August 1, 2002 - THURSDAY

Where's niubniub? Contest is now CLOSED

Well another year, another contest has passed :) You guys did a marvelous job. i am really impressed. Even though the total entries... 708 ...are down from last years 1034, the number of people who found all 30 went up. last year 68, this year...113 !!! I guess some of you got glasses - LOL So the odds are 5 in 113 that you win. Better then the million dollar lotto. Hee hee. I will have my friends come over tonight and pick the lucky names of of the 113 contestants. The winners will be announced on fridays post. Good luck!!!!


Visitors Dioramas - 2 NEW artists

Trying to catch up with all that has been sent to me, I have updated 2 NEW Diorama makers today. These pictures really made me smile because they make good use of my textures yet have their distinct creative touches.
Please help me welcome Greg Reeves and Joe Wardzinski. Make sure to check them out, There are some really cool pictures including a MINI Leia's plans and some NEVER BEFORE MADE dioramas like Queen's Ship Droid Hangar and the Bespin Dinner Scene.

Send them your feedback. I'm sure they would love to hear from you all. And remember to share your Dioramas with the entire world :) Simply send me your pictures and I will create a section for you in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas.




August 2, 2002 - FRIDAY

2nd Annual Where's Niubniub? And the winner is...

The official numbers are in and I can't thank you guys and girls enough for participating. Seems you had just as much fun as last year :) 708 people sent in Submissions but only 119 managed to find all 30 hidden Niubniubs ! Entries this year came all the way from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Belgium, Portgal, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA. That's quite a trip around the world :) So you must all be dying to find out if you won right? - LOL

Click here to go to "Where's niubniub?" Winners Page.
Click here to go view the 20 Niubniubs hidden withing the Dioramas.
Click here to go view the 10 Niubniubs hidden elsewhere in the site.

And if you didn't win this year, you will have another chance next year, and the year after and the year after that, and the.....:)


Going to see SIGNS?

I have a feeling many of you might be doing like me tonight and go catch the new Shamalayan film SIGNS. I just hope I don't get nightmares when i get home - LOL. I will write a review tomorrow so you can find out if it's worth going or waiting for the DVD. Have a great weekend everybody :)


August 5, 2002 - MONDAY

Palpatine's Office Update tomorrow

I know Monday's have usually been reserved for my Previews update so here is a little something of what is to come Tomorrow. The Appartment is finished and now I must go shopping for furniture :) Time to get the Super Sculpey out - hee hee

Where's Niubniub? Double the Prizes?

Did you stop by last week to see if you had won and you had not, well guess what? Your luck might have changed...5 more winners were picked. All the details tomorrow.


August 6, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office Diorama

Yesterday I teased you but today you get to see ALL of Palpatine's Office Diorama. :) It's all in Niubniub's Sneak Previews section so check it out :) and for an emty room with no furniture it looks so sweet - hee hee. Painting took me 2 days, so there are only 17 NEW pictures. Check them out on the bottom on page Pages 19 and on Page 20. I am REALLY happy with the result so far. And for a room that I thought was going to be boring to make, I am surprised to see how much fun I am having :)


Where's Niubniub? Human error = MORE prizes :)

After last weeks drawing, I was made aware that some names were omitted from the congratulations list. Doing a double check, I noticed that a block of 5 names had been skipped while scrolling for the copy/pasting process. Therefore the total participants were 119 not 114. Yes it was human error, but if I placed myself in their shoes, I would be dissapointed also. So in all fairness, I decided to hold another drawing so that EVERYONE has a fair chance of winning. In order not to penalise the previous winners, I have decided to give away 2 sets of each prize. I asked Philip Wise from Rebelscum to send me 5 NEW numbers ranging 1 to 119. And the 10 winners are...


DVD Tuesday - Time to go shopping :)

I am sure many of you will be going to buy LORD OF THE RINGS today during your lunch hour :) this is a great day for releases including STAR TREK II Director's cut special edition and SIMPSONS SEASON 2. I am also going to see Austin Powers tonight. i will let you know what i thought along with *yawn* Signs tomorrow.


August 9, 2002 - FRIDAY

Character Variation Comparisons - More Updates

I have updated another 18 pages in the Character variation Comparisons. Wanna see what Luke 77 looks like compared to Luke 95, Luke jedi and Luke Bespin Duel? Or what the 20 different Princess Leias look like side by side? this is the place to do it. Updated figures this week include Darth Vader, Tusken Raiders, Yoda and R2-D2 among many others. See what figures you might be missing.


Niubniub's Widevision Cards: Return Of The Jedi

My good buddies Keven and Nathen have sent over the first five cards of Series Three: Return Of The Jedi popular Niubniub Widevision Cards. They are very cool if I do say so myself. If you want to see the film in comic book fashion using my dioramas as the story telling medium, then why not check it out?

If you like the cards and want to see more, remember you can also view the complete sets of Series One: A New Hope and Series Two: The Empire Strikes Back.


Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews

Wondering what to do this weekend? Thinking of going to the movies? Interested in my 2 cents worth? LOL. Well if you said YES then head on over to Niubniub's Summer movie Reviews :) This week I have seen 2 of the latest blockbusters...Signs and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Should you rush to the theater or wait for the DVD? If we share the same tastes, maybe I can help you decide. What am I going to do? I am staying home and sculpting some furniture ;p Have a great weekend


August 12, 2002 - MONDAY

Secret Page found again

Congratulations go to Stefan F, Rob E, Mitchel Y, Miguel C, Salvador A.O.D.L.S, J. Bailly and Evan P. this week for finding Niubniub's Secret page. It wasn't THAT hard to find? now was it? ;p


August 13, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

What's up in Niubniub land?

Is it just me, or is it insanely HOT and HUMID this summer :( I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. I have been way too busy at work to do anything else. 3 coworkers are sick and 6 on Vacation...dosn't help sustain normal working hours. :P I had to do overtime all last weekend so I couldn't even start my Palps furniture. Not to mention other sections on the site. I hope things get back to normal soon. I will update as soon as I get 3-4 extra free hours to spare. Real world and websites don't mix very well - LOL I know you all understand.


August 20, 2002 - TUESDAY

Finally...An update and a Sneak Preview to boot :)

Boy am I looking forwards to having everybody back from Vacation - LOL. I had to work Saturday again (63 hours last week) but did have Sunday off and took the opportunity to work on Palpatine's Office Diorama. :)

Today I present 2 more pages in Niubniub's Sneak Previews section. Should I tell you what it is or do you want asurprise? Heh heh. Ok, since I made you wait so long for an update I will let you be surprised when you see the 24 NEW pictures. Simply click Pages 21 and Page 22. I hope you enjoy the result of my Sunday labour :)


August 26, 2002 - MONDAY

Chose A Character - Visitors Feedback

I decided this weekend to catchup with long overdue updates. I will be posting some NEW reviews mid-week so I thought I would start off by pasting all of your own comments - More then 280 since May 2002. If you sent in your own rating for a figure, it has now been updated. Thank you to all who participate. Remember, It's YOU the viewer who helps makes this website what it is


Have a Cube? There is SUNSHINE today :)

I have a feeling that all of you who own a GameCube will be running to your videogame store and purchase Super Mario Sunshine today :) I know I will be getting mine during my lunch break and be playing all night till my eyes start to burn - LOL. Of course you realise this won't at all affect updates to the site ;p

August 29, 2002 - THURSDAY

My Toy Collection - Star Wars Playskool Toys

I've had these Star Wars Playskool toys for some time now but never seemed to find time to take pictures and post the figure reviews. Well look no further the the Star Wars Menu of My Toy Collection Section. If you haven't yet bought the miniature fattened versions of our favourite characters, and wish to see what they look like up close, come read my reviews. And remember, you can participate also by clicking on the email links at the bottom of each page.


Game Cube - Super Mario Sunshine

So was I right? have you been playing every night ;p I have just stated to skim the surface of the game and it is a lot of fun. Well worth the purchase. How far have you gotten so far? Send me your thoughts on the game.


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