JUNE 03, 2002 - MONDAY

New month - Still Alive :) - New header

What a weekend...After lots of hair pulling and Tylenols, I got my Hard drive re-initialised, re-copied the site to my computer, got my e-mails up and running AND figured out how to re-install the Upload Program. Not only that but I don't have that stupid Flu Virus anylonger. 3 weeks of feeling Poopy is long enough thank you :)

So...Have you noticed anything NEW on the top of the page today? what could this mean? Can it be...did I get off my butt and take pictures of the furnished Bacta Medical Center? Heh heh...


Yes it's true - Bacta Diorama Pictures.

I promised these pics 3 weeks ago but the wait was worth it. The Bacta Medical Center is now in the Star Wars Dioramas Section, Empire Strikes Back Menu under Hoth. You will flip out when you see the Cinema Comparison. Look fast and see if you can pick out which is the Diorama Photo ;p

Also I must warn you...for the first time EVER on Niubniub's, 2 Action Figures KISSING!!!!! and Siblings to boot - LOL. What was George thinking? ;P I think you will get a good laugh at Cinema View 9. I must say, this simple diorama really turned out great. Especially with all the figures in place. Need I say it's my current fave :)


New diorama Episode II style, any suggestions?

I am now gearing up for a new scene. But which one? I want it to be Episode II, and NOT the Arena. Everyone is doing that one. I shall wait till the fall for that scene. I have a few ideas let me know which you prefer...
1- Padme's Appartment
2- Luke's Homestead Garage
3- Palpatine's Office
Any one of these will be fun PLUS will allow me to add a Blueprint and More Decals for you guys.



JUNE 10, 2002 - MONDAY

Wanna know what I did this weekend? :)

Well I happen to get a BIG box in the mail and was jumping for joy - LOL. I just couldn't resist and spent all saturday playing with this awesome toy. Can you guess what it is looking at the picture below? just click on the photo to find out :)


And the winner is....

Thank you all for your e-mails regarding my next diorama. If your choice didn't make Number 1, don't worry, I will be making them all :) I just had to start somewhere - hee hee. so here are the totals...
91 Votes - Padme's Apartment
104 Votes - Palpatine's Office
62 Votes - Lars Garage

As you can see it was really close but With soo many figures out that are in this scene, Makes sense to start working on Palpatine's Office. I have found all my reference photos and have started sketching. I will start construction next Saturday. Pics probably on the following Monday. This should be a fun diorama, I will be making Blueprints and Download Textures for you guys as well as lots of pictures for the customs that will inhabit the room like the statues, Palpatine's Desk and Chair, Sitting Jedi etc... I can't wait :)

If anyone from Lucasfilm is reading this and can send an accurate above view sketch of the room's layout I would be MORE then happy. It's just hard to make out in the stills, if the room is round, or oval.


JUNE 11, 2002 - TUESDAY

Star Wars Dioramas Episode 2 Menu Added

Now that the movie is out, I can't just have a blank space between Episode I and Episode IV now can I? :) Even though none of the dioramas are made yet, you can still see reference photos of each scene under their specified planets. Take a look under the Episode II Menu. Who knows, the pictures might inspire you for your next diorama.


Finally updates in the Visitors Dioramas Section

I have much to catch up. Wait till you see all the amazing dioramas that have been sent in. I have over 30 on the to do list so let's get things rolling with 2 NEW artists. I am happy to add Tom Ashmore and Chris Campbell to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. Make sure and check out their work. It is very cool to see what others are up to. I will try and have another 2 ready maybe by tomorrow :)



3 more Visitors Dioramas added

Have I been busy last night :) I am very happy to bring you some more awesome dioramas. There really is a lot of creativity out there. Keep it coming :) Today I present what could be the coolest use of an accessory I have ever seen. I don't know why I never thought of it. Check out Richard Riley's amazing Hoth Echo Base Diorama to see the trick I will be using in my Arena Diorama - Heh heh. Also some amazing scenes from Wayne Boulton and R. Smith. His Cantina is just so cool. You can see their work and many others in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. More to come later this week.


JUNE 14, 2002 - FRIDAY

Visitors Dioramas Strike Again :)

7 new visitors in 1 week, can you believe it? - LOL. I have cleared 1/3 of my backlog and today have 2 more additions to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. I am pleased to present Pete and PJ Shorrok Imperial Base Diorama as well as an amazing Death Star playset by Mike McCabe and Sean McCabe. This is how hasbro should make a playset :P I now know it's time to remake my own Death Star :) If you have made a diorama and want to have them displayed in the visitors section, simply send in your pictures today.


Hasbro Episode 2 - Wave 3 Figure Reviews

I have added reviews for Luminara Unduli, Royal Guard and Taun We to the Choose A Character Section. Send in your thoughts on the figures to add to the reviews. I have gotten all the new figures, Luke, Vader, Massiff etc...You will see those reviews as well as a ship blowout next week. Plus all your reviews will be added as well. Keep them coming :) Have a great weekend.


JUNE 17, 2002 - MONDAY

NEW Sneak Preview - Palpatine's Office

Well I started my next Diorama - Palpatine's Office. You can see the basic layout in the Sneak Previews Section. I can't believe it took me all day just to figure out the layout of the room. This is more complex then I thought but a very interesting set to recreate :) Blueprints will soon be created for you to build your own along with me.


The Wook's Workshop Dioramas

My good friend Jamie Follis who helped out so much with the Cantina construction at CII has just opened a diorama site of his own. He is very talented and makes great custom figures also. I am sure you will want to bookmark his site.
Hop on over to The Wook's Workshop and check it out. Tell him Frank sent you :)


JUNE 18, 2002 - TUESDAY

New and Improved Top Ten Sections

Top Ten? I thought it was Top Six? Well you aren't insane yet :) As many might have noticed, The Visitors Most Wanted and Favourite Dioramas had not been updated in almost 8 months. Mostly due to lack of montly votes. So I decided to re-design the section and add more of a participation feel to it. Plus it will be easier to update as I can now easily add your names to the votes.

I present to you the new and improved Top Ten Favourite Dioramas and the Top Ten Most Wanted Dioramas Sections.
If you don't agree with number 1, make sure to send in your votes and show the world your good taste - Heh heh.


JUNE 20, 2002 - THURSDAY

Episode 2 Beast and Ships Reviews

Some more reviews for you to participate in. Today I add the Episode 2 Beasts...Reek and the Massiff as well as the Ships including Zam's Speeder, Anakin's Speeder, Slave 1 and the Jedi Starfighter. I was going to add all your reviews but I had to work 12 hours so I am tired :) I know you understand ;P I will have them all up by Monday.


2 NEW Visitors Dioramas

I'm catching up, I'm catching up :) Today I have 2 more additions to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section.
You can come see simon marijt version of Luke's Home as well as Luis Miguel Cortes Various Dioramas. Some nice stuff so make sure to check them out. Remember, if you want to share your diorama, simply send in your pictures today. I will be more then happy to make a section for you.


JUNE 21, 2002 - FRIDAY

3 day weekend in Quebec - Woohoo :)

Well I have 3 days off work, here's what I am hoping to do... Work on Palpatine's Office, get main construction of the room done. Go see Minority Report and Lilo and Stich (Will have reviews monday) I went to Legends last night and got Chewie, Han, Palpatine, Djas phur, Ben Pilot (CLOTH ALERT!!!! - LOL) Vader, Luke Bespin and will be adding reviews to all the latest waves for next week. Oh, and get some well needed rest :) Have a great weekend, I'll see you all monday.


JUNE 25, 2002 - TUESDAY

What a weekend - So much to show you

It's now 2:47 am and I just finished cropping 55 pictures for the Making Of Palpatine's Office. The diorama is a lot of fun to make. I am taking dimensions down as I build it so that you can have the Blueprints very soon. The progress will be online tomorrow.

I also went to see Minority Report - Was it worth the 12 bucks? I will post my review wednesday. Here is a hint...Who want's to go again? :)

I have a new section that is almost ready that I KNOW you will LOVE. I have been getting a LOT of requests for this, so I know you will be very happy. This will launch on my 3rd anniversary. June 30th. Which brings me to ...


Where's Niubniub? 2nd Annual Contest

All the Niubniubs are finding a place to hide, so get some rest, you will need it as you will be able to start the hunt this Sunday. :) Oh and I have some more Visitors Dioramas to show you this week asa well. I guess I'm going to be going to bed at 3 am again tomorrow - LOL.



Sneak Preview - Palpatine's Office - 55 NEW pics

Because I love you all so much :) I stayed up till 2 am typing all the descriptions for Palpatine's Office pictures. I think you will really enjoy them, it's starting to take shape and not that difficult to make. Head on over to the Sneak Previews Section. New pictures are bottom of Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5. Let me know what you think so far.


JUNE 27, 2002 - THURSDAY

Top Ten Sections - New Vote Totals

WOW, thank you to everyone who sent in their votes and participated. It's great to see you all getting into sharing your views :) Do you think your choice made it to number 1? Well what are you waiting for ? Heh heh. Check out the results in the Top Ten Favourite Dioramas and the Top Ten Most Wanted Dioramas Sections. Remember you don't have to select a choice from the pictures, If you want to vote for your all time favourite scene in the Star Wars films, just let me know and I will add it in the next update.


JUNE 28, 2002 - FRIDAY

Another 3 day weekend :) I LOVE IT

One advantage of living in Montreal is we get ST-Jean Holiday (last Monday) and Canada Day (this Monday) 2 weeks in a row. Work should always be like this - LOL. I can't wait to work on Palpatine's Office walls. That will be up Tuesday if all goes to plan. Hey it's only 3 days wait :P I did give you daily updates this week - Hee hee. I also hope to have the latest figure reviews updated along with all visitors comments. Oh and come back Sunday, It's my 2nd Aniversary and I'm giving away another HUGE prize. Hmmm what could it be? :)


Summer Movie Reviews - Minority Report

Are you wondering what to do this weekend? Hmmm how about 2 words...Cruise and Speilberg. Oops that's 3 - LOL. If you want to read what I thought of Minority Report and if it is worth seeing, cough cough, head on over to Niubniub's Summer movie Reviews and check it out.


Exclusive POTJ Ships - Reviews online

Well it's been a while since these were released, but I finally got my hands on all of them and now you can find out if they are worth your money in the Choose a Character Section. Let's just say, save your money LOL. You can see pics and my 2 cents on the Tie Bomber, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, Crashed Snow Speeder as well as their figure pak-ins...Luke Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, oops I mean Dack Ralter :P Tie Bomber Pilot and my cousin Paploo. Remember you can send in your 2 cents as well. Scroll down to the bottom of each review to send in your thoughts.


JUNE 30, 2002 - SUNDAY

Can it be? - Niubniub is 2 years old :)

Man, time flies when we are having fun !!! Can you believe that 2 years have passed since I launched my site?
When I decided to go online, I never imagined that...
1) I would make such great online friends (many of whom I was happy to meet during Celebration II last May) and
2) The amount of participation from the Visitors Sections. To see just how much creativity there is out there is mind blowing. And from all ages, boys and girls. it's awesome.

When I started making my dioramas over 5 years ago now, there were not many references on the internet. Today almost every big site has a diorama section. Diorama's popularity sure seems to have taken off. Even Hasbro is jumping abord, giving us awesome accessories like last years Bacta Tank and this fall's Cantina Bar Stools. So it looks like we have another exciting year ahead of us. Who knows what surprises will pop up? LOL I know one thing for sure, it's all gonna be a lot of fun :) Where's Niubniub? 2nd Annual Contest Starts Today Go get a Tall glass of water and pull up your chair, it's time again to play


Where's Niubniub? 2

Not only is it good for a few laughs, but you can win some cool prizes too :) and judging by last years feedback, a lot of fun. This year's Grand Prize is my Naboo Core Diorama. Measuring over 4 feet, I hope you have a lot of extra space in your home - LOL. If you played last year, you know the drill. Hidden within the website are 30 Niubniubs. 20 in the Diorama section and 10 more scattered throughout the rest of the site. To make things a bit easier, No Niubniub's are hidden in any of the Visitors Sections. That would be rude - LOL. If you are confused and want to see what a hidden Niubniub looks like, there are plenty of examples in the Where's Niubniub Tutorial.

Good luck to everyone...you have 1 month to find all 30 Niubniubs. I will be giving clues out in the coming weeks. But that doesn't mean you have to be lazy and wait 2 weeks to start the hunt ;P


NEW SECTION !!! Diorama Reference pictures

In the 2 years that I have been online, the most asked question has got to be..."Do you know where I can find a good reference picture for ______'s Diorama?" Well look no further, I am happy to introduce the Diorama Reference Pictures Section. A one stop shop of all the references I have used for my own diorama construction. You can now find many pictures from your favourite scenes all under one roof. Movie Stills and Behind the scenes photos taken from books, gumcards, magazines, laserdisc...you name it. And if you have a picture that you don't see in a scenes section, send it in.

This week we start with Emperor palpatine's Appartment...hmmm I wonder why I chose that one? LOL. During the coming weeks and months, I will be adding many more references. If you are working on a diorama and want to help me decide what order I should upload the scenes, feel free to suggest it



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