Queen Amidala Decoy, Amanaman Deluxe, Salacious Crumb 2 and Slave Leia Deluxe. You can see their pictures, read my thoughts and even participate by sending in your comments at the bottom of the Choose A Character Review Section.


Vote for Wednesday's C:VR

I have 4 New Figures for the first Character:VR of 2002 and I want you to help me pick which one I should use. The choices are...Eeth Koth Jedi, Zutton Cantina Dude, Queen Amidala Black Dress and Slave Leia Deluxe. All you have to do is Click Here to send your vote. Check back Wednesday to see if your choice made it to number 1.


Are you interested in a NEW Blueprints Section?

Many people who use my Download Textures have asked "What dimension is the foamcore piece? It's hard to make out in the Making Of Pictures". Since I am about to start a new Diorama, it would be the perfect timing to premiere a NEW Scetion. Complete Blueprints you Download for FREE of all the pieces I use for making my diorama. Just print and cut and glue the decals from the Download Section. Sound cool? I need your input because it would be a lot of work. If no one thinks it's worth it, I won't bother. Let me know what you think of the idea. Just CLICK HERE to send me a short message. Remember, your input is what helps make the site better and better.



Character VR Wednesday

And the winner is...Princess Leia Sail Barge Cannon. And by only 1 vote. Next week I will, hmm, let's keep it a surprise...:) If want to see skilled she is with her Force Pike in 360 degree stop motion animation, go now to Niubniub's Virtual Characters C:VR section and click on the Rebels Sub-Menu Oh and for the curious, you can check out my new design for the C:VR Main Menu page. Lots of work but looks pretty cool ;)


Niubniub Visitors Dioramas Update

I am way behind in posting this section. If you sent me pictures and haven't seen them yet, do not dispair I haven't trashed them :) I will work hard to get them all up within the next 2 weeks. To start things off I am happy to add O. Rodriguez's to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Check it out and remember to send me your pictures if you want to share them with us. Don't be shy - LOL


Pick up Pikmin and Simpsons Road Rage

Did you get a Nintendo gamecube this holiday season? Well I have been busy playing 2 new games that are definetaly worth checking out... Pikmin is so much fun. I thought it would be a boring kiddy game and not worth the rental, after 2 hours, I went and bought a copy. Anyone else notice that when 100 Pickmins are running around, they sometimes sound like Jawas :) If you are a fan of The Simpsons TV Show you MUST get Simpsons Road Rage. This has got to be THE funniest game I have ever played. The interaction between the characters is right on the money. My friends and I actually laugh a lot playing this game. Last night I finally got to 1 Million Dollars and won the game. The end cartoon has a very funny cameo surprise. I won't say more :) Go play it now!!!!


New Niubniub Star Wars Fans Link

I forgot to mention that I added a link to my friend Tim's site TK-421. Click on the link anytime to pay him a visit.



Niubniub's WideVision Diorama Cards

I have received and posted the next 5 cards of Series 2 - The Empire Strikes Back of Niubniub's Widevision Cards.
Check it out, you can even print them out like I do and store them in your binder. Just like real trading cards. You can also view the entire Series 1 - A New Hope. Like reading a comic book with action figures :)


All my Millennium Falcon Decals now in Downloads

Now that the Blastshield Training Diorama is complete, perhaps you want to try and make your own ? Or maybe only Han Solo's Console like I did. Just warp to Niubniub's Download Textures Section, select Episode 4 Millennium Falcon interior and print your own decals.



Niubniub's needs a clone - LOL

Well you must of noticed no update monday. I had to work all weekend and late monday night. I wish I could split myself in 2 so that 1 half could make you diorama displays all day long :) Good news is that I have started the Bacta Diorama. Doing 2-3 hours work each night. It looks bare because the decals are what will bring it to life. I will post pictures soon. I am also working on the blueprints at the same time so that you can follow along. I will get that up and running by next week


Character VR Wednesday

This week you can see Queen Amidala Royal Decoy. A very nice figure that sure did take a long time to get made. But it was worth it. If want to see skilled she is with her Force Pike in 360 degree stop motion animation, go now to Niubniub's Virtual Characters C:VR section and click on the Rebels Sub-Menu


Niubniub Visitors Dioramas Update

I managed to find time and add Harald Oehlerking to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. There are a lot of cool pictures. Including movie accurate Moisture vaporators, Mon Calamari Holoprojector (I wan't one - hee hee) and an awesome Death Star Gunner Console. Check them out on your way out.



Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas - Blastshield Training

4 NEW Hi-Res pictures can be found today in Niubniub's Hi-Res Dioramas Section. Click on Blastshield training to see the Pics.



Switching Servers / Possible Interuption

I just wanted to let you guys know that Rebelscum is switching servers tonight or tomorrow. If you don't see an update Monday, it is because I am modifying my computer's info as well in order to connect to the new servers.

I have finished the Bacta Medical Center (minus decals) and will post the pictures when everything returns to normal. Looking very nice, and for those wanting to make your own...I will be making blueprints available real soon, so can catch up while I make all the room's textures.



Sneak Preview Bacta Medical Center

I managed to complete the Diorama's structure. Now it's time to make all the textures. you can see what I have been up to this weekend in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section. You can find 40 NEW Bacta Tank pictures to wet your pallet :)



Yesterday was Wednesday - OOPS LOL - C:VR today :)

Oops where is my mind going to? LOL. Let's just pretend today is Wednesday :) Today's Viewers Choice is dancing Zutton (Snaggletooth). A very big improvement on the original sculpt. If want to see skilled she is with her Force Pike in 360 degree stop motion animation, go now to Niubniub's Virtual Characters C:VR section and click on the Aliens Sub-Menu.


Niubniub Visitors Dioramas Update

Today I welcome Paul Trooper to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Paul has sent in lots of his Dioramas. Including Mos Eisley, Death Star and Hoth. Check them out. Send me pictures of YOUR Dioramas !!!! Remember, this site is as much about you as it is of me.




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