Niubniub's WideVision Diorama Cards

I have received and posted the next 5 cards of Series 2 - The Empire Strikes Back of Niubniub's Widevision Cards. Check it out, you can even print them out like I do and store them in your binder. Just like real trading cards. You can also view the entire Series 1 - A New Hope. Like reading a comic book with action figures :)



Premiere of Niubniub's BLUEPRINTS Section

Due to popular demand, I am happy to say that the first NEW Section of 2002 is now activated...I present to you... Niubniub's Blueprints Dioramas Section. Now you have no more excuses to not make your own displays :) Working hand in hand with Niubniub's Download Textures Section, You will now more easily be able to bring a piece of Niubniub home :)





I know they aren't new and most of you have them already, but I found a way to record the Electronic Commtech Chips into MP3 files. I created a page that let's you See AND Hear Every Chip Made including some French Chips Sold here in Montreal. Now all Premium Sections are complete. You can find the Commtech Chip Section on the bottom left along with Freeze Frame Slides, Flashback cards and the Jedi Force Files.


Choose A Character - Episode 1 - Deluxe Reviews

I finally found time to modify the Episode 1 Figure Reviews. Each Page now has a section at the bottom where you can submit YOUR opinion. This way we can better see what others think of our fave figures :) I also included MP3 files of every Commtech Chip phrases. If you want to hear a Sample, Just click on the Miniature Commtech Chip to the left of the text quote.


Secret Page Blowout :)

An impressive week this was...Congratulations to Aaron S, Brent McC, Erica F, Shad B, D Torrellas, Adam 8 and Xileink. They managed to find Niubniub's Secret Page. Way to go guys, told you it wasn't THAT hard :)


New Fan Site added to Star Wars Links

I also want to mention that I have added the Skywalker Holocron in Niubniub's Star Wars Links . If you have a Star Wars related site you want others to know about, why not send me an email?



Finally...Monsters Inc. Toys

I have had these since November and it took me this long to finally get them online. A great movie I am sure you have all seen, Monsters. Inc. had some cool Plush and PVC toys. The action figures were pretty PooPoo but surprisingly, anyone who enjoys Big Macs knows McDonald's had some AWESOME figures that were amazingly superior to the carded figures. Go Figure! If you want to see the pics and read my reviews, head on over to My Toy Collection Section.


Bacta tank Download Textures

I have started creating the wall textures for the Bacta Medical Center Diorama. There are just soo many to do. I will try and have them ready some time this week.


Rebelscum Star Wars Toy fair 2002 Pics

Have you seen the cool new toys over at Rebelscum that we will be getting later this year? I had trouble sleeping I was sooo excited :) Feeling like I am 13 again in 1977 - Heh heh. This is gonna be an awesome year. So many Dioramas to make :) Check out Rebelscum's Toy Fair 2002 Coverage now .



Character VR Wednesday

I really like this one, it even has some Special Effects ;) This weeks C:VR isnone other then Eeth Koth Jedi master. An Amazing figure that gives us a feel of the Episode 2 toys. If want to see Eeth Koth in 360 degree stop motion animation, go now to Niubniub's Virtual Characters C:VR section and click on the Rebels Sub-Menu



Choose A Character...NEW...POTJ Reviews

I finally got some New figures. Hasbro sure is raising the standards and giving us some of the best figures ever!!!
Just posted are pics and reviews for 25th Anniversary Chewbacca, 25th Anniversary Han Solo, 25th Anniversary Princess Leia, 25th Anniversary Luke Skywalker, Aunt Beru Imperial casualty, FX-7 Medical Droid, Imperial Officer and the Rebel Fleet Trooper. You can even send in your reviews as well. Head on over to the Choose A Character Section Now. :)


Classic Character Comparisons

If you want to see what the NEW Figures of FX-7, Bespin Guard, Black Bespin Guard, Imperial Commander, Klaatu, Squidhead and the B-Wing Pilot look like next to their Vintage versions.... Hyperdrive to the Classic Character Comparisons Section. This section is now up to date.


Character Variations MEGA Update

I've also taken the time to update (it was sooo needed-LOL) the Character Variations Section. If you want to know what's different between Luke and luke 200 this is the place to see it. New figures added today are Queen Amidala, Bespin Guards, Biker Scouts, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Imperial officers, Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Tie Fighter Pilots, R2 Units, Rebel Fleet Troopers, Snaggletooth, Stormtroopers and Darth vader.



Bacta Tank Sneak Preview - Almost - LOL

I spent 17 hours this weekend finishing the textures for the Hoth Bacta Tank Medical Center. I was going to show you the Previews today and then Tuesday give you the Downloads. However it's now 3:15 am and I am tired, my eyes are burning - LOL. I will put both the Previews AND the Downloads together tomorrow. BUT, since I feel guilty and I know you are dying to see something...Hee hee...I give you this tease :)


Check back in tomorrow, I have over 40 NEW Making Of pics. Oh and don't panic, Jar Jar is just visiting Luke, He won't be in the final Diorama - LOL.



Bacta Tank Sneak Preview

I promised you I would have the pictures ready for today :) I managed to finish 3 of the 4 Walls of the Medical Center and the Entire Bacta Tank Room. Luke's "bed" Wall is all that's left to do. Oh and the floor and some set dressing like Hoth Jackets, Fire Extinguishers etc... To see today's 33 NEW pictures, head on over to Niubniub's Sneak Preview Section and Click on Bacta Medical Center Page 4, Page 5, Page 6 and Page 7. Let me know what you think so far :)


Bacta Tank Download Textures

So you have used my Blueprints to make your own Bacta Medical center Diorama? Well you can't just leave the wall White now can you? :) You can now Download and Print every Bacta Medical Center Texture I have made so far. Luke's "Bed" Wall will be finished by next week. Head on over to Niubniub's Dowload Textures to check them out.


Millennium Falcon Blastshield Training Making Of

The Sneak Previews pictures of my Millenium Falcon Blastshield Training have been moved to their permanent home in Niubniub's Making Of Dioramas Section.



Problem Printing Downloads?

I have received a couple of emails from people having trouble printing the Download Textures. The resolution (Hi 150 and LO 72) affect only the PIXEL quality, what you see on screen and NOT the size of the image on paper. when you open the image to print, select "PAGE SET UP" screen from your Printer's Menu and make sure the paper is horizontal and Scaled at 100% and at the size of 8.5" X 11". This should tell your computer the proper way to print the image.


Choose A Character - Episode 4

I have modified ALL the Episode 4 Figure Reviews. Each Page now has a section at the bottom where you can submit YOUR opinion. This way we can better see what others think of our fave figures :) I will try and have Empire Reviews for next week.


My Toy Collection...Star Wars Palmtalkers Reviews

I finally added reviews of the 6 Palmtakers that came out last year. Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3P0, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. If you want to see what I think of them or hear what they sounded like, Head on over to My Toy Collection and select the Star Wars logo.



50th Visitor Diorama !!!!

I am so happy to announce that Miguel Gomez is the 50th Visitor to share his Dioramas in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Not only that but wait till you see what he did...

You think this is Hasbro's Millennium falcon Right? Well you are WRONG :) Miguel did my Blastshield Training one better by constructing the ENTIRE ship in Foamcore to scale with the figures. But not JUST the OUTSIDE, He made a PLAYSET INSIDE THE SHIP!!!! Now that's a lot of work :) Click on the Picture to check it out.


Cool NEW Sections coming this week

Time sure flies by in a weekend. Wouldn't it be cool to work 2 days and have 5 days off :) Well instead of working on my Bacta Medical Center Diorama, I have been busy preparing many NEW cool sections for the site. I want to expand the site with cool sections that will benefit YOU and fascilitate your own Diorama Creations. Remember Niubniub's is as much about You Guys (and Girls ;) then it is of my work.


Niubniub's Choose A Character Secret Page

Congratulations this week go to Frank L, Matt C, Pat P and Kris V.D.S. for finding Niubniub's Secret Page. If you still haven't found it...What are you waiting for - LOL.


Revamped Niubniub's News Archives

For the visitors who have just discovered the site as well as those here from the start, I spent nearly 7 hours fixing all the broken links and revamping Niubniub's News Archives. It is now easier to navigate and find what you might have missed in the past 2 years.



More Visitors Dioramas

Since we are in a Millennium falcon mood :) I was blown away when M. Tanguy sent me his pictures of the Falcon Cockpit. I now have a guide to help me make my own version. It is simply Perfect !

Also Brian Windsor sent me the ever popular (and a Niubniub most wanted) Dagobah Training and his rendition of the Death Star Hallway where Han runs into the troops. It's all great stuff so head on over to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section and check it out - NOW.


My Toy Collection...Matrix Wave 2 Reviews

Boy am I behind in this section - LOL. If you like The Matrix and want to see what the Toys look like, head on over to My Toy Collection and click on THE MATRIX Logo. It only took me since July 2001 to get these reviews ready so let's not waste any more time :) New Reviews include Mr. Anderson, Sentinal, Tank and my fave...Flying Kick Trinity.

Remember you can also send in your views and have them added to each figures page.




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