April 01, 2003 - TUESDAY - 02:07 AM

Near Disater - Hot Water Heater Explodes.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw that my basement room where I build my Dioramas was Flooded. The carpet was Soaked. Seems the Hot Water Tank ruptured and emptied it's contents all over the floor. Thank god for carpets :) The water was mostly absorbed and stopped at 2 inches from the Docking Bay Beams. I think had they gotten all wet i would have called it quits. But fear not...they are all safe, so I will continue to work on the Diorama this weekend and bring you an update next monday.


NiubNiub's Visitor's Dioramas

Today's Visitors Dioramas consist of 3 NEW pictures from Mike Beaulieu. You might remember him as the Master Mind behind the most awesome Jabba's Palace ever made. And I am also proud to introduce 2 NEW Diorama builders to the section: Sam Cummins and Mathew Dodd. Welcome aboard :D. Make sure to check up on their respective Jabba's Sail Barge and Cantina. Cool Work guys !!! Stay tuned tomorrow for even more Visitors Dioramas.


ILM Loves NiubNiub :D

Are you ready for my BIG surprise? I can tell you it has to do with the picture in the circle :) Care to take any guesses? You say you think that guy looks familiar? Heh heh. Give up...?

Click on the Circle to see exactly where that image comes from.



If you have created a Tatooine Building at CII, Please take a picture of it in your home showing us where you are displaying it and email it to me by Clicking Right Here. Please send the pictures Before April 25, 2003. Remember, your participation is what will make this update Great :D Man time sure flies by. I remember it like it was last month.


APRIL 03, 2003 - THURSDAY - 12:37 AM

NiubNiub's Visitor's Dioramas

Can you believe it? 3 Visitors Dioramas Updates in the Same Week, and more to come. I hope you get as big a thrill seeing the pictures as I do :D Today we have an Update in Lee Fenton-Wilkinson's Section. Lee sent in pictures of 4 new Dioramas...AT-AT Crash, Jango Fett's Apartment, Tusken Tent and a Coruscant Corner.

I am also happy to introduce 2 newcomers...Frederic Girard shares with us his Count Dooku Battle and Yoda Meditation Room Dioramas and Christian Straub created a really cool entrance to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Keep up the great work guys, I am SO impressed. And don't forget to send in your pictures.


True or False?

I got MANY emails asking about the DVD Easter Egg and what Frame you could see the NiubNiub, and Many emails saying how funny my April Fools Flood story was. Yes, Monday was April Fools :D and guess what... The DVD Easter Egg was the actual Fake story :P The Flooding however really did happen :( Let's see what I come up with next year - Heh heh.


APRIL 07, 2003 - MONDAY - 11:27 PM

Death Star 2 Docking Bay - Sneak Preview

Does anyone out there know how to Copy Paste in real life?

This part of the Death Star 2 Hangar Bay is killing me. If you ever decide to make one yourself (once the Blueprints and Decals are all online) do yourself a favor...Make a Copy Paste party :). Invite all your friends and have them each make a Beam. It will save you a ton of hours and boredom - LOL. I managed to complete 5 Walls this weekend. Can you believe it takes 2 Hours to assemble ONE Wall !!! I have but 5 more Walls to assemble before I can move on to painting (yuk) and Decals... I can't wait :) You can see all of this past weeks work on Page 11 and Page 12 of the Making Of Dioramas Section, make sure to check it out :D


APRIL 14, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:57 AM

Oh oh - GameCube does it again :0

Well I did it...I bought the new Zelda Windatalker game last week and guess how much Diorama work was done this weekend? :P This game sure is addictive, I can't seem to put it down - hee hee. I will catch up with the Docking Bay Diorama during the week, so I might have some new pictures for Friday.


Visitors Dioramas PLUS Visitors Making Of Update

3 NEW fans join NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Section today which brings the total to 99. Could it be that later this week we reach 100 :P In the spirit of my Palpatine's Arrival, let's start things off with Graham Todman. If any of you got the NEW Shuttle, you obviously noticed the big blob of Grey Overspray on the sides of the Shuttle Body. Graham did a little sanding and shares his findings with us. A HUGE Improvement over Hasbro's paintjob if you ask me. I think we will all modify ours like this when we display our dioramas :D
Next Jason Shoemaker created a very nice Luke's Garage including custom T-16 and Speeder.

Last for today, Benjamin Bentley III shares with us some Awesome work. If you want to see how Hasbro's Naboo Hangar Playset can be turned into an Amazing Diorama, Look no further. This is how it should have been done...Sectional is the Magic word. Also be sure to check out his Pod Hangar Diorama. Complete with custom Gasgano and Ody mandrell Pods.

And the Best is saved for Last...If you ever wonder what a Tantiive IV Ship Playset would look like for our figures...Go see Benjamin's creation in the Visitors Making Of Section. I hope Hasbro checks it out because I think it is Doable. Can you imagine it?.


Shameless plug - Niubniub DVD's on Ebay :)

I have placed some of my DVD collection on Ebay at excellent prices. (Starting bids are at $5 per DVD) A great deal if you just got a player or want to add to your collection. Many Genre titles like Ice Age, Beetlejuice/Gremlins 3 pk, Spy Kids/X-Men/MK2 set, Hunt Red October etc...Do a search under seller Niubniub to see all the titles. Good luck to those who choose to bid.


APRIL 22, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:10 AM

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Arrival

I hope you all had a wonderfull Easter Weekend. 3 days off work is Always SO much fun :D Hee hee. Sunday was spent at my aunts house with the family, but I did manage to do some work on Monday. Here is a quick rundown of what I did...

I have completed the assembly of ALL my Death Star Walls. That took about 7 hours. I am now painting the Grey trim so that I can apply the Decals. After 6 hours of painting, I have 8 Walls complete. I have 3 more to paint. All the decals are printed and will be aplied probably on Thursday. At that point I will be taking pictures and starting to work on the Floor.

The Walls were the real time consuming part of this Diorama. Once complete, I will simply construct a raised floor and get my mirror cut to size and work on the Ceiling Beams that hold the Tie Bomber. Those steps should be a lot more fun then Duplicating the same section Over and over and will move along at a much quicker pace.

I can't wait to place all my imperial Figures :)


APRIL 23, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 09:12 AM

Niubniub's Widevision Cards - Return of the Jedi

Keven and Nathan have sent me 5 NEW Return of the Jedi Cards. They have been added to NiubNiub's Widevision Cards Section. Check it out.


APRIL 25, 2003 - FRIDAY - 01:32 AM

Visitors Review Comments Updated

You may not notice it at first, but I have added close to 300 Visitors Comments to the Choose A Character Reviews. I want to thank Everyone who has participated and sent in their views. It's great to compare notes and see if you guys agree (or not) with what I have to say :D Keep em coming...Links for your comments are at the bottom of every Choose A Character Review Page as well as My Toy Collection Reviews. Changes coming to NiubNiub's Universe :D


NiubNiub in the Real World

Today is my last day at my present job. Monday I start a brand new adventure at Meteor Studios. I will be doing a 7 month contract for Discovery Channel's New Dinosaurs Series. I can't wait, it will be so much fun. Kind of like working on Jurassic Park :D

Why am I telling you all this? The past 3 years I have been on a fixed Day shift. I will now be on a rotation scheduale of 2 weeks days and 2 weeks nights. I might have to modify my Diorama building habbits and thus affect the number of Updates I post during the week. I will keep you all posted once I begin work, and tell you just how much of a change it will affect the site.

Have a GREAT weekend. I will be working on my DS2 Floor. Check Monday for NEW Preview Pics !!!


APRIL 28, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:53 PM

Sneak Previews - Palpatine's Arrival

I am SO happy :D...This weekend I assembled all my Wall Pieces together to form 2 HUGE Death Star Docking Bay Panels...Cutting and Assembling the 20 Wall Sections sure was Boring, I am glad that it is over with. Make sure you check out the Dioramas Making Of Section Starting with Photo Number 5 on Page 12, New pictures continue on through Pages 13 and Page 14.


X-Men 2 Review Tomorrow

My good friends Steve and Jose from Legends, asked me if I wanted to join them at the Press Screening of X-Men 2 tomorrow at 10:00 am. DUH - LOL. I can't wait to see this movie and I'm going in Spoiler Free, which is a rare thing for me :P. The show should end around noon. After lunch if I have time before work (Start at 4) I will write the review and tell you what I thought of the movie. I just bought the toys so I am very excited. I will also try and set up the Figure reviews sometime during the week if I can. Stay Tuned...


APRIL 30, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 01:17 PM

Summer Moviews Review - X2

Excuse me as I wipe the DROOL off my keyboard. :D Does that give you a little clue as to how I enjoyed this movie? LOL. I have 3 words to describe X2: WOW, WOW and WOW. :)

I can tell you I will be seeing this film at least 3-4 more times. It was just so amazing. Nightcrawler, Death Strike, Wolverine...Oops, I am getting ahead of myself...Want to find out more? Head on Over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews and simply click on X-Men 2.




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