MARCH 01, 2002 - FRIDAY

NEW Visitors Dioramas Making Of Section

When M. Tanguy sent me his Falcon Cockpit Diorama pictures, he included some cool Making Of Pictures, just like in my own Sneak Previews and Making Of Sections. So I thought...What better way to help you guys make more Dioramas then have a NEW Visitors Making Of Section. So if you want to see how Tanguy created his Millennium Falcon Cockpit, head on over and check it out. I hope you like it.




More Visitors Dioramas

With all the excitement over Hasbro releasing a new Tyderium Shuttle I thought it was perfect timing when I got M. Mendosa's latest Diorama... Emperor's Arrival. If you want to have an idea of what you will be making this summer, :) head on over to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section and check it out.


MARCH 04, 2002 - MONDAY

My Toy Collection...Spider-Man The Movie Reviews

I got these 3 weeks ago, can you believe it? The movie opens only in May. I loved the trailer and believe this will be a great film so I decided to get the first wave of figures. To check them out, head on over to My Toy Collection and click on the Spider-Man Logo. You will also be able to send in your views at the bottom of each page.


Visitors Dioramas Blowout Continues

I have so much catching up to do, today I bring you 2 additions. First up is longtime visitor Nate True. I updated jis section with his latest Diorama... Ben and Vader Duel. I am also happy to bring you the Newest Visitor on display...Ric Walls. You can see his version of Mos Eisley and the Rebel Briefing. Head on over to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section and show your support.


What am I up to?

I spent most of the weekend doing "behind the scenes" work on the site, trying to catch up on all that's left behind. Like more Visitors Pics, Waves 7 and Celebrity 1 of the Simpsons, and Lord of the Rings Reviews. Stay tunes all week, I will try and get everything ready asap. Oh yeah, I've got that Bacta Tank Diorama to complete also :P Hopefully will be done for my birthday next week :)


MARCH 11, 2002 - MONDAY

Work, Work, Work

The one bad thing that comes with working in the FX buisiness are the crazy deadlines that make you work all weekend. I spent half time at work and the other fixing up some behind the scenes problems on my site. I hope to find some time this week to get my Bacta Tank finished. I have yet to work on Luke's Medic Bunkbed and 4th wall decals. Not to mention the Sculpey modifications. I know I have another crazy week ahead of me, but let's keep our fingers crossed.


OH - MY - GOD !!!!!!!

Come on...tell the truth...How many of you Jumped up and down like a 12 year old after viewing the Episode 2 Trailer? I am 13 again :) I was starting to get excited about this film but now - WOW - Count me first in line for the first showing - Hee hee. Did you see those Star Destroyer type ships? and the AT-AT predecessor fighting with the clones? I must get a kleenex to wipe the drool off my hood - LOL. I watched it frame by frame after the 10th time to look at all the locales and what cool Diorama possibilities there will be. It's gonna be a cool summer folks. Way to go Lucasfilm!!!!



NEW Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts Toy Reviews

I feel really bad about not updating as often as I would like to, and I didn't want you guys to be too bored today so I put up some New reviews in My Toy Collection Section. As many of you know, 2 movies influenced my career choice in Movie FX. Star Wars (Duh - LOL) and 7th Voyage of Sinbad. The work of ray Harryhausen amazed me as a child and my parents bought be a Super 8 camera so I could make my own monster movies :) When I heard that toys were finally coming out for one of my alltime fave films I just HAD to get them. From the Ultra Cool Cyclops to the Skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts, check them out, you older visitors will have a great trip down memory lane - Hee hee.



Happy Birthday to me :)

Today your old friend Niubniub turns 38!!! Yikes I am getting old. But rest assured in numbers only. My mind is still of a 11 year old (or so my mom tells me) LOL. So this would be the ultimate year for a Star Wars fan... 1138 :) get it? Ha ha (thank's Gott :) Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes. As for presents, send to Frank D'...Just kidding - :)


Premiere NEW Visitors Hi-Res Dioramas Section

When M. Tanguy sent me his latest pictures, they were so clear and Huge it got me thinking...Why not make a Visitors Hi-Res Section starring your very own creations? Make sure to check out Tanguy's awesome Millennium Falcon's Cockpit. If you have Hi-Res pictures of your own work, send it in. You will be amazed at the power you can have to motivate others into joining our hobby of making Dioramas.


Secret Page Found Again :)

A lot of people found the Secret Niubniub Review page last week. Congratulations to Lou, Coren K, Michael M, Rob J, Aaron S, and martin. Way to go guys. Told you it wasn't THAT hard to find :P


New StarWars Fan site Link Added.

I am happy to let you all know that I added Yoda Mac in Niubniub's Star Wars Links Section. Yoda is also a Mac fan :) so make sure to check it out :)


MARCH 18, 2002 - MONDAY

Gigantic Update - Choose a Character Section

Took me about 12 hours but I finally updated your Visitor Reviews Comments. Over 300+ of them. Phew am I beat - LOL. If you have ever sent in your views on a particular figure, it's now online. I also updated Every Episode 5 figure Reviews with the Visitors Comments Option. You can now send in your thoughts on Empire Strikes back Characters.

Finally I found the last of the 25th Aniversary figures...Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader. I know many of you think "Oh No...Not again" But these are amazing figures. Be sure to check them out and then go buy them :) Also on friday I managed to pick up the 4 Episode 2 Sneak Peak Figures...Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, R3-T7 and Clone Troopers. Are they all they are hyped up to be? You might be surprised. read my reviews. it's all in the Choose a Character Section. Remember, you can send in your views as well and let everyone know how you feel about any particular figure, ship, beast and playset.


Summer Race is on - Summer Movie Reviews Premieres

Blockbuster Summer movies usually start popping up in May but now seems March is the time to roll out the carpet. I have created a New Summer Movies Reviews Section to house my 2 cents worth :) Maybe we have the same tastes?

I was able to go to see 2 movies this weekend. The Time Machine and Resident Evil. Were they worth the admission price? Should you wait for the DVD release? Why not go see how many Niubniubs I gave them :) You can also cast your vote...Like it or Hate it. This section also now regroups the Reviews I did last summer. You can also check out the summer of 2001.


MARCH 25, 2002 - MONDAY

It's 3:35 am, why am I still up? LOL

What a weekend. Where does the time go? :) So did you all stay up and watch the Academy Awards? What a bore - LOL. There were a couple of good parts but my god - 4 1/2 hours. The longest in history. I am happy at most of the winners. Especially SHREK :) Well as you know, Mondays are usualy Diorama Updates. Well guess what? I actually worked on my Bacta Tank. I know it's hard to believe :P Thing is...the section isn't ready. It's 3:30 and I am tired. I will have the 30+ New pictures tomorrow. In the meantime...

Final Power Of The Jedi Figs Reviews

Last friday I picked up the LAST of the Power of the Jedi figures. Teebo, Bo Shek and R4-M9. You can see the pictures and read my reviews in the Choose A Character Section. Don't forget to send in your views as well.

My Toy Collection - Lord Of The Rings Reviews

I've had these toys since November and never found time to take pictures. With Wave 2 starting to hit stores, no more excuses :) You can see pictures of all of my Lord Of The Rings toys and read my Reviews in My Toy Collection Section. As in all new reviews, there is a space for you to send in your view. Is it worth the purchase or not? Let the world know what YOU think :)


MARCH 26, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Previews - Bacta Tank Medical Center

I promised I would have new pictures right? :) You can see 33 NEW pictures of what I did this weekend to my Bacta Tank Medical Center. As usual it's all in the Sneak Previews Section. New pictures are bottom of Page 7, Page 8 and Page 9. Enjoy. All that's left now is to place the lighting and we are all set :)



My Toy Collection - Simpsons Wave 7 and Celebrities

I have a real treat for you Simpsons fans. It's gonna take a while to get everything up to date but let's start with the latest waves shall we... The reviews now have MP3 SOUND !!! If you don't collect the Playsets and want to hear what you're missing, then no further :) You can see the figure's picture, read my review AND hear their voices. Next week, I will add a space for you to share your views. A complete interactive experience !!!

For the moment, check out Wave 7...Officer Marge, Officer Lou, Mrs.Crabapple, Dolph, Cletus, Hans Moleman, Pimple Face Teen and Mumu Homer. I have also added the exclusive Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. But wait...There's more!!!! The wave 1 of celebrity figures...Herb Powell, Fat Tony and my fave...Troy McClure...You might remember him from P is for Psycho...LOL Enjoy :)


Sneak peak Episode 2 - Kind of :)

Has anyone picked up Life As A House? The DVD was released this week. The trailer looks like it's a really good movie, plus Anakin stars as Kevin Kline's son. It will give us a first look at hayden's acting chops one month before Episode 2. I'll give you my thoughts next week.




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