November 01, 2002 - FRIDAY

Toys Toys Toys :D

I have just come back from Legends last night with my Arena Playset in tow as well as the Clone Trooper/Speeder Bike 2 pack and Anakin Deluxe. I will be taking pictures this weekend for Next weeks reviews. I also got Wave 2 and 3 of Lord Of The Rings toys. These likenesses are just fantastic. I am preparing reviews to coincide with the 4 DVD Deluxe Box set release of the film in 2 weeks. Stay tuned...


Spiderman DVD comes out today

Speaking of DVD, I don't think I will be alone at the video store tonight getting my copy of Spiderman :) - heh heh. I can't wait to see all those cool Making Of documentaries on the 2nd disc.


News Archives now up to date

It doesn't seem like much, but the site's News Archives had not been updated since May !!! Bad Niubniub, Bad. Well now all you Newbies and oldies who want to see what you might have missed in past months, can quickly view and access the important posts from the past 3 years.


All time Best and Worst figures...

The counting is done and some results might surprise you :) I am pasting the names of everyone who sent in their choices. thank you so much. I will post the results Monday. If you haven't yet sent in your fave and worst Star Wars figures, it's not too late. Just click on the email icons at the bottom of each page. It's that easy. Have a great weekend.

Oh...I almost forgot....Monday I will show you what halloween cotume I wore at the company party. Let's just say I hope I don't fall down any stairs - LOL.


November 04, 2002 - MONDAY

Visitors Top Ten Favourites

I have tallied the totals from all the votes and you can now see the results for the Top Ten Favourite Dioramas and the Top Ten Best Ever Star Wars Figures Sections. The final results are quite interesting. Tomorrow...the Most Wanted and Worst Ever Figure results.


How was your Halloween?

Well I had a great time and my costume was a BIG hit. And I even managed to not roll down any stairs and end up in the hospital - LOL. If you are wondering just what Niubniub created, Visit the Halloween 2002 pages.

And in true Niubniub style, there are some Making Of pictures to help make your own for next year :D


Star Wars Insider...Bantha Tracks Returns

If you haven't yet subscribed to the Star Wars insider, this might be a good time because next month is the Premiere Issue of Bantha Tracks, ONLY available to subscribers. My Psychic Yoda tells me there might be some article about a little Ewok Diorama maker :D Now I KNOW you don't want to MISS that !!! - LOL.



November 05, 2002 - TUESDAY

Visitors Top Ten Wanted and Worst Ever Figure

Took me over 5 hours to type all the votes. I am exhausted :P So you want to know what figure was voted the ugliest ever made? Head on over to the Top Ten Worst Ever Star Wars Figure Section. Also, you can see the new positions for Top Ten Most Wanted Dioramas. You can send in your votes at any time. Remember your participation is what makes these sections fun!!!



November 11, 2002 - MONDAY

Busy Weekend ...

Mondays always come too quickly don't you think? I hope you had a great weekend, I had time to finish Palpatines Office. Wait, don't jump up and down just yet - LOL.

I still have to finish the sitting Jedi's but can you guess what the picture above is? NO...NOT a TIE fighter :D The answer will be revealed in tomorrow's update. I also took tons of new pictures for the Previews Sections and preparing more Visitors Dioramas. Should be a fun week. Stay tuned...


NiubChat - Come on over

This afternoon should be a calm one at work. If you can, take a chance in popping into NiubChat. I should be there to say hello between 2 and 5 PM eastern.



November 12, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak Preview - Palpatine's office

So have you figured out what Monday's Peak Picture was? No? Then go see on Page 23 of Palpatine's Office Sneak Previews. The office is now complete. well with the exception of Guard Statue B. I am almost done and you can see the evolution of the sculpture in the Making Of Section.


DVD Tuesday - Clones and Rings - oh my

Unless you live under a rock, you know Episode II Attack of the clones comes out on DVD today. I am picking my copy at lunch time :D And a great day it is for us fantasy film fans...Lord Of The Rings Director's Cut 4 DVD boxset also comes out today - WOO HOO. Let's go shopping - Hee hee



November 13, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Choose A Character - New Reviews Online

In honour of the BEST DVD out this year (ok, maybe a tie with Lord of the Rings - Heh heh) I have played catch up with my figure reviews of what has been released. Today you can check out Anakin Deluxe Flip Action, Red Battle Droid Deluxe, Clone Trooper Deluxe and his wonderfull Red Clonetrooper Speederbike ;P I also forgot to upload the Darth Vader Unleashed figure last month so that's up now also. All this and much more in Niubniub's Choose A Character Section :)

NiubChat - Let's talk about the DVD

If you have some free time this afternoon, why not stop into NiubChat. I am sure you all got your Episode 2 DVD's yesterday - Hee hee. It is simply AMAZING. If you haven't bought it yet - GO NOW..RUN :D It's what Spiderman DVD SHOULD have been. (zzzzzz) Let's chat and tell me what you thought of the Deleted Scenes and making of Documentaries. Hope to see you there.



November 14, 2002 - THURSDAY

My Toy Collection - Lord Of The Rings Two Towers

What better way to celebrate this weeks awesome 4 DVD Director's Cut of Lord of the Rings then to review the entire line of Two Towers Toys :) If you are thinking of which figures to get as a present this holliday season, my pictures and reviews might help you choose out of the more then 24 NEW Figures available. From Legolas to King Théoden, Grima Wormtongue, Sauron and Treebeard the Ent to name a few. Head on over to My Toy Collection and check them out. These figures are getting more and more lifelike every year.



November 19, 2002 - TUESDAY

Top Ten Sections - Votes Updated

I've also taken the time to make slight design modifcations to better enter your votes in the Top Ten Sections. It's always fun to see what you guys and gals think of my Dioramas and Hasbro Toys. Send in your votes at any time. remember your participation is what makes these sections fun. Check out the new results of your Favourite Dioramas, your Most wanted Dioramas, All time Best Figures and All Time Worst Figures ever made.


Visitors Dioramas - Updates and NEW Additions

And finally today I am happy to present some cool new pictures to Niubniub Visitors Dioramas Section. I am happy to show you updates of Chad Dowling's Arena Battle and Jedi Starfighter as well as welcome a Brand New addition to the visitors...Jennifer and Sean Cottril. Make sure to check them out. I'm hoping to have many more visitors ready before weeks end and remember you can send in your own creations at any time. Don't be shy, it's only the whole world watching ;)


NiubChat - Come on in and say hello

The technicians are installing a new software update in my computer today, so I have no work schedualed which means I have LOTS of free time - LOL. Why not stop into NiubChat if you have a few minutes. It's always great to hear from fans of the site. Hope to see you there. Have a great day :D


November 21, 2002 - THURSDAY

Niubniub's Widevision Cards - 5 NEW Jedi cards

Keven and nathan have finished 5 new Return Of The Jedi Widevision Cards that I have just added to Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. If you haven't seen these yet, check it out. You can also view complete sets of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. I really think they are cool. And not just because they are made from my diorama pictures ;D


Classic Character Comparisons - Niubniub's Cousins

If you collected the classic figures of the 70's and want to see what they look like next to their new modern versions, then the Classic Character Comparisons Section is the place for you :) Today I have updated the 2 latest figures to have been resculpted...Teebo and Paploo. You might be surprised at how close the 2 generations resemble each other.


Character Variations Comparisons - Mega Update

As if My Ewoks cousins aren't enough excitement for you :) I have found some time to update the Character variations Comparisons Section. Here you can see what differences, if any, there are between every version of your favourite Star Wars Character. Updates today include Anakin, Battle Droids, Ewoks, Greedo, Han Solo, Hoth Soldiers, Imperial Officers and Darth Maul among others.


Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas - More cool pictures

I'm very excited to bring you more of Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas. It's always great to receive an email an see some cool pictures of your work. Today we go past Number 75!!! New Visitors include Edwin Skywalker (I somehow don't think that is his real name - hee hee) and some really Awesome work of Jamie Follis. I was very lucky to have Jamie help me out at Celebration II Workshop and take charge of the Cantina. :D I always get excited when I see scenes that I haven't made yet or seen elsewhere on the net. Wait till you see Luke's garage. Really Cool. And last but not least, an update from Daniel Elmore with new pictures of his Improved Mos Eisley Cantina. Very Cool. I can't wait to remake my own :D

Remember to send in your Diorama Pictures. It's because of fans like you that this section is so much fun, not to mention a huge inspiration to your fellow diorama makers.


November 26, 2002 - TUESDAY

Niubniub's in Star Wars Insider :D

What a thrill I had when I got my new issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine. The premiere issue of Bantha Tracks features a very nice Surprise for all you Niubniub Fans :D I would like to publicly thank Mary Franklin for all the kind words she wrote about me in the article. I had so much fun organising and meeting everyone at the Celebration II Diorama Workshop, It really was a thrill of a lifetime. I hope that we can all do it again at CIII in 2005 :D

And if you have come to visit for the first time after reading the article...Welcome to the fun world of making Star Wars Dioramas. If all the pictures you see inspire you to create your first Diorama, then i have done my job successfully :) Feel free to email me anytime with questions or even to send me pictures for the Visitors Section. But be warned...Once you make 1 diorama, you cannot stop, you will make another, and another, and....LOL.


Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas - Keep em coming :)

I have managed to update 5 more sets of Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas pictures. Lots of cool stuff to see. Make sur to check the updates in Joel Dorigny's area as well as Jason Garner, Joe Wardzinski and Luis Miguel Cortes. And I am more then excited to bring a NEW member to the Visitors area, Scott James. I won't tell you what his diorama is but it is AWESOME and the FIRST I have seen of this particular scene. I hope Scott send in more pics soon :) as well as anyone else who wants to share their work. It's always great to see what you guys are up to :D


Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews

I spent most of this weekend catching up with the new holiday film releases. Starting Friday with Die Another Day. Sunday I saw Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets and last night was our Crew premiere of Extreme Ops. I'm so stuffed with popcorn I think I might explode - LOL. If you were planning on seeing these films on thanksgiving weekend, maybe my 2 cents might save you a little cash ;P It's all in Niubniubs Summer Movie Reviews



November 28, 2002 - THURSDAY

Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas - Mega Update

I'm happy to present to you today, Updated New pictures from Chris Kelso and Manny Mendosa, as well as 2 NEW Visitors... Help me to welcome Marco Landoni and Tarantino to Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section. If you have made a Diorama and want to share it with us, send in your pictures. It's only the entire WORLD watching :D


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