December 02, 2002 - MONDAY

Niub Niub's Summer Movie Reviews

Oh my god!!! Is is the start of another month already? and yikes, just 30 days till the new year. I tell you time sure passes by quickly. I hope you all had a great weekend :) Perhaps some of you had the same idea as me and went to see Attack of the Clones IMAX Experience. OK, I actually saw it last Wednesday night :) So was it all worth it? If you want to read what I thought...I know summer is over but It's in Niubniubs Summer Movie Reviews :P


Niub Niub's Visitors Dioramas - Mega Update

Today I've Updated Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas Section with 7 New pictures from Jeremy Morton's Dooku Duel and falcon rescue. Make sure to check them out.


Visitors Making Of - Jabba's Palace

Have I got some awesome pictures to share with you today :) If you are planning on creating Jabba's Palace Diorama, have I got a treat for you. Mike beaulieu has built what I think is one of the coolest Jabba's Palaces I've ever seen. Head on over to the Visitors Making Of Section. I know that I will use this design when it comes time to redo my palace.


December 04, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

My Toy Collection - Star Wars

I am working really hard to complete a huge facelift for the Simpsons reviews, in the meantime I have finally found time to complete reviews for 2 items you might have on your holliday wishlist. First up is the Playskool Millenium Falcon set. Including all the sound effects that come with it in MP3 splendor :) you can also see a link sensitive picture of all 5 playskool sets. And speaking of sounds...Have you bought the Interactive R2-D2 yet? If you want to hear what he sounds like when you give him orders, just step into My Toy Collection Section and find out.


Visitors Making Of - Podracing

Rodger Smith is in the process of building what could be the coolest way to display your hasbro Pod racers :). He was gracious enough to send in some pictures for the Visitors Making Of Section. The hardest part is waiting for more pictures - hee hee.


Niubniub Chat - Come say Hello

My Computer at work is still waiting for a replacement motherboard. This will give me some free time to catch up with you guys and answer any questions you might have. If you can, drop by NiubChat between 1:30 PM and 6:00 PM Eastern. It will be fun. Hope to see you there.



December 06, 2002 - FRIDAY

Star Wars, Empire and Jedi DVD in 2003 ?

I just bought the new issue of Tomart's Action Figure Magazine and inside is some VERY INTERESTING information. Does hasbro know something we don't? :D here is the direct quote from the Magazine... "Hasbro continues the Star Wars brand into an In Between year where the biggest event is likely to be the release of Episodes 4,5 and 6 on DVD" Can it be?

If this is true, that will be sooo cool. Would also mean we get to see some cool new Original Trilogy products as well as the movies on DVD. 2003 will be a great year...can you feel it? :D

Well I am off to finish the Simpsons updates for monday and will work HARD all weekend to try and finish palpatines Office (When i am not watching my Goldmember DVD. So Big Updates next week. Have a great weekend. Yeah Baby :D



December 10, 2002 - TUESDAY

Sneak preview: Palpatine's Office Custom jedi

Well guess what? I finally got off my butt and slaved away all weekend :) I actually finished yesterday at 2:15 am. that's why no pictures were ready until today. So sit back and enjoy because I've got quite a bit of stuff to show you :D

First off...I finally finished sculpting Statue B. Just scroll down mid page to see the NEW images. I am in the process of finishing the mold but you can check up and see what I did on the weekend. Next are the famous Sitting customs. Since Hasbro doesn't give our Jedi's Knee articulation we must amputate and create them ourselves :P I have managed to complete 3 customs over the weekend starting with Palpatine. He can now sit behind his desk which seems to have made him a very happy man :)

Also the first 2 Jedi's ... Ki Adi Mundi and our man Yoda. Both can now sit at palpatines desk and chat with him about why they were cut out from the Imax version on Attack of the clones - LOL.
It's all in the MAKING OF Dioramas Section. I'm sure you are dying to check it out. Only 3 more Jedi and Palpatine's Office will be complete. And after almost 5 months, it's about time no? :D



December 12, 2002 - THURDAY

My Toy Collection - Simpsons Face Lift

If you are a fan of plamates Simpsons figures then have I got a treat for you :) After 12 days of work, I have managed to improve their reviews with a major facelift. It's easier to recognise a character then to have to remember his name, so now the cross links rely on a visual guide as opposed to the previous text only version. Want to know what Figure works on what Playset and What Samples they speak? It's all there in My Toy Collection Section.

You will notice a TRY ME button next to each character's catch phrases. If it is Blue, you can click on it and HEAR the actual soundbites in MP3. The darker blue circles are the Samples I am working on and will be coming soon. If you want to see something really cool, check out the link sensitive Group Photo of every figure made from Wave 1 Homer through Wave 10 Llewellyn Sinclair. It's pretty impressive what Playmates has created so far.

Also, like the Star Wars reviews, you now have e-mail links at the bottom of each character's page so that you can share your thoughts with all of us. It's a great way to find out what you guys think. I hope you enjoy the new look. I will keep you posted as more samples are added to the section.


NiubChat - Come on over

My Computer at work is still busted, so I thought I would log into NiubChat this afternoon and play catch up with you guys. Are you planning on making any dioramas during the holidays? I hope you can drop in, even if it's for just a minute. See you there.


December 13, 2002 - FRIDAY

Niub Niub's Widevision cards - Return of the Jedi

Keven and nathan have done it again... 5 new Return Of The Jedi Widevision Cards that I have just added to Niubniub's Widevision Cards Section. If you haven't seen these yet, check it out. You can also view complete sets of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. I really think they are cool. And not just because they are made from my diorama pictures ;D


Visitors Making Of - Jabba's Palace

Well most of you must have already drooled all over your keyboard when looking at Mike Beaulieu's Amazing Jabba's Palace Making Of Pictures. And it wasn't even finished. Well guess what? Those pics were sent over 3 months ago, I didn't have the time to post them before last week and since then, Mike has finished his diorama. Wait till you see it now. This is THE BEST Movie Accurate Diorama I have ever seen of Jabba's Palace. So sit back and be inspired for the next 10 minutes :)

There are over 50 NEW pictures of all angles and close ups of props. It's all in Niubniub's Visitors Making Of section. If you want to make a Jabba Palace, this is your dream come true - hee hee. Mike is sending pictures with figures next week. I can't wait.


Friday the 13th....Star Trek Nemesis

Hey it's Friday the 13th, you know what that means? Yes...Star Trek Nemesis opens today :) I will be going to see it after our office supper party. I will write a review and try to post it on the weekend so you can find out if it's worth your hard earned money :) Have a great weekend. I'll see you monday.



December 16, 2002 - MONDAY

Niub Niub's Movie Review - Star Trek: Nemesis

Do you guys in other cities have to put up with TV commercials BEFORE the Trailers? It's getting really rediculous. I looked at my watch and saw we had SUFFERED through 15 minutes of ads I see on my local TV stations. If I want to see ads I'll stay home. I don't understand how you have to pay $14 for a ticket, then watch 15 minutes of commercials. I assume the companies, Bell, Ford, Mr. Beer, must PAY the cinema to have their ads played right? So wouldn't this cause to LOWER the ticket price? This REALLY ANNOYS ME. No wonder people are staying home more and just watching the film on DVD.

Now that's off my chest :) Any of you catch Star Trek Nemesis this weekend? How did you like it? If you are curioud to see what I thought of the movie, head on over to Niubniub's Movie Reviews Section. And I know you are ALL counting...3 Days till TWO TOWERS :D So how many of you are calling in sick? - LOL.


Lego Star Destroyer ROCKS !!!!

Well as you might notice, there isn't a diorama update this morning :) You see I happened to receive my Lego Star Destroyer Thursday and even though I was supposed to wait till Christmas to open it (At close to $500 canadian, I decided it would be my present to myself for 2002) but Niubniub has NO will power and since Mamma Ewok doesn't live here to hide the presents, well you get the picture - LOL.

Let me just say, if you HAVE the CASH and have been hesitating to get this Lego because of the cost...GET ONE NOW. I've spent almost 2 days putting pieces together and it's not even half done yet. And this thing is HUGE. I LOVE IT. I will try and get pictures soon and put up a review in the Star Wars Toy Collection Section during the holiday work break.


December 17, 2002 - TUESDAY

Niubniub's Movie Review - The Two Towers

When my friend Jose from Legends (shameless plug, I know, But they deserve it :D) called me yesterday morning, I thought it was to tell me my Insurection figures had arrived. I never dreamed it was to ask me if I wanted to see the Montreal Premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Can you think of a better way to begin your work week? :)
So are you wondering if you should get in line now for tomorrow's opening day? You will have to head on over to Niubniub's Movie Reviews Section to find out. - Heh heh.


December 23, 2002 - MONDAY

Sneak preview: Palpatine's Office Statue B

So how was your weekend? Have you all enjoyed Lord of the Rings:Two Towers? :D

I finally managed to finish all my Christmas shopping and took a break from all the crouds yesterday by staying home and completing Statue B. The finished painted Statue is on Page 7 in Niubniub's Sneak Previews Section, and you can also see the making of the Molds and Resin copies, starting on Page 6. Now all that is left are 2 Sitting customs which I promise to have finished before the New Year. My workplace has given us 10 days vacation, so I will have plenty of time to complete Palpatine's Office and start work on a new diorama for 2003 :)

So many cool things planed for you I have - Hee hee.


December 25, 2002 - WEDNESDAY

Christmas Vacations - 2 weeks off work :)

YES!!!! We closed at noon yesterday and our offices don't open until january 6, do you know what that means? I can finally FINISH Palpatines Office and have final pics ready before the New Year :D

This afternoon I am doing the family dinner thing at my aunts house, Friday, my friend of 34 years is in town for the first time in 8 years and coming over with his 6 year old son. If you have explored the site, you know what Niubniub's home looks like :P This will be the first time that a kid (under 30 - hee hee) comes over to visit. I can't wait to see his expression :D After that, I have no plans until New Years and can concentrate on the many surprises I have in store for you :) I should have time to do it all. 2003 will be a really great year. Not only in the Dioramas I have planed, but also in the site's "Visitors Interactivity" I hope many of you have some time off work and studies as well and wish you ALL a Wonderfull and SAFE Holiday.


Visitors Dioramas - 3 NEW entries

To celebrate my first day of Vacation I thought I would catch up with Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas. The work you guys are doing is getting better and better. I get such a thrill seeing what you create :D And I am very happy to have the opportunity to help you share it with Diorama fans from all around the world.

Today you can check out 3 NEW Diorama makers...Luis Del Pozo (With my Shuttle ariving soon, sould this be my next diorama? :D) An very cool Endor Bunker scene by Thomas Riedel and Jason Sturgis' perfect use of my Bacta Tank Blueprints.


Visitors Making Of Dioramas - Endor Bunker.

Not only did Thomas Riedel send pictures of his Endor Bunker, (see link in the previous post) he planed ahead and took pictures for the Visitors Making Of Dioramas Section as well. Good thinking Thomas :D


December 30, 2002 - MONDAY

Palpatine's Office - 2 days to unveiling...

So is anyone else all confused to what day it is? :D Having Christmas on a Wednesday felt like Friday and then Friday felt like the weekend and now Sunday night (as I type this) seems like Tuesday, I am just so confused - LOL.

I finished the "Sitting" Plo Koon and "Normal" Luminara Customs. I have to go shopping today and find me an extra Palpatine for the "Sitting" Mace custom and also a Hooded Leia for the "Normal" Illuminara's Jedi Apprentice. Their pages are almost done, I just have to enter my photo descriptions. So come back tomorrow to see the final custom pictures then on Wednesday, the completed Palpatine's Office will be revealed.


December 31, 2002 - TUESDAY

Palpatine's Office - Sneak Preview

Well Here it is, the FINAL Sneak Previews for Palpatine's Office. You can see what Plo Koon looks like sitting in his chair and what a "Normal" Luminara Unduli looks like when not in the Arena Battle. I am completing Mace as you read this and will upload his pictures when I am done sometime this afternoon. Enjoy the pictures :)


Randy can you hear me? LOL

If Randy F. is reading this, can you send me an email. I've been trying to reach you and all 3 of your email accounts in my file seem to be cancelled and bounce back.


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