March 10, 2003 - MONDAY - 09:07 AM

A new month - lots of goodies on the way...

Hi you have probably guessed, I have been swamped at work and had no time to update the site last week. We are in a rush to finish this commercial for Mexico and there are tons of problems we are trying to solve to get everything done by tomorrow - Yikes !!!

I just wanted to reasure you that I am still alive and the site hasn't closed down yet :)
I have had a chance to take lots of new pictures for upcoming reviews of Simpsons, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Lego, Star Trek and if Legend's shipment arrives wednesday, 2003 Saga Figures (It's about time ;p) Not to mention tons more of Visitors Dioramas... Check in during the week, I hope to have several updates for you.


Friday the 14th is Niubniub's birthday :)

Yes it is true, I will be 39 - is that too old to buy toys? :)

My friends asked me this weekend if I thought I would get someone to send me a card if I put a post on the site. I bet them I would, they then told me to prove it, so here is my shameless plug for a birthday card - LOL. Frank Diorio, 312 Sherbrooke East, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1E6, Canada. Let's see what happens, I'll keep you posted as to who wins the bet :)


March 11, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:17 AM

Star Wars Dioramas - Trash Compactor Deluxe

I finished this little scene way back in january but didn't have the time to imortalise it in pictures until today... The Deluxe Trash Compactor was designed specifically to fit with Hasbro's Trash Scene Diorama 2 packs. If you want to see the figures in Movie poses, simply click on the Episode IV link in the NiubNiub 's Star Wars Dioramas Section. My fave is number 2 :)


March 14, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:17 AM

Hasbro... I LOVE YOU :)

You have all no doubt seen the pictures wednesday of all the NEW 2003 star wars toys. If not, then GO NOW !!! and bring your Kleenex to wipe the drool off your keyboard.

I have been told that designers at Hasbro enjoy coming over from time to time (even if they never sent me an email - cough cough - LOL) so I just want to take this opportunity to publicly say I think Hasbro deserves a standing ovation for all the AWESOME products shown to us this week. I cannot remember being this excited over the toys in a long time. I am SO psyched (as it seems all of you judging by the forums) that fans are totally getting into constructing displays and that new figures are being designed with that in mind...Those upcoming Diorama Scenes make me the happiest Ewok on earth - hee hee.Happy Birthday to me - Look what I got :D


It had to happen, Niubniub turns 39 today :)

Only ONE year shy of my forties...Yikes. :) I am really getting OLD - LOL. Good thing my brain is stuck at 14. I just wanted to show you what I got...Finally NEW 2003 figures!!!!

Thank you Legends Action Figures...if it wasn't for the BEST store in Montreal, we would NEVER get ANY figures. Certainly can't count on TRU or Wal Mart. And since NONE of the early 03 Waves are coming to Canadian stores, you guys are a REAL life saver !!! Stay tuned for TONS of 2003 Choose A Character Reviews coming Next Week. I will try and help you figure out which figures are MUST HAVES and which are bantha PooPoo.


My Toy Collection - SIMPSONS - Wave 11 Reviews

I must first thank EVERYONE who emailed me last year to help me find my New Years Eve and Main Street playsets. It is really amazing to see how many cool people are out there. You guys are awesome :D Not only can you read reviews for Mainstreet's Crazy Man and Pimple Teen, New Year's Eve Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie...I have added all the NEW figures from Wave 11 - Gil, Blue Hair lawyer, Kirk Van Houten, Rainier Wolfcastle, Plow King Barney and Larry Burns. Of course you cannot forget Judge Snyder and his Court Room as well as Duffman in Moe's Tavern.

As in previous My Toy Collection posts, you can see EVERY Simpsons figure (waves 1 through 11) in a link sensitive picture. Sometimes it's easier to remember faces then their names found in the Main Menu.
But wait..there's more - LOL. In each review, you can click on the "TRY ME" buttons to hear the figures speak. So if you collect but don't own the playsets or keep the figures carded, you can now hear what they sound like.


Visitors Dioramas - taste of what's to come...

I have tons of awesome photos waiting to be added to NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Section and I must say I am in awe at how you guys ROCK. The quality of your scenes seem to be getting better and better all the time. I LOVE IT !!!! :D I thought I would tease you a little and show you what is coming up real soon...Don't they look great?

If you made a diorama and want to share it with us, what are you waiting for? :D Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


March 17, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:57 AM

Choose A Character - Saga 2003 Reviews

I hope you all had a great weekend. I slept and took care of my cold. Nothing more fun then sleeping and eating chicken soup :) I did manage to cut out all my foamcore pieces for the Docking bay. Pictures of that will come later in the week. As for today...I am happy to say I managed to enter my thoughts and review all the new Saga 2003 figures I received last week, including Aayla Secura, Boba Carcoon, R2-D2 Factory, Padme Factory and MANY MORE... 21 in all. Plus let's not forget, the 2 new ships...Anakin's Swoop and Darth tyranus' Speeder. I know reading the Forums, that a lot of you still haven't even seen ONE NEW Figure on shelves anywhere. So maybe this will help you see which are worth getting when the boxes are opened and put on the pegs.

So what are you waiting for...Head on over to the Choose A Character section and click on the name of the figure you want to see. You will be SHOCKED at some of my ratings...let me know if you figure out which one I mean :P


March 25, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:05 AM

Death Star 2 Docking Bay - Sneak Preview

So it's been a while since you have heard anything about this little, uh, I mean BIG Diorama :D
I can tell you that I did A LOT of work on it this past 2 weeks even though it won't seem like it in the pictures. I am just waiting to finish one more step before updating NEW pictures which should be before weeks end.

I am in the process of making the Duplicates of the Beams and Walls and can tell you it is MUCH more time consuming then I thought. I am making 8 Beams and will use mirrors to double the Docking Bay's size. Sunday it took me 11 hours to just paint the grey on all the foamcore edges (so the decals look nicer when applied). 3 days were needed to just cut all the hundreds of pieces of foamcore. Not too much fun there :( I can honestly say that this is the BORING part of the Diorama. It's too bad you can't Copy Paste in real life :) i look forward to jumping into the floor base and elevator pit.


Caracter Variations Comparisons

Well I don't want you to have NOTHING to do today :) so I thought I would update the Character variations Comparisons Section.

All the latest 2003 Saga figures have been updated so that you can see all the different versions of Anakin, Boba Fett, Darth Tyranus, Hammerhead, Ki Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, Queen Amidala, Watto and Zam Wessel (just to name a few) side by side on the same page. I have also added pages for Cantina Aliens, Jedi Knights and Twi'leks. I hope you take a peek. It's cool to see what differences Hasbro made in the sculpts over the years. Oh and each figure is link sensitive to it's own review. Have fun and remember to come back later in the week to see the Docking Bay pictures...


March 28, 2003 - FRIDAY - 01:25 AM

Death Star 2 Docking Bay - Sneak Preview

Well I didn't get to the goal I wanted to show you :( but if you go now to the Sneak Previews Dioramas Section, you will find 2 NEW Pages for the Death Star 2 Palpatine's Arrival Diorama. Go to Page 9 to view the latest pictures of what I have been up to these past 6 days. I will have ALL the Decals applied by Monday and share more pictures with you then. :)

NEW Diorama Section in Rebelscum Forums

I cannot tell you how cool this is...Philip Wise & I (with a little help from your suggestions :) decided that with the growing popularity of Dioramas, the time had come to split the Customs section into 2 halves... and create a NEW Seperate Section for Customs Dioramas in the Rebelscum Forums with yours truly as the Diorama Moderator :) This will allow you all to get in touch with fellow Diorama Builders, make new friends, and exchange building tips. Having our own section will also save us time when searching topics and replying to help others.

Also to fascilitate your travels, I have replaced the DVD Diary link in the Menu Bar with a Direct link to the Customs Dioramas Forums direct link. Best of all it's FREE to join if you have not already. I hope to see you there :D Have a great Weekend. See you Monday.


March 31, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:47 AM

Death Star 2 Docking Bay - Sneak Preview

Hey 2 Previews in less then One Week :D If you go to the Sneak Previews Dioramas Section, you will be able to see the finished Docking Bay Beams at the bottom of Page 10. I can't believe how long it takes to make these. It's all tedious repetitive work that makes you wonder after 2 days that all there is? LOL.
Now it's onto the Center main Walls. Another 10 sections but these are divided in 3 which means 30 sections to create. I think I'm going to go get some Aspirin now :P


NiubNiub's Visitor's Dioramas

All this week I will be catching up with the awesome Dioramas that have been sent to me these last months. There's a LOT of cool stuff so check back daily.

Let's start today with 3 Visitor updates...Jason Sturgis' cool Zam and Jango Diorama, Philip Bings Empire Cliffhangar and Dave castle's Imperial Army. But wait...we also have a brand NEW Visitor...Oleg Tovologuine and his rendition of Vader's Secret.

Stay tuned tomorrow for lot's more Visitors Dioramas.Huge Surprise Announcement Tomorrow. I have been wanting to share this with you for some time, but was waiting for someone to discover it themselves before posting. Well I finally got an email today and was SO excited. Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out what the surprise is :D




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