MAY 07, 2002 - TUESDAY

It's GREAT to be HOME :) I need SLEEP - LOL

WOW what a weekend Celebration II turned out to be. I am SO thrilled that I was able to be involved in what Lucasfilm called the PARTY of the year. I am also SOOOOOO Tired. Driving 17 hours to get home is not the most enjoyable way to finish your weekend - LOL. I have taken a lot of photos that I will sort through and try to put online as soons as I can. I want to design the Journal the best I can so that all those who could not attend, get a sense of what it was like to be at the Diorama Workshop.

Above is a peak at the final creation. Created in just 2 days, Mos Eisley turned out to be an AMAZING work that sadly, had a lifespan of just 3 hours before being dismantled as a really cool souvenir. I promise more, make that a TON more pictures as soon as I am awake enough to know how to sort it all ;P



MAY 08, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

A good nights rest...

Well I got my first complete nights sleep in 8 days. My feet still hurt a little but I will survive :) You know what's weird? My friend Cynthia at work nailed it on the head today..."it's like summer camp" she said. I had such an amazing time last week and met the most amazing people, especially all the guys (and girls) of Indy Knights who went out of their way to help me out in ways I would have NEVER imagined possible, that now alone in front of my computer screen, I feel kind of sad. Like I will never see these friends again. Sure we will chat on the net but it isn't quite the same. Does that sound stupid?


What's coming up....

Tonight I will finally catch Spider-Man. I will let you know what I thought. I also have to take pictures of ALL the Episode 2 toys and post them in the Choose A Character Reviews I just received Series 8 of the Simpsons Toys. I will review these as well Also I got the Lord of the Rings Wave 3. More pictures and Reviews. I want to catch up with my C:VR's as well using the newest figures to come out. Let me know which Episode 2 figs you want to see animated.

I have 13 Visitors Sections to create. Theres some great pictures in here I hope to get out by next week. Oh and the 160+ emails I have yet to reply. Hang in there. I will get to you I promise :) So....How many hours in a day again? LOL



MAY 10, 2002 - FRIDAY

Celebration II Workshop

I have sorted out all the pictures from last weekend and kept the best ones to show you guys...OVER 250. Now that's A LOT :) You will get to see what it was like from the inside. Setting up, making the diorama and tons of finished diorama pictures. I will be preparing the sections this weekend. Full coverage starts next week. I am sure you will really enjoy reading about and seeing what I experienced during Celebration II's Diorama Workshop.


Bacta Tank Medical Center Pictures Monday

Now that I am back from the workshop, I am sure those of you who could not attend want to see what the final diorama looks like. So on Monday I will post the final pictures WITH figures including my favourite "Cinema Comparison" shot. Here is a sneak peak for the weekend :P


MAY 13, 2002 - MONDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop Journal Begins

I have sorted out all my photos and managed to keep the best ones. Over 225 of them!!! Each day this week I will be adding a section to the Celebration II Diorama Workshop Main Menu. By the end of the week you will have experienced what it was like to be standing next to me during my entire stay in Indianapolis.

Starting Today with my Journal Entry, you can read what happened from the time I left Montreal to the day I came home. Tomorrow you will see the Worshop Set Up followed Wednesday by the Diorama Workshop, Thursday brings us Sunday's Mos Eisley Construction finishing off the week Friday with pictures of the Finished Diorama. If you attended the workshop or came by to see the dioramas on display, send me an email with a paragraph of your memories. These will be added to the Participants Recollections Section at the end of the week.


Spider-Man Summer Movie Review

I had the chance finally to go see Spider-Man Saturday. I wanted to see it while in Indianapolis but they don't have midnight shows there. Dumb move if you ask me, especially with a Star Wars convention next door. To find out what I thought of Spidey head on over to Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews Section. If you've allready seen it, send in your thoughts to add to the review.


MAY 14, 2002 - TUESDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop: SET UP

The Set Up sub-section has now been unlocked at the Celebration II Diorama Workshop Main Menu. There are over 25 behind the scenes pictures showing you what it was like from the time I arrived at the Convention Center, what the room looked like and how we got everything ready for Friday's opening. Check it out.


MAY 15, 2002 - WENESDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop: CONSTRUCTION

Section number 3: The Diorama Workshop is now unlocked. You can view pictures I took during the entire 3 days of construction. Over 70 photos of cutting, plastering, painting, sculpting, laughing, crying...ok, I am getting carried away - LOL. It's all in the Celebration II Diorama Workshop section. Go there NOW :)


Episode II Premieres TONIGHT!!!!

So how many of you are going to the midnight show? Raise your hands :) I am hapy to have been invited to a special screening at Spheretech Cinemas. My good friends at Legends have booked the entire cinema all to themselves. It will be jam packed with the most fanatic of Star Wars fans. There will be Hasbro people giving away figures and everything. Should be quite an experience. If I am still awake when I get home, I will try and write a review for you guys. Enjoy the movie!!!!


MAY 16, 2002 - THURSDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop: EISLEY CONSTRUCTION

Section number 4: Mos Eisley Assembly is now unlocked. You can view 20 more pictures of how Mos Eisley came to life. It's impressive to see an empty 60 foot table gradually fill up with the workshop buildings and transform into Mos Eisley before your very eyes. Check it out in Celebration II Diorama Workshop section.


How was Episode 2?

The PooPoo part of working in Post Production FX is that sometimes you must work overtime to finish your shots on tignt deadlines. Even more PooPoo is when the overtime is the night you were supposed to go see Episode 2 :( - I will have to go see it tonight, if I can get tickets, I know, I know...You feel so sad for me :)

If you were able to catch the film at the midnight show, send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear what you thought about it. Is the Yoda fight all that it is said to be?


Fans selling (my) Dioramas on EBAY - My 2 cents

I got an e-mail from Mike Dayton yesterday morning (and 30+ more when I got back from work) telling me that someone had made a Bacta Diorama using my Download Textures and selling it on Ebay for profit. All of you were in agreement. As Mike put it..."I can understand people using them for displays, but for profit, I have a real problem with that...this is just as bad as scalping figures."

I agree totally and remind everyone that the reason I put my decals online is to help my fellow diorama makers with their displays. Not everyone has Photoshop or other paint software. Plus, since I spent so many hours making them, what else can I do but share them. I am aware by doing this, that I loose complete control of what is done with them once online. There isn't much I can do when this happens but YOU can.... DO NOT BID. Remember the downlaods are FREE!!! Why would you pay for something that you can create yourself at ZERO cost. Well besides the foamcore and glue. You have the power to let people know that you are not interested. And power you do have...

I went to the ebay link last night and the auctions were cancelled. Seems the poor seller had gotten MANY e-mails telling him how mean he was :) and did not want to live with the wrath of fellow Custom/Diorama makers. I thank everyone who rallied together on my defense and remember, everything here is FREE. FREE. FREE. If you have to pay for it elsewhere, you are just ripping yourself off.


MAY 17, 2002 - FRIDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop: MOS EISLEY DIORAMA

Section number 5: the Completed Mos Eisley has been unlocked. Check out more then 45 pictures of the finished Mos Eisley Diorama including MANY custom action figures. I still cannot get over how impressive this project turned out. and in just 2 days work. Imagine how fast my Episode 2 dioramas would be completed if I had 100+ assistants I could make 5 a week :) Heh heh. Please check it out in Celebration II Diorama Workshop section.D


Did you participate in the workshop?

A reminder, if you attended the workshop or came by to see the dioramas on display, send me an email with a small paragraph of your memories. I will be uploading the Workshop Recollections Section this weekend. I would LOVE to hear from you.3 day weekend :) Woo hoooo !!!!

Finally a break from work - LOL. I will not only have time to work on more site sections but also get to finally catch this little film called Attack of the Clones :) I will post my review the minute I see it. Have a great weekend!!!


MAY 21, 2002 - TUESDAY

3 day weekends are SOOOOO much fun :)

I just LOVE 3 day weekends. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we only had to work 4 days every week - LOL. Of course, with my luck I catch a flu bug from work last friday. Spending the weekend eating Chicken Soup and popping my Nyquils :) But that could not stop me...Attack Of The Clones: $110.2 Million. Looks like I managed to help out a little this weekend :) Yes I finally managed to cath this weekends Number One movie...Episode 2. NOT once but 3 Times !!! I am sure I was not the only one :) heh heh. What did you think of it? Better then Episode 1? If you want to read my thoughts...and who doesn't - LOL - you can see it all in Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews.


Hasbro Episode 2 - Wave 1 Figure Reviews Online

Well we all went out and got these about a month ago now. Because of Celebration II, I didn't have time to take pictures and post reviews. But the wait is over :) I have added 21 NEW Attack Of The Clones Reviews in the Choose A Character Section. Just follow the Lightsaber Hands. Simply select the name of the figure you want to see and click. Remember you can also send in your reviews to be posted at the bottom of the pages. Waves 2 and 3 will follow later this week. Oh, I also added the Jorg Sacul Review. See if it's worth all the fuss :)


MAY 22, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Celebration II Diorama Workshop: RECOLLECTIONS

Well looking back at the good times sure is fun and I want to thank those of you who sent in your Diorama Workshop Recollections. You can read all about it in the Celebration II Diorama Workshop section. And remember, if you attended the workshop, you can always send in your thoughts about the expierence. I'll be more then happy to add them to the others.


MAY 28, 2002 - TUESDAY

What a weekend...

Well it's a good thing I love you guys because I feel like bantha poop :) Ever since getting home from CII, I've had this flu virus that just doesn't seem to want to go away. I took some sick leave from work and slept A LOT. I also went through 4 kleenex boxes and 7 cans of chicken soup LOL. During my time awake I managed to clear my backlog of emails. 286 replies in 3 days. My fingers hurt - ha ha ha. So now at least I can reply to your mails within 2 days at the most. I also updated every Star Wars Character Review that was sent in from February to April. As well as Matrix and Lord of the Rings Visitor Toy Reviews. Thanks to everyone who sent in their comments. Visitors Reviews sent in for Episode 2 figures will be online by next week.

I finally took some pictures of Bacta Tank but found out how difficult it is to get focus due to cramped space. My camera doesn't fit inside the rooms. I have to figure out a way to get better results. Oh yeah, all the Past News Archives are up to date as well. If you missed a story or want to see the evolution of the site since it's creation, this is where to go. Fun to do on those lazy Sunday afternoons :)


Hasbro Episode 2 - Wave 2 Figure Reviews Online

I took some more pictures and posted reviews for Episode 2 Wave 2. You can see Anakin Hangar Duel, Battle Droid Arena, Clone Trooper, Count Dooku among others. It's all in the Choose A Character Section. Just click the Lightsabers to bring you to the main menu. You can also send in your reviews to be posted, hit the links at the bottom of each page.


Secret Page Marathon

It's been a while but this past 2 weeks many of you have been smart enough to find Niubniub's Secret Review Page. Way to go!!! Congratulations to Dave K, Adam C, ADB, Mathew B, Jeff E, Javier, Kachiu Family, Kevin R H, Matt W, Neo242 and Stephen. I told you it wasn't that hard to find :)


MAY 30, 2002 - THURSDAY

Rebooting Hard Drive - Keep your fingers crossed :)

I was working on some Visitors Dioramas for today and my computer crashed and totally lost 2 folders. Before even more damage is done, I have decided to save all my websites folders onto another computer and completely Trash and Reboot this one. If you don't see any updates on Friday, it means I can't upload. Until I find a way to reaccess the server. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Worse case scenario...No updates for couple of days (as if that is different then normal weeks - LOL) I will see you all Tomorrow, Friday - GULP :P



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