February 03, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:09 AM

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Arrival

Well my god, another month has come. I spent the weekend replying to over 623 emails. My fingers hurt LOL. The good news is that I now have 16 emails in my IN box which means no more waiting 2 months for a reply :D That was really embarrasing. Sorry to all of those who had to wait that long. But now i will be able to get back to you same night - 2 days max :) Isn't that amazing? :P

If you look at the picture below you will see what I started working on yesterday. That's right, the next diorama will be Palpatine's Arrival. just in time for your own Shuttle deliveries :)

I have designed the Wall Columns and found the proper scale for the hangar. Now I can start duplicating them and start the room. you guys will be getting NEW Decals and Blueprints and best of all...the design is sectional. Meaning you can enlarge or reduce the size of the hangar to fit your room. How cool is that? More to come next week.


Do you know FLASH for MAC ?

I did a search for FLASH programers last year and got lots of wonderfull people offering to help but I realised that it is much easier to get my new section going if I find someone from my own town. So if you LIVE in MONTREAL AREA, and know how to use FLASH, I have some GREAT ideas for new Niubniub's Sections but need your help. I am willing to pay for "classes" or trade some of my customs for your collection :) Hope you can help, just send me an email.


Monthly Niubchat - This Thursday Feb 6th

Another month means another Schedualed NiubChat. this time on thursday February 6th, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern. Hope to see you there.



February 04, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:09 AM

Top Ten Sections - And the winner is....

Thank you to everyone who sent in their votes. I have added up all of the totals and reorganised the winners and loosers. You can see the new results in the Top Ten Favourite Diorama, Top Ten Wanted Diorama, Top Ten Best Ever Figure and Top Ten Worst Ever Fifure.

Remember that this section cannot exist without YOUR participation. If you want to see your choices make the Top Ten, simply SEND IN YOUR VOTES using the links at the bottom of each Top Ten Page.


Insider Survey - How to better the Star Wars Magazine

Calling ALL Star Wars Fans & Collectors...Our opinions are wanted to help shape the Star Wars Insider into the ultimate FAN magazine. To find out what WE Fans want it to be. Now how cool is that? Just go to the publisher's site... PAIZO.COM to fill out the survey! You must be 18 and over to participate.


February 06, 2003 - THURDAY - 12:32 AM

Visitors Dioramas Blowout

Today in the Visitor's Dioramas, I am happy to add 14 NEW pictures in Brent McCracken's Section. Be sure to check out some really cool scenes including Sarlacc Pit, Arena Battle, Dooku Duel and Carbon Freeze to name a few. Excellent work Brent !!! :D And to wet your appetite even more...here is a sneak peak at the next 8 NEW Diorama Artists coming next in Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas.


Monthly Niubchat - Today and Tonight

The second in the Monthly Schedualed NiubChat is today. For my friends in Europe on the other side of the Planet :D I will be In Niubchat during my Lunch Hour 12:30 PM to 13:30 PM Eastern. Then for North America, I will come back in shortly after Dinner, Aprox 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern. Last month was Great fun so I hope to see you drop on by. Talk with you later :D


February 10, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:14 AM

Sneak previews - Palpatine's Arrival

I am always happy when the weekend comes along because I don't have to go out in the FREEZING COLD :D I hope you had a good one. Having designed the scale of the Death Star Sections last weekend , I spent this weekend creating the Photoshop Decals that are the "skin" of the diorama. Making the decals is always the longest part, especially when trying to get them as close to the movie set as possible.

After 14 hours, I have but 2 panels remaining which means that next weekend contruction can start :) To see what you will be downloading in a couple of weeks, check out Page 1 of Palpatine's Arrival in the Dioramas Sneak Preview Section.


Daredevil Starts Friday

My friends at Legends Action Figures called me Friday and asked if I wanted a FREE pass to the Montreal Premiere of DareDevil on Wednesday. DUH...LOL...Need I tell you I picked it up after work :) I will post my review on Thursday so you can read all the spoilers ;P hee hee.4 more days until Valentine's Day :)

Because I love you all so much I thought this year I would give you a VERY COOL Valentine's Day Gift. Well it's actually Mike who made the gift, I will just show it to you on Friday :D Oh I am such a tease :P


February 14, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:32 AM

Happy Valentine's - Mike Beaulieu's Jabba's Palace

Wow 2 updates in 1 week. How pathetic ;p Well because I love you all so much, I thought I would offer you this special Valentine's Day gift to make up for it :) - hee hee After apearing in the Visitor's Making Of Section last month, one of the most requested Dioramas you guys want to see is Mike Beaulieu's diorama of Jabba's Palace.

Well the wait is over, More then 20 pictures are in Niubniub's Visitors Diorama Section. And make sure to have some Kleenex close by as you will need them to wipe the DROOL of your keyboard :) This is possibly the BEST Jabba's Palace I have ever seen. And if you haven't seen them before, you can also view Making Of Pictures detailing Mike's contruction of his masterpiece. Amazing work Mike, thanks for sharing it with all of us :)


Summer Movies Reviews - DareDevil opens Today

OK, it's not really summer yet. A fact I am reminded of everyday of this -30 degree winter we are experiencing :( However, what would fit nicely in a Summer Blockbuster category, DareDevil opens today and is a GREAT ride. Even if you are not a Comic Fanatic like me :) You can read what I thought about it and if it's worth seeing or waiting for the DVD. It's all in NiubuNiub's Summer Movies Reviews Section.

And if you do go see it, why not send in your thumbs up / thumbs down. I will add your opinion to the review for the entire world to see :D


Another Weekend - Death Star 2

Well I finished my decals and bought 4 spare ink cartridges. I will be doing a LOT of printing this weekend and foamcore cutting and assembling for my Death Star 2 Hangar Bay Diorama. So make sure to check in Monday to see the progress of what will surely be one of my fave scenes this year. :P Have a GREAT weekend.


February 18, 2003 - TUESDAY - 01:28 AM

Still Alive - Death Star 2 info

Hey guys, well this Diorama is more complicated and taking a LOT longer to make then I expected. I feel like an architect :) I completed the decals during the weekend and tonight, just finished assembling the final Beam Template. It looks awesome with all the decals applied. The scary part now is having to make at least 5 more copies - Ugh ;p. I haven't quite decided how big I want the display to be yet. Depends on the angle I chose for front view and what will fit in Legends Action Figures Window Display.

I have taken the usual step by step pictures and will try and have them up later this week. Since it's now past 1:30, my eyes are burning and I am very tired :D Next I start the Wall Final template, things should speed up somewhat when that will be completed. Check back Thursday. I should have the Sneak Peaks ready by then. Have a great day :D


February 19, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 01:55 AM

6 NEW Artists - Niubniub's Visitors Dioramas

I am still preparing my sneak peaks pics for the DS2 beams. I even did a quick Photoshop cheat to see what it could look like when completed and woohoo, I can't wait to show you the results :) In the meantime I present today 6 NEW Diorama Builders bringing the total to 91 NiubnNiub's Visitors on display.

Philip Bings presents us his excellent rendition of Vader's Secret. Next up is Nick Burnham's "shelf" style Jabba's Palace. If you don't have the space for a huge diorama, this works really well. Mike Mullins created a Mos Eisley Display. Taylor Bruder shares his Arena Battle, Endor and Hoth Base. It's a real family affair with Dil, Alcione & Arthur Zanella's awesome rendition of Xizor's Palace from Shadows Of The Empire.
Last but not least Dave Castle sent in this display stand. Not really a diorama of a specific scene but an Excellent way to display your loose figures if you are limited in space.

There's LOTS more Visitors still to come. I wish i had the time to post them all in one day. But then I would have no more updates ;p If you created a diorama and want to share it with us PLEASE don't be shy :) Just email me your pictures. It's only the entire planet who's watching :D Hee hee.


February 21, 2003 - FRIDAY - 01:25 AM

Save your Toilet paper Rolls - DS2 Sneak Preview

Hey it's Friday - yeah the weekend is here :D Do you like my tagline? You must think I have really lost my marbles this time - Ha ha ha. Well if you have a Shuttle and planning on creating your own Docking Bay, Start Saving those Toilet Paper Rolls !!!

Usually presented on mondays, I just didn't want you to wait that long. There are over 40 NEW pictures spread out over 4 pages of my latest construction...Emperor palpatine's Arrival in the Death Star 2 Docking bay. This Diorama is gonna be BIG, and I predict very popular with all my Download fans :) Check out NiubNiub's Sneak Previews Section and have yourselves a fantastic weekend.


Niubniub's News Archives - Fully Updated

It took me a while but the Past News Archives are now all up to date. If you want to search and see what you might have missed in the past 2 years, this is the place to find it. Direct links to all the posts will facilitate your browsing.


February 26, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 12:00 AM

Sneak Previews Dioramas: DS2 Docking Bay

Can you believe it? I actually finished an update BEFORE Midnight - LOL. I guess I will be a little less tired at work tomorrow ;p I was uploading this post last night and had some technical problems which I am happy to say are all gone. I was quite scared there for a moment when I could not upload a single image or page. Oh the stress of making a Web page :D

Well this weekend I completed the Final Wall template and Assembly for the Death Star 2 Docking Bay. Are you curious to see how it turned out? Well head on over to Niubniub's Sneak Previews right now. I have added over 47 pictures starting on Page 5 all the way through to Page 8. One thing I am curious to know, why do most of you go straight to the LAST page FIRST? :P


Secret page Found again :)

You guys are SMART :D Congratulations go to Adam May, Chris Preston, Dave G., Chris Holcomb, Brandon Lu, Monroe Fields, Chris Gossett, Frank Nelissen, Chuck Rickard and Daniel Loos for finding Niubniub's Secret Review Page. Way to go !!! :)Stop by Niubchat if you can I have finished my work ahead of scheduale and have some free time this afternoon. I should be in Niubchat during the Lunch hour 12:30 PM Eastern and unless I get some surprise revisions, be able to stay till 17:30-18:00 ish.
I hope to see you there.




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