APRIL 01, 2002 - MONDAY

Niubniub pregnant with Chewbacca's Baby!!!

Niubniub views copy of Episode 2

Niubniub goes mad - sells his ENTIRE collection on EBAY

What? You don't believe me? Just because it happens to be April Fools Day doesn't mean that I am not telling the truth does it? - LOL. Be skeptical of crazy stories on the net today :) What is true though, is that I have a day off work today (Yeah) and I will be finishing the last decals for the Bacta Tank Diorama. I also have been sprucing up the Simpsons reviews and working to complete some new Visitors pictures. Plus maybe a few more surprises :)

Come back tomorrow for a REAL update - heh heh.



Where does time go?

I feel bad, I know I promised some new pictures like yesterday, but I have been sidetracked. I can't tell you how just yet, but it is MAJOR :) Hopefully I can spill the beans before friday.


APRIL 05, 2002 - FRIDAY

Finally I can tell you my BIG secret...

Want to know why I have been slow in finishing my Bacta Tank Diorama and why the updates where kind of slow?
Go to StarWars.Com to find out all about it :) More details will folow here during the weekend.


Going to the movies? Panic Room Review

Want to know if David Fincher has created another masterpiece? Thinking of going to see Panic Room this weekend? Read my review and see what I thought in Niubniub's Summer Movie Review Section.Speaking Of movies...


Anakin in Life As A House.

I forgot to tell you my thoughts on Hayden Christensen's performance in Life As A House. This was his first feature film and it's funny to see on the box cover a small circle at the bottom that says "Starring Hayden from Episode 2" - LOL.

First off let me say this movie is NOT for 10 year olds. It contains a lot of adult subject matter and deals with serious character relationships - in other words - a movie for us older folks that would bore young ones to death - Hee hee. You won't find explosions or car chases, just good old fashioned dialogue between actors :) With that said, this was a GREAT movie. I really enjoyed it. And how did Christensen act? well I will admit the first 30 minutes I kept thinking of the Trailers. Everytime he spoke made me think of the terrible way he says "It's all Obi-Wan's Fault" By the end of the movie I forgot all about that and thought he did a great job. I am now certain that he won't be PooPoo in Episode 2 :) The thing is, the voice you find as bad acting in the Trailer is his intonation. The way his voice sounds. When you get used to it, it will all seem normal and won't appear dorky anymore.

So if you enjoy adult dramas and want to get a taste of Hayden before Episode 2, then Life As A House is certainly worth the rental. By the way, the other actors are great too :) PLUS Kevin Kline's character makes Dioramas for a living. How cool is that?




Pinch me...is this for real? LOL

I feel like a little kid jumping up and down after seeing all the presents under the Christmas tree :) I've known that the Workshop was reality in February, and it was Killing me to not be able to tell ANYONE - LOL. Now that Lucasfilm has made it official yesterday on StarWars.com, I can tell you all about the greatest thing that's hapened to me this year. How cool is it to finally get to meet fellow Diorama makers and Niubniub fans in person but to do it at Celebration II - can you say - WOW?

I am VERY honoured to have been asked to participate. I am VERY excited about the event and I am VERY thankfull to Philip and Mary for all that they have done for me. If you have the funds, are free May 3,4,5 and love Dioramas, you MUST stop by. We have more then enough space so NO MORE EXCUSES :P For all the details on the Celebration II Mos Eisley Diorama Workshop, including how you can take home the coolest souvenirs, Click Here Now.



Can we see updates now? :P

As you can imagine I have been extremely busy planing everything for next month's Workshop. So at least you know I had a good excuse to not update as much right? :) I still have a LOT of preparation but will work in some updates somewhere in between. Like Monday. I Promise :)


APRIL 09, 2002 - TUESDAY

Bacta Tank Almost finished

Well I wanted to tell you that I finally got those last decals completed for the Bacta Medical Center's Back Wall, The one with Luke's Medic Bed. Below is a preview of what they look like. I am assembling the wall as we speak, well not NOW, but right after this post - LOL. And putting in the lighting at the same time. Once all the pictures are done and the pages are set up, I will put it online. I promise I won't make you wait till next Monday to see it. You know I ALWAYS keep my promises right? LOL.



Premiere of The Custom Alliance

My friend Dan Curto decided that he had too much free time on his hands :P and decided to create a new site...The Custom Alliance. There are more than 100 artists sharing with us their custom work, in the form of action figures, vehicles, dioramas, photonovels and more. Just might be the largest online gallery of Star Wars customs under one roof! Make sure and check it out.


Vote which Dioramas you want to see at Celebration II

Are you coming to Celebration II? I would like to know your input on which of my dioramas you would most want to see in person. I can only bring maybe 5-6. Your votes will help me choose. Send in your votes.




Bacta Tank ... Final Tease

Maybe not the best quality picture but my first light test.

I finished raising the diorama with a fake floor for light space under the Bacta Tank. I also made ceiling space for the lights on top. I have yet to put my Wonder World Gel into the tank. This should give a great illusion of suspended liquid. Almost ready for public display at Celebration II :)


E-mail Swamped

Thank you so much to everyone writing in with congratulations about Celebration II Mos Eisley Diorama Workshop. I truly apreciate the letters :) Rebelscum and I and very psyched about the event. I just wanted to let you all know that I will reply to every email. Just might take me some time, there are so many. Sorry about the delays, You know I always reply to Everyone who writes :)


APRIL 12, 2002 - FRIDAY

Bacta Tank Medical Center - Sneak Preview

I told you you didn't have to wait till Monday :) I have added 20 new Bacta Medical Center Pictures detailing the aplication of the decals to the Back Wall and how to raise the diorama in order to make space for lighting. Check out the bottom of Page 9, Page 10 and Page 11 in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section. Final Diorama pictures should be ready next week, just before the Diorama Workshop at Celebration II.


Celebration II Diorama Workshop - Start saving you Junk :)

Speaking of the Diorama Workshop...If you are planning on participating, you can help out with some of the detailing materials. What exactly does that mean? I have started saving and placing in a box every Doodad I see that I think looks cool that might look good in the Mos Eiley Diorama. Like Pop Bottle caps, Interesting looking food containers, Shaving Cream Lids, Disposable Razor Handles, Egg Cartons. You get the picture? Whatever "junk" you would normally trash, put in in a box and bring it with you if you can. We will place everything in a big pile at the show and have a big melting pot of items to choose from to add details to our buildings. Once painted, you will be surprised the effect you can get from ordinary objects.


APRIL 16, 2002 - TUESDAY

Fianlly NEW Visitors Pictures :)

With Celebration Preparations I am totally behind in updates. I have 16 Visitors waiting to share their fantastic work with you. It's impossible to have them all ready before I leave for Indianapolis but we can narrow it down a few - Hee hee

Let's start with 2 guys that live here in Montreal. Henri Venne and Yannick Milton. They actually work at Legends, one the coolest toy stores I have ever seen. How many stores do you know have an entire wall full of Dioramas :) Check out Endor Generator, Dewback Sandtrooper Patrol, Dagobah, Jabba's palace, Cantina and many many more. You will find over 42 pictures in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section.



Final Bacta Tank Downloads Online

I am happy to tell you that I have added the remaining Bacta Tank Medical Center Textures to Niubniub's Texture Downloads Section. If you were making the Back Wall with Luke's MedicBed, you now can print the decals and complete your Diorama. Enjoy :)


More Visitors Pictures

Trying to catch up with all the wonderfull pictures people have sent in. Today I added a cool picture of D. Juxx's Dark Trooper as well as Updated some NEW Dioramas in Chris Kelso's Portfolio. It's all in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Remember if you want to have your dioramas displayed, it's as easy as sending me your pictures, your name and your age. How hard is that? :)



APRIL 22, 2002 - MONDAY

Celebration II Niubniub T-Shirts Sneak Peak

I spent all weekend preparing for the Celebration Workshop. I will be making a new section this week, Niubniub's Celebration Workshop Diary, so you can evaluate my stress levels as may 3rd comes closer and closer - LOL. Here is your first look at the final designs for Niubniub's Official Celebration II T-shirts. Printed in Extremely Limited Editions of 25 Shirts Each. If you are attending Celebration II and want a T-Shirt, be sure to come to Rebelscum's Table early to avoid dissapointment. When all 100 are sold, that's it.



Secret Page found again

Last week was a busy one for the Secret Page :) Congratulations to Steve W, Craig B, Eric G and Dave K. I told you it wasn't that hard to find - Hee hee.


Tomorrow is the BIG day

Hope you have been saving your money :) Tomorrow is the release day for ALL Episode 2 toys, figures, beasts, ships, lightsabers, and all the Making Of Books and Art Of Episode 2 books and Visual Dictionary. Time to send out for another VISA card :P



APRIL 23, 2002 - TUESDAY


Were do I start my shopping? LOL. Well it's 7:15 am and I am leaving in 15 minutes to go pick up my box of goodies at the toy store. It's gonna be hard working today when I will have all those figures on my desk just waiting to be opened :P Then during lunch, I'm off to the book store to pick up every cool Episode 2 books I can find. I will give you a full report tomorrow on the days events.




Anyone declare Bankrupcy yet? LOL

I hope you all had a great time finding all the different new figures on the store shelves. Nothing more exciting then seeing a figure on a peg and thinking "Oooh, I don't have that one, oh look there, another new figure" don't you think? Well here is what I found...Lego Transport, Slave 1, Speeders, Deluxe and TONS of new figures - Woo hoo - Is it Christmas again? LOL you can click on the picture to get a larger view. Send in your stories about finding the new figures, I'd love to hear them.

The only book I found was the Episode 2 Visual Dictionary. Very cool but I thought the Art Of Episode 2 and Making of Episode 2 were out also. :( I did find Making of Spiderman though ;P An excellent book, even if it isn't Star Wars :)


APRIL 29, 2002 - MONDAY

Well I am off to Celebration II

This will be my last post untill my return to Montreal on May 7. I still have so much to do it's insane. I will have a hard time concentrating at work today :) I still have my Crew T-Shirts to finish and some last minute printings for Mos Eisley References. it's getting really exciting. I hope that if you will be at the show, you will have a chance to come say hello. It will be amazing to put some faces on the people I have been chatting and e-mailing with for the past 2 years. See you all on Friday to everyone who can't make it, I promise to take TONS of pictures. We will have the BIGGEST Making Of yet :) Talk to you next week.


Celebration II Diary - New Section Online

For all those of you who cannot come to Indianapolis next weekend, I have created a new section... Celebration II Diorama Workshop Journal Inside you will be able to read and see pictures of what took place at the show. I promise to take as many pictures as I can and try to recreate the experience of what it was like to be there


Sneak Previews - Final Bacta Tank Pictures

I managed to finish the Bacta Tank Diorama. I am really happy with the result. I think it's one of my favourites. Hmmm...Don't I say that after completing every Diorama? LOL. New pictures can be found in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Dioramas on Page 11, Page 12 and Page 13. As for the final result? Well you have to be at Celebration II to see it. I know, that is so mean of me for everyone who cannot attend :) But don't worry, you will get to see the final Diorama once I get back.


Celebration II FREE Surprise - LIVE Where's Niubniub

I have created a little surprise gift for all my fans out there who are coming to Celebration II.
If you can find me in the convention center and greet me with "EECHAWANNA" in your best Ewok accent, I will give you your surprise. Let's just say your fridge will be happy when you get home. LOL. I am the only one wearing a BLACK Diorama Workshop Crew T-Shirt, so I should not be that hard to find :) And oh, one more thing...You must find me when roaming OUTSIDE the workshop. Finding me inside the Workshop would be just TOO easy :P Also while supplies last. I have only 200 freebies. They could go fast.



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