October 01, 2002 - TUESDAY

Already october - Time flies

This weekend I entertained friends I hadn't seen in 7 years, Man that was fun and then I succombed to the power of Starfox Dinosaur Planet and spent the rest of the weekend glued to my tv :) Dang those video games, LOL.

I did manage to get the palpatine blueprints all cleaned up and will have those online this week for all of you who feel the temptation to create your own diorama. I also have some NEW section up my sleeve that I KNOW you will have a great time "playing" with ;p More on that soon, I am testing out the ideas and designing the section and hope to have it ready before the end of October. In the meantime...


My Toy Collection - Austin Powers Goldmember

I finally cleaned up the pictures for the Mezco Austin Poswers Action Figures. Do they measure up to Mcfarlanes Figures? Check my reviews in My Toy Collection Section to find out. As usual, if you want to add your 2 cents, links are at the bottom of each Review.


October 08, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office

You guys know I love you right? :P Why else would I be up at 3:30 am to finish setting up the new pictures I took during the weekend Heh heh. Well it was very productive, I managed to mold amd make some copies of Palpatine's Throne Chair, The Jedi Chairs and Palpatine's Statue Version A (Bottom of Page 1 for new pics) It's all in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section as well as a quick peak of what the chairs looks like in their environment. Go to Page 22 of Palpatine's Office to see the latest pictures. Now it's time to custom some sitting Jedi :D

Niubniub's Secret Page X14

WOW, I have a deluge of smart people who managed to find my secret page, heh heh. Congratulations to Lesley Y., Jamie Hargrove, Franky M., Rik Dawson, Mike Beaulieu, Richard DBV, Jason Sturgis, Will Ellis, Brandon Martin, Obre Z., Stefan Folkins, Jordan Gott, Andrew D. and Dennis TND.

Sneak Preview of Upcoming NEW Sections !!!

Speaking of secrets, I have added a link at the bottom of my Secret page. If you already know where to find it go now, If you haven't found it yet, Go to the Choose A Character Section and look for me :) When you get there you will be able to go and play on a test my good friend Floris made during the weekend. I got quite a laugh when seeing it for the first time. :) I think you will have fun and remember, this is just the beginning :D Send me some feedback, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


October 10, 2002 - THURSDAY

Niubniub's Diorama Blueprints - Palpatine's Office

Finally I am happy to share the 2nd Niubniub Blueprint :D I know the first one - Bacta Tank - was a great big hit. I know this diorama is more difficult, but I hope it helps those crazy enough to tackle it - Hee hee.

So click on the picture to head to Niubniub's Diorama Blueprints and print away. There are 4 Palpatine's Office Diorama sheets due to the enormous size of the diorama. You still have the option of Hi-Res and Lo-Res to accomodate your connection speed.
Enjoy, and I promise there will be more to come soon.



October 11, 2002 - FRIDAY

What does Niubniub do during the day ?

A lot of emails I get, ask me what I do for a living in the real world. Many of you know I work in Movie Special Effects as a Digital Compositor (The best job in the world :D) Paramount just released the Movie Trailer for Extreme Ops yesterday. Who knew? It actually looks like a cool movie. :) If you are curious to see the avalanche FX shots I worked on.


Great news for Canadian Collectors

The BEST store in Montreal where I buy all my Star Wars toys (you know, all the ones our lucky US friends find so easily - haha) has now gone online. If you cannot find any of the newest toys in your city, Legends can now ship it to you anywhere in Canada for a flat fee of $7.00 and NO customs $$$ to deal with :). Payments can be made by Money Orders (canadian funds), Credit Cards (Visa or Master Card) by calling 514-277-1867 or faxing the store 514-277-4312 And now EVEN with PAYPAL. Can't get easier then that. E-mail them for a free newsletter. Sure beats driving to 5 TRU's and finding nothing new ;p


It's Friday, wanna chat?

I have a meeting at 10:00 am but after 11:00 am, my day is done. I had 2 days to do my shots and finished them at 6:00 pm last night. So I have plenty of time to catch up with you in NiubChat. I hope to see you there anytime from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time.


October 18, 2002 - FRIDAY

Episode 2 DVD is AWESOME

I guess you get some perks having a web site ;p Last week while I was in Niubchat, I was asked if I wanted an advanced copy of the Attack of the clones DVD. What a silly question? LOL. Well I want to thank John for not just teasing me and actually sending the real deal. I still can't believe it :D The picture quality is amazing and pausing for diorama references can't get better then this. I've already watched the clone war and arena 7 times - hee hee. You MUST buy this DVD when it hits stores next month.


October 22, 2002 - TUESDAY

Choose A Character - New Waves Reviewed

I went toy shopping last friday and what better excuse to take some pics and share my thoughts with you in the Choose A Character Section :) Today I present what seems to be the Pilots wave...Padme Pilot, Jango Pilot, Clone Trooper Pilot as well as Deluxe Flying Geonosian, Darth maul Sith Training and what could possibly be the greatest figure ever...you guessed it...Ephant Mon. Oh yes, I must not forget the Wave 1 Cantina Packs...Greedo, Hammerhead and Ponda Boba. Oh yeah there's this cool Republic Gunship that came out too :D Remember, there are links at the bottom of each page for you to participate in the reviews. Share your thoughts with the world, it's great therapy and it's free :D


M y Toy Collection - Movie Maniacs Wave 5 Reviews

Since were doing reviews, why stop at Star Wars? :D Friday I also picked up the latest in the Movie Maniacs line....Read reviews for Darkness from Legend, T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah Connor from T2 and I was lucky to find an open EVE from Species. Click on My Toy Collection and see if they are worth the price.


NEW SECTIONS - Top Ten Best and Worst Ever Figures

Since I am so in love with Ephant Mon, I thought to myself now is a great timing to put online 2 NEW sections I had in the back on my head. I present to you the Top Ten Best Ever Star Wars Figures and the Top Ten Worst Ever Star Wars Figures. Both sections require your participation to become interesting. Let's get together and see what list we come up with :D

I look forwards to reading your votes. Don't be shy...It's only the entire planet reading your choices - LOL.


October 25, 2002 - FRIDAY

Visitor's Diorama Blow Out - Part 1

Since it seems forever since I have updated Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas, and that there are so many cool pictures just waiting to be shared I thought..."Let's update 5 at a time" :D Plus I redesigned the Menu page to make it a little more user friendly :) Today I am happy for you to be able to view the naboo Palace of Stephanie Beaumont, Geonosis Arena of Lee Fenton-Wilkinson, Jonny Knox's Death Star Hangar, a Tusken Raider Camp from Daniel Storm and a most original and amusing entry...Lance Quazar's Princess Leia's Office. There are plenty more on the way, so if you have sent in pictures, they should be up in the next updates.


Luis Miguel Cartez and Tarantino !!!

Speaking of Visitor's Dioramas, I have finished formatting your pictures but have lost your emails and personal info (name, age) Can you Please EMAIL me as soon as possible so I can place your pictures with the other visitors :)


October 28, 2002 - MONDAY

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Office

I spent Sunday trying to paint straight lines of the Window Ledge grooves and after 6 hours, it looks like PooPoo. - LOL. I have decided to use photoshop instead. So more on that later. After half the day gone I decided to finish my Sofa. So I sculpted the Lamps that fit on the toothpic posts. So now you can see the completed Movie Accurate Entry Sofa. Go to the middle of Page 2 and all of Page 3. It's all in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section as well as a quick peak of what the chairs looks like in their environment.


October 30, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Visitor's Diorama Blow Out - Part 2

I have managed to have updated Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas again. This time adding NEW pictures to Stephen Hayford and Joel Dorigny's pages. Lot's of really great quality stuff. Make sure to check them out. I know you will be happy you did :D


Niubchat back online

Seems the company that made the freeware for chat merged and erased all the previous codes without informing it's customers. I guess that's what happens when it's free - LOL. Well a new code has been uploaded and now everything at NiubChat seems to be back as it was. Drop on in during the day if you can, I might be dropping by also. If we are lucky, maybe be inside at the same time and chat :D


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