May 05, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:21 PM

Survived my first week...

So did you all go see X2 this weekend? :D 86 Million dollars and #1, why am I not surprised - LOL. I went again Saturday with a full house. The energy was so cool. People were really cheering during the Wolverine/Deathstrike scene.

Well I survided my first week's training at my new job. I forgot how incompetant you feel when learning a new software from scratch - LOL. You might have noticed that updates were few last week. Being on a night shift doesn't leave much energy to work on the site. I spent most of my time sleeping the day away and then working during the hours I usually spend at home updating sections.

Bad news is that I am on the Night shift for the next 2 weeks. After which I will rotate to days for 2 weeks and so on...The good news is that I still had the chance Sunday to work on the Docking Bay. I just haven't found time to crop the pictures and write the text description. I will try and do that sometime this week. I also have gotten some new toys...Thanks to Paul Hruby for going to Dineyland and getting me the Wave 2 Star Tours figures :) I also got the X2 figures and Lord of the Rings. No promises, but I will try and get the reviews up this week. Have a great day :)


May 14, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 10:12 AM

BIG things come to those who wait :)

Hey guys, thank you so much for all the emails on the new job and your understanding that updates are slow these past weeks. The cool news is that the Death Star 2 Bay floor is 85% complete. Wait till you see it :D

Wich brings me to the in Canada we have a holiday Monday...YES...3 days off. PLENTY of time to finally get ALL the pictures together and show you the final stages of the Docking Bay. You will have a LOT of pictures to look at so make sure to get your coffee cup ready - hee hee. I also BURNED my finger AGAIN with my Hot Glue Gun yesterday. Dripping Glue and Skin don't go too well together. ALWAYS be VERY carefull when making your dioramas. I have the scars to proove it :) Oh and I guess I don't have to tell you Matrix 2 opens tomorrow ;p I am going to the noon show since I have to work at 4. I will let you know how I liked it on Friday.
Have a GREAT day !!!


May 16, 2003 - FRIDAY - 03:27 PM

Summer Moviews Review - Matrix 2: Reloaded

I bet I wasn't the only one to see Matrix 2 yesterday :) Did you think it was better then the first film? If you want to read what I thought of the movie and if it's worth waiting 2 hours in line for...Head on Over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews and check it out. Oh... STAY TILL THE END OF THE CREDITS...there is a FULL TRAILER for MATRIX 3. Only 10 people were left in the theater when it came on. I assume no one knew about it. Have a GREAT weekend, and come back Tuesday to see over 75 pictures on the Making Of Palpatine's Death Star 2 Arrrival !!!


May 20, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:32 AM

Real or NiubNiub? Docking Bay Sneak Peak

Nothing better to rejuvenate the body then a 3 day weekend :) First the good news...3 FULL days of construction...take a look at this...

Look it a Movie Frame or my Death Star Diorama? It's amazing how a camera brings toys to life don't you think? Now the bad news, I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning which means the picture is just a BIG tease :D You will have to wait till tomorrow to see all the Making Of pictures. I know, I know, I promised it would be ready today...Me bad :)


May 21, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 01:32 AM

Emperor's Arrival - Sneak Previews

I am gonna PAY SO BAD for this tomorrow at work - LOL. It's almost 3 hours past the time I should be in bed. At the moment, I don't even want to think of having to wake up at 6:30 am - hee hee. But I did promise you yesterday that the new Death Star 2 Docking Bay pictures would be ready. After 2 weeks of slow updates, I just love you too much to dissapoint you all again :P I know, I know, pull out your violins - LOL.

So let's get to it so I can go to bed shall we :) Head on over to NiubNiub's Dioramas Making Of Section and check out more then 65 pictures of my weekends progress. I am sure you will LOVE the results and feel they were well worth the wait :) Click on Pages 14 through Page 19. Enjoy and I'll talk to you soon.


May 27, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:04 AM

My Toy Collection - Two Towers Wave 5 and 6

I hope you had a great weekend :) I spent most of it in bed with a sore throat feeling like Bantha Poop.
But I ate lots of Won Ton Soup and watched my X-Files Season 7 DVD's :D Hee hee. Who says feeling sick sucks? - LOL.

Well I managed to finally clean up the pictures for the Two Towers Figures I bought over 2 months ago. You can probably still find them in stores in case my reviews give you the urge to go shopping :). So head on over to My Toy Collection section, and check out the Reviews for Twilight Ringraith, Galadriel, Prologue Elven Warrior, Frodo Sword, Helm's Deep Aragorn, King Theoden in Armor, Helm's Deep Legolas, Mordor Samwise, Gandalf the White and last but not least...our friend Gollum. You will also find a brand new Group Photo of Waves 1 through 6. You can click on any figure to jump to it's review. I don't have to tell those of you who collect these toys how amazing they are. If you haven't seen the figures yet, it's worth a look.


May 30, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:30 AM

My Toy Collection - X2 Wave 1 and X-Men Figures

Well I am a couple weeks late, I bought the X2 Figures about 3 weeks ago and they are SWEET :) I am sure I wasn't the only one to go and get a Nightcrawler after seeing the Movie :P That Mutant is Amazing. Unfortunately ToyBiz decided to only release 4 figures for the relase of X2- X-Men United...Logan, Wolverine, Cyclops and our Blue Teleporter Nightcrawler. How lame is that? Where is the rest of the gang :(

Well the good news is that I took pictures of the Original X-Men Movie Figures and decided to Review those as well :) You can click on My Toy Collection and go down memory lane as you read my thoughts on Proffessor Xavier, Logan, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Magneto, Mystique, Sabertooth, Toad and Senator Kelly. As with all Toy Reviews, you can also go directly to a Hot Link Sensitive GROUP photo and click on a figure to see it's Review.

If you bought these toys 3 years ago, why not send in your comments. I will add them to the bottom of each figures page.


Finding Nemo Starts Today !!!

I don't think I have to tell you what I will be doing this weekend :) From the feedback I saw on the web, This seems to be Pixar's BEST Movie EVER. Topping Toy Story 1 and 2, Monster's Inc. and A Bug's Life. That's a pretty darn good track record :) Stay tuned Next Week to see what I thought of the movie. Have a GREAT weekend everybody.



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