January 01, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 3:05 AM

Happy New Year !!! All the Best for 2003

Holy smokes...Can it be another year has already arrived? Boy time sure flies by. Seems like yesterday when everyone was panicking about the Millennium bug and crossing into 2000.

I hope you have time to party with friends and family. And here's a toast to a great 2003. I have a feeling it's gonna be an amazing year :P Palpatine's Office - Sneak Preview - 1 day late :) OK, I promised you his pictures would be ready yesterday. You should know by now not to listen to what I say - LOL.

But without furter delay...Sitting Mace Windu completes Palpatine's Office Diorama. You can see how I made him in NiubNiub's Making Of Section. Next step...Pictures recreating the movie scene. I will get those up ASAP.


January 02, 2003 - THURSDAY - 5:33 PM

Palpatine's Office - Where are the pics?

I am 2 days behind, and the week is almost over. Where does time fly? Well I think I need new batteries for my camera. After recharging, they die out in less then 1 hour. I have time to make 2-3 good set ups and then, no more juice.

I need 9 images for the Diorama section and have 5 good ones so far. I'm now recharging my batteries again. I'll go to the store tomorrow so that I can speed up the picture taking. However, since I promised you pictures yesterday, I though I would wet your appetite a little :D

I am sure having a harder time then I thought getting the camera to fit in corners and lighting the diorama properly. But the result is worth it. It sure looks cool don't you think? I'll be taking more pictures tonight as soon as my batteries are recharged. Let's hope I can get them up on Friday.


Trash Compactor 2 Packs

I just got a nice box today with my set of Trash Compactor figures. Thanks SO MUCH Shawn :D. I must say these are GORGEOUS. If this is a start of a new series by Hasbro, I will be VERY happy. I will take pics and post reviews soon. I will also be resizing my trash Compactor with Blueprints so that you can place them in a cool display.


January 06, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:45 AM

Star Wars Dioramas - Palpatine's Office

You may have noticed something different today...Look up, WAY up (I'm sure my fellow Canucks will get that joke) A new Header can only mean one thing...YES... Palpatine's Office Diorama is now online. I hope you enjoy the images and feel it was worth the wait, 6 months in the making is a LONG time :D There are 9 images that depict the scene from Attack of the Clones as well as my fave: Cinema Comparison. Make sure to go to NiubNiub's Star Wars Dioramas Section and check it out.


NiubNiub's Making Of: Palpatine's Office

Now that the Palpatine Office Diorama is complete, ALL Preview Sections have been transfered to NiubNiub's Making Of Section. From the building of the actual Office to specifics like Sculpting of the Jedi Chairs, Palpatine's Desk and Chair, Guard Statues and customs of Sitting Mace and Yoda to name a few. Preview Links will work for a short period but soon might come up as Page Errors. If this happens, remember to just go to the Making Of Menu instead.


Monthly Schedualed Chat: Jan 09, 7 - 10 pm Eastern

I've decided this year would be fun to have Monthly Schedualed Chats on the first Wednesday of every month. I always enjoy talking with you guys and this is the best way to be sure I will be in Niubchat and let me know what you want to see on the site. This month's NSC (Niub Schedualed Chat) is:

Thursday January 09 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern Zone. Subject: What upcoming Dioramas do you want me to make next? (For my European fans who can't make it, I am usualy in Chat during my lunchbreak between 12:00 and 14:00 Eastern)


NiubNiub's Reviews Secret Page...Mega Findings.

You people are really smart out there :D So many have found the Niub Review Secret Page in the last month or so. Congratulations to Ego Rhys, Bill Goertz, Monroe Fields, Warren Nash, Dan Ramsey, Adam Vanderplum, Tiny Tator, Matt C., Nate Lopez, Randy Talbert, Brandon Szink, Jedigreedo, James Gordon, Jason Kip, Cindy Graveline, Stephen Wilhite, Andrew Y., Michael Wahrmund, Stephen Hayford, Patrick Hurd, Stefan Hiller and Myke Dayton.

See I told you it isn't THAT hard to find it? :D


January 08, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 08:29 AM

Reminder Chat Tomorrow 7 - 10 pm Eastern

It was supposed to be tonight but I had a last minute meeting at work and will be stuck doing overtime, so I pushed NiubChat to Thusday night. This month's NSC (Niub Schedualed Chat) is:

Thursday January 09 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern Zone. Subject: What upcoming Dioramas do you want me to make next? I started a little test for an upcoming scene, I will give you a hint tomorrow :)


January 13, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:29 AM

Diorama Sneak Previews - So What's next?

Now that Palpatine's Office is complete (Well until hasbro makes new figures to fit inside) you must be curious as to what Diorama I have chosen to make next. Well after making you wait 7 months for 1 Diorama, I am selected not 1, Not 2, but 3 Dioramas !!! My goal with these 3 is to make scenes that I can give you Complete Blueprints, NEW Decals and best of all, be completed in 2 weeks (Well maybe longer for the DS2 - LOL) .

First is a Deluxe Death Star Trash Compactor. If you have purchased the NEW Trash Compactor Diorama 2 packs and want to Jazz things up a little, then this Diorama is for you. I have many Deluxe Death Star scenes planed for 2003 and this is the first of my Modular Design.

Next will be the Death Star Conference Room - Number 2 Choice in the Visitor's Top Ten Most Wanted Section. When completed, you will be able to make your own the Easy way (Using Decals) or Advanced (Custom Details folowing my Making Of Guide) and of course, the Complete set of Blueprints.

Last but not least, many of you are getting the NEW Imperial Shuttle this month. Well you will need a place to display it right? LOL. The Death Star 2 Emperor's Arrival will be a HUGE Movie Accurate Playset with both Blueprints and Decals available for download. Head on Over to the Sneak Preview Dioramas Section to check out their progress.


Niub Chat Great Success

I just wanted to Thank Everyone who dropped by last thursday to say hello. It was great catching up with everyone and look forwards to next months Schedualed NiubChat. But you don't have to wait till then to talk to me. I usually have Chat open while working on the site at nights. So take a chance and hop in. I might be there to say hello.


January 14, 2003 - TUESDAY - 01:10 AM

Choose A Character - TONS of NEW Reviews

I am happy to bring you the First New Choose a Character Reviews for 2004 :) Let's start with last years Wave 1 Accessory Packs. Were they worth all the fuss? 4 figures were released...Death Star Trooper, Arena Battle Droid, Biker Scout and Hoth Soldier. Most are pretty cool and if you are planing on making a Death Star Conference Room, The Death Star Accesory Pack is just right for the job :D

Just before Christmas, Hasbro released what I hope is the First of Many Diorama 2 Packs. These are just such a cool idea. The Death Star Trash Compactor was the Perfect Choice to premiere this concept. Not only do we get New Sculpts of Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise, Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise, Princess Leia and Chewbacca, but a way TOO COOL Dianoga!!!! Imagine the possibilities of these 2 packs...Vader Chocking Rebel Commander in Tantive Halway, Luke with Moisture Vaporator, Death Star Commander with Death Star Console. I must stop before I drool all over my keyboard :D

Also released last year was the Geonosis Arena Playset. How come hasbro didn't make these modular? Hmmm. The 2 LAST SAGA Figures were also released, Although in Limited Numbers, in December 2002, Yoda Jedi High Council and the Geonosis Battle Destroyer Droid. Rehash? or worth getting? Make sure and check it out.

Another NEW series that hopefully will DIE a QUICK death was the Christmas R2-D2 and Santa C-3P0 2 pack. If only you knew how much I look forwards to Christmas 2003 :P And last but not least, the ULTIMATE Hasbro Vehicle...The NEW Imperial Shuttle Tyderium. If you haven't yet ordered one, you might want to reconsider :P


Niub Chat - Come visit between 3 - 6 PM Eastern

My Job for today was re-schedualed for Friday so I will be able to roam inside NiubChat this afternoon after my Lunch Hour.

If you have some free time between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM, why not stop by and say hello. I hope to see you there. Have a Great Day everybody. Happy reading :D


January 15, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 08:53 AM

Niub Chat - This afternoon until 6 PM Eastern

Sorry about yesterday, I was stuck in meetings and only popped in around 5:00PM. Today I will try and make up for it ;) I will be inside NiubChat after lunch until 6:00 PM. I was going to show you some cool Visitor Dioramas today but there was a power failure here last night, Man is it COLD in the appartment this morning. I will try and get them done for Friday's post.


January 17, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:15 AM

NiubNiub's Quicktime VR - Palpatine's Office 360

I promised you Visitor Diorama's for today, but I got all excited working on a Virtual 360' Quicktime VR of Palpatine's Office Diorama, I lost track of time (There's that EVIL word again :) Therefore the Visitors update is pushed to next week.

If you want to experience the closest thing to coming over and seeing the Diorama in person, Click on the image link above. It turned out really cool and the camera makes the toys appear life size. If you save the Quicktime to your desktop, you can even Zoom In and Out. Gotta LOVE technology :D Heh heh.Niubniub's


Hi-Res Dioramas - Palpatine's Office

For those of you who do not have Quicktime, you can still enjoy New Palpatine's Office pictures in NiubNiub's Hi-Res Diorama Section. I think I remember Yoda saying ... Size Does Matter :) Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend :D


January 20, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:15 AM

Sneak Previews Dioramas: Deluxe Trash Compactor

It's a great feeling to start a new project and even better when it doesn't take 6 months to complete - LOL.
In just 2 weekends, I managed to almost finish the Deluxe Trash Compactor. Simply go to the Making Of Dioramas Section to see this weekend's progress. New pictures start in the Middle of Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3. If you have Never made a Diorama yet and just purchased the Trash Compactor 2 packs, this is the perfect initiation project for you. Of course it's also cool for all of the pros out there too :D

Next weekend I will have the finished Diorama Pics, Blueprints and NEW Decals available for Download. No more excuses :)


Niubniub LIVE at Legends.

If you ever have the chance to come for a visit in Montreal, Canada, I am excited to say that you can now see my Palpatine's Office Diorama In Person in the window display of Legends Action Figures Store. Located at 7104 St-Hubert, just One block from the Jean-Talon Metro station.

I wanna thank Steve and Jose for giving me the opportunity to share my work with the fans in this way :) We have more window displays planned for the coming months...Can you say Palpatine's Arrival? ;p And make sure to check out the AWESOME customs and 20+ Dioramas inside the store. And who knows, we might even bump into each other when shopping for the latest toys :D


January 22, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 02:11 AM

Niub Niub's Visitors Dioramas

I've gotten so many cool pictures during the holidays I am now way behind again in getting the sections ready for the site. So it's catchup time :)

Let's start today with 50 NEW pictures from Stephen Hayford's most amazing Mos Eisley and Purchase of the Droids Dioramas. The detail in his work must be seen to be believed. Later in the week I will have lots more NiubNiub's Visitors. And remember, you can send in YOUR pictures anytime and share them with us in NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Section. It's only the entire world watching :) LOL.


Top Ten Sections - Adding up the Scores

If you haven't sent in your choices for the Top Ten Sections, now is the time. I am almost done adding the totals and will post the results next week. Click on any of the Icon Links to the right and Vote Today. Your participation is what makes this site FUN !!!


January 23, 2003 - THURSDAY - 08:41 AM

NiubChat - This afternoon until 5:30 PM Eastern

Hey hey...I had 2 days booked for this commercial but work so fast I finished it last night ;) So I will be able to go to NiubChat when I return from lunch until around 5:30 PM. Hope to see you there :D Make sure to drop by tomorrow for a BIG Visitor's Diorama Update. Have a GREAT day, see you in later Chat.


January 24, 2003 - FRIDAY - 02:11 AM

More NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas

It's always a pleasure for me to update NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Section. The amount of Talent you guys (and girls :D) have is amazing and today is no exception. First off is an Update of 21 NEW Dioramas by Greg Reeves. I especially like his Bespin Dinner Diorama. I love to see scenes I have not yet done myself :)

And we have 2 NEW Diorama makers on the site as well: Patrick Quah and Doug Manchester. Make sure to check out their Cool Dioramas. Remember you can be featured as well, you just have to send me your pictures, age and e-mail address. It's as easy as that :D


January 28, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:09 AM

Sneak Previews - Deluxe Trash Compactor

So how is everyone coping with this INSANE Cold Weather? We had a nice Power Failure Sunday ...1:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Man, the apartment got COLD FAST. For over 2 weeks it's been -30 Celcius. Is this ever gonna stop? NiubNiub HATES Winter - LOL.

Since I couldn't play on my computer or watch DVD's, it was the perfect opportunity to finish my Deluxe Trash Compactor Diorama. Go now to the Making Of Dioramas Section. The Final Step by Step are on Page 3. If you purchased the Trash Compactor 2 Packs, I also took Comparison Pictures between Hasbro's Printed Background and my Deluxe Version. If you have put off purchasing these figures, I think you will want to get them when you see the finished display. Thank you Haasbro for making such a COOL TOY. I hope we see MANY MANY MORE of these Diorama 2 Packs.


NiubNiub's Diorama Blueprints - Deluxe Trash Compactor

If you want to build your own Deluxe Trash Compactor Upgrade, the perfect place to start is in NiubNiub's Diorama Blueprints Section. Simply select the Deluxe Trash Compactor Icon, Download to your computer and Print. Simply follow the Step by Step instructions and you will have an exact copy of my Diorama in no time.


NiubNiub's Download textures - Deluxe Trash Compactor

Of course what would your Deluxe Trash Compactor Diorama look like without a cool Door Decal :D Look at the bottom of the Death Star Menu in Niubniub's Download Textures Section. Make sure your printer software Scale is set at 100% The Door should fit exactly into the Blueprint's Wall Slot. Enjoy :)






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