September 02, 2002 - MONDAY

WOW, Another month has passed - Time flies

I can't believe it's already September. Where does the time go? Work started to be back at a normal pace but I still wish there were more hours in the day to update all the sections and pictures I have to share with you.
Lucky today is a holiday :) so I will slave at my computer and try to get enough material ready for you for at least 3-4 updates throughout the week.


Choose A Character Reviews - Ships and Beasts

Let's start the week off with my pictures and reviews for the latest Episode 2 Beasts...Nexu and Acklay. Then we can move on to the TRU Star Wars 25th Anniversary Exclusives of Luke's Landspeeder and Luke's X-Wing. Both pleasant surprises to say the least. It's all in the Choose A Character Section.

Tomorrow I will post the figure reviews including the first wave of Disney Star Tours Droids.
Remember, Those of you who wish to participate in the reviews, click on the e-mail link at the bottom of each Review page. It's your participation that makes this section cool :)


September 03, 2002 - TUESDAY

Review Week Continues....Choose A Character

Today it's time to find out what I think of the latest figures to be released, 15 NEW reviews including TRU's Exclusive Pack-Ins of Luke and R2-D2, Teemto, Ki-Adi Mundi and Disney Star Tours Droids among others. Head on over to the Choose A Character menu to see the complete list of new additions. And remember to send in your thoughts as well, even if you dissagree with my opinion ;p


September 06, 2002 - FRIDAY

Review Week Continues....My Toy Collection: Star Wars

I've had these for almost 1 year and I have just now found time to take pictures and samples of my Japan Palm Talkers. I don't have the complete set, still missing Yoda :( But you can check out Jar Jar, Darth Maul and the awesome Battle Droid. You can see the reviews AND hear MP3's of their samples in My Toy Collection, Just click on the Star Wars logo and then Palm Talkers.Review Week Continues....

My Toy Collection: Star Trek

Another adition today in My Toy Collection, are the NEW Art Asylum Star Trek Enterprise Figures. I know a lot of Star Wars fans HATE Star Trek and vice versa, but I am sure I am not the only one here who enjoys both series right? :) These are the Coolest action figures I have in my collection. Amazing detail AND 17 points articulation per figure, Real Scan faces, Simply amazing. I can't wait for my Nemesis figures :) If you are a Trek fan make sure to check them out. You can also see a group photo of Wave 1. And don't forget to send it your comments as well.


Niubniub's Widevision cards - Return Of The Jedi

Keven and Nathen have just sent me 5 NEW cards for Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. Continuing the adventures of Return Of The Jedi in cards 6 through 10. If you haven't caught them yet, It's a great fun way to see the movie storyline using my dioramas in Photonovel form. You can also view the complete Series1: Star Wars and Series 2:Empire Strikes Back. Be sure to check it out :)


Niubniub Chat - Come say hello

My work session has been cancelled late yesterday afternoon so I will be able to lurk inside NiubChat most of the day. If you have 5 minutes, stop on in and say hello :)


September 09, 2002 - MONDAY

My Toy Collection: Simpsons new design

When chatting with you guys, the 2nd most fave toys collected after Star Wars seem to be The Simpsons. I have neglected this section a long time which in a way brought one good thing...A total re-design of the Reviews. Now you have better cross reference links from Characters Samples using MP3's to their reviews and which playsets they interact with.

Since I was way behind I decided to go backwards and start with the current Wave 10 figures. You can see Sunday Best Lisa, Sunday Grampa, Rod Flanders and his brother Todd, Busted Krusty and Prison Sideshow Bob and Disco Stu. Also let's not forget Police Station and Retirement Castle Playsets. Both released with Officer Eddie and Jasper respectively. I will be going to Wave 9, 8, 7 the coming weeks until we are all caught up. Also as with all the newer review pages, there are links for you to participate if you so choose to do so.


Visitors Diorama Week

Last week I tried catching up with the Figure Reviews, This week I am planing on catching up with the many excellent pictures you guys have sent of your dioramas. Stay tuned tomorrow for a big Visitors Dioramas update.


Palpatine's Office Update

This weekend I started sculpting Palpatine's Chairs based on the Cinema Scene Version. Boy is this a lot harder then I thought. I decided to trash it and start again. My friend Martin is hard at work on the Guard Statue 2. I will try to have pictures up as soon as possible.


September 10, 2002 - TUESDAY

Visitors Dioramas - New and old :)

I am happy to finally find time to bring you some Visitors Dioramas pictures. Starting with our newest member...Louis and Dylan Spry. I had the pleasure to meet them at Celebration II's workshop and I can tell you Dylan is one lucky kid to have his dad help him out making Star Wars playsets :) Drop in and check out the many dioramas they made including an awesome multi level Death Star, Zam and Jango's meeting in Coruscant, the Mos Eisley building they built at the Diorama Workshop and many more.

Then I bring you an update of new angles from Richard Riley's Hoth masterpiece. I have truly NEVER seen a diorama of this quality anywhere. Richard sent me a video because the entire diorama is motorised. It's simply boggles the mind. I wish I could show you the images in movement but you will have to use your imagination for the time being.
Enjoy, more Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas tomorrow...


September 12, 2002 - THURSDAY

Visitors Dioramas - More Updates

Let's continue seeing the amazing creativity you guys have to offer. Today in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas I am happy to add 15 NEW pictures to Brian Windsor's section. He has made a fantastic Endor Bunker that I am sure many of you will want to replicate at home. He also sent in his rendition of my Bacta Medical Center and new angles from his Dagobah Swamps. Check it out and remember to send me your pictures. We all would love to see what you are up to. And you will be sure to inspire others too :)


September 17, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Preview Dioramas - Palpatine's Office Chair

This weekend I finally got to finish one of the important props for Palpatine's Office Diorama. If you want to learn how to build an Office Chairs in 35 easy steps...then this is your lucky day :) heh heh.
It's all in the Diorama Sneak Preview Section spread out over 3 pages. I will be adding palpatine's Chair and Entrance Sofas soon. Once those are all sculpted it's time to mold, copy and paint. Not to mention custom figures so they can sit down. I wish there were 40 hours in one day to do it all :)


Hey Frank Klukosky !!!

PLEASE email me again. I've replied to your email 4X and get bounced back everytime saying your email address dosn't exist. I am VERY excited and YES, I WANT YODA :)



Yes it's true, today GREASE finally comes out on DVD :) As if that wasn't exciting enough, one of last years BEST movies... MONSTERS INC is being released today in a 2 DVD box set. I highly recommend you add this to your library. I am sure I won't be the only one watching it tonight :)


September 18, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Niubniub's Download Textures - Thank You Alexx Jones :)

I have teased you about this last month and showed you a picture in the Sneak previews, now let's get on our knees and thank Alexx Jones :)

He sent me this little email asking me what my address was because he was sending me a little present. Well 4 weeks go by and WOW, my jaw dropped to the floor. Alexx thought I might be able to use his WalMart Coruscant Backdrop and possibly scan it for all of us to use. How cool is that?

You can now dowload and print this city scape for your own dioramas in Niubniub's Downlaod Textures Section. You have a choice of 6 Tall panels of 11 inches high or 3 Wide panels of 8.5 inches high. As usual, you will find both HiRes and LoRes options in the menu to best suit your needs. Have fun!!! and again...Thanks a million Alexx, you are TOO cool :)


Choose A Character - Wave 8 Figure Reviews

More today from the latest figures in the Saga line. Head on over to the Choose A Character section to see the pics and read my thoughts. Check out Watto, Lott Dod, Endor Soldier variation#2, Tusken Raider and his pet Massiff. I must thank my friends Steve, Jose and Henri at Legends Action Figures for taking such good care of me:) It's amazing how we are actually up to date with the USA here in Canada. (If my fellow canucks can't find the latest figs, why not send them an email. Canadian prices and NO customs to deal with)


September 20, 2002 - FRIDAY

Come visit me in Niubchat

I am only booked today till 1 pm that means I will be lurking around Niub Chat this afternoon from 1 ish to 6 pm Eastern North American Time. If you have 5 minutes or more free time, why not stop in and say hello :) Hope to see you there.


Do you program FLASH interactive animations?

I am looking for some programers who know FLASH and would be willing to help me in the creation of possibly 2 new sections for the site, please send me an email, I would love to chat and find out if my ideas are even possible.


September 24, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office Throne

Wow, what a productive and fun weekend I had. Hope you had a great one too. I spent 2 whole days sculpting and finishing the office entrance and furniture. All the details will update during the week. I imagine you want to SEE the results - LOL. Today in the Diorama Sneak Previews Section, we start off the week with Palpatine's Throne Chair. It's a slight design change from Return Of The Jedi, so I had to resculpt it from scratch. Not as easy as I had imagined.

Tomorrow I will show you the finished Entrance double Sofabeds and then thursday, the step by step assembly of the Office Entrance. As well as added Download Textures of the Entrance Doors for you to print. Wait till you see the 2 Royal Guards on each side of the doors. It's amazing :)Sp


September 25, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office Sofa

Today's Diorama Sneak Previews Section, has been updated with Palpatine's Entrance Sofas. Even though it's not technically complete, the basic instructions are all there, I must sculpt the light fixtures this weekend. You still get the general idea. The real payoff is tomorrow when I show you what they look like placed in the Office Entrance :)


My Toy Collection - Lilo & Stich

Catching up with My Toy Collection section, I have added those awesome McDonald's Lilo & Stich Bobble Heads. If you saw the movie and LOVE Big Macs, chances are you bought these also - LOL

September 26, 2002 - THURSDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office Entrance

Go to the Diorama Sneak Previews Section NOW :D, The best is always saved for last and last Sunday was a great day, I got so much done on the diorama's Office Entrance. The sofas are still missing their lamps but I just can't wait for you to see how it turned out. I think it's my fave part of the diorama :D Hee hee.


Niubniub's Download Textures - Palpatine's Office

Now that I got them created and printed, the only nice thing to do is share them with all of you right? :) You can now head on over to Niubniub's Download Textures Section and print out Palpatine's Doors Decals. They look really cool and will help you find the color paint you need if you are making your own Palpatine's Office. As usual, Hi and Lo Res are offered to best suit your needs. Enjoy !!!


Another day in Niubchat

I should be able to finish todays workload in under 3 hours which means I will be able to lurk in Niub Chat after lunchtime. Come let me know what you think of the Entrance :) I hope to see you guys there. Always fun.


September 27, 2002 - FRIDAY

Diorama Reference Pictures - 3 Scene Update

Today I have added 3 new scenes from Episode 2 in the Diorama Reference Pictures Section. If you are making a diorama and want more details to the sets designs...this is the place for you. New additions are Geonosis Arena, Kamino Landing Platform and Count Dooku's Secret Hangar.


Toys Toys Toys :)

Last night I got a call from Legends telling me that they received my Republic gunship, Cantina 2 packs and the Interactive R2. Oh yeah, and the new Lord Of The Rings Figures :) Lucky today was PayDay - LOL. I will play with my toys and bring you reviews next week. Have a great weekend!!!


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