June 01, 2003 - SUNDAY - 11:40 PM


I guess it had to happen at some point or another...After 7 Years of Making Dioramas, I had the misfortune of having my Xacto Blade slip and land on my Index Finger, cutting a 1 Inch gash all the way to the Bone. I am SOOOO lucky my finger wasn't choped off.

I rushed to the Emergency where I had the JOY of WAITING for 4.5 HOURS until the doctor finally was ready to put in Stiches. I should be out of this lovely contraption in about 2 weeks. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to ALWAYS be VERY carefull when using sharp tools like Xacto Blades. You NEVER know when someting can go wrong. As you can see, Accidents don't only happen to Beginers.


June 04, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 11:20 AM

NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews - Finding Nemo

Well I, like many of you out there, went to the movies last weekend to see Finding Nemo. The latest in Pixar's Animated classics. You must of liked it since it was #1 at over 70 million dollars :) If you want to read what I thought of it and how it ranks up there with Toy Story or Monsters Inc..Head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews.


NiubNiub's Prop Archives - Jedi Training remote

I bought this back in April and is one of my FAVE Props in My Prop Archive Collection. This is an Exact duplicate of the ILM model Luke used for Training aboard the Millennium Falcon. Of course I am talking about Master Replica's Jedi Training Remote.If you have the extra money and want to start Hi End collecting, This is a perfect item to start with. And it looks Awesome on it's Display stand. You can also see it in 360 Degrees Animated Quick Time VR. And if you have bought one, why not send in your comments for the Review. :)


Back to the Night Shift :)

Well I am back to 2 weeks of Nightshift. It's not as bad as I expected. i do like waking up at 10..uhhhh...ok, 11 - LOL. I will try and get out the New Star Wars reviews before weeks end. I am doing some little Improved Design changes for the 3 year Anniversary. But don't worry, it's mostly cosmetic, All the features you enjoy about the reviews will remain :)

And I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of you who took the time to write me wishing me the speediest of recoveries with my Finger. I still can't believe I cut myself. I feel so stupid. But we learn from our past and if I was cautious before, I will be even more so in the future. Here's hoping I get back to finishing my Docking Bay real soon :D


June 09, 2003 - MONDAY - 11:57AM

No more stiches...

Another weekend has passed, I hope you had a good one. :)

It's been ONE week since my accident and I went to the hospital again to get my finger checked. It seems to be healing without infection and so the doctor removed my stiches. I thought I was going to faint - LOL. For my visitors who are TWISTED enough to actually want to see my finger without my bandage - moo hoo ha ha ha ha ha - I created a little Finger Chop Diary to remind us of the dangers of working with Sharp Objects. There isn't any blood, but you can clearly see the cut line on the finger. it's a little gross :P

Still want to see it eh? You have been warned - LOL.


NiubNiub's Widevision Cards - Final Return of the jedi

On a lighter and happier suject :) The Final 5 Return Of The Jedi cards have been sent to me by Keven and Nathen and I have uploaded them into Niubniub's Widevision Trading Cards Section. There are now 3 complete set of card sets...Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and now Return Of The Jedi. I have also created a NEW Main Menu Design to help you better navigate the cards. I think it will help a lot.

If you have never checked these out, make sure you do. They are really cool. You can even print them out if you wish and display them with your regular movie cards.


June 13, 2003 - FRIDAY - 11:34 AM

Choose A Character Reviews - New and Improoved

Time sure passes fast...my 3 year anniversary is coming up (July 1) and throughout the year, you will be noticing small changes here and there to improve designs of excisting sections, better interactivity with the fans, and some cool new sections that have long been in the planing stages. To start things off today, I thought I would give you a advance preview of the NEW look for the Choose A Character Reviews. Don't worry, the style you enjoyed reading is the same, I just improoved your interaction.

1) A Completely NEW Main Menu that includes EVERY figure made (well ok, every figure in my collection - sorry no EU :P) This way, if you want to see a Luke but don't remember if he was released in POTF or SAGA, no more worries. On the left of each character's name, you will notice a Mini Icon indicating their packaging and acts as a Link to their own respective menus including Classic Vintage, Power of the Force 2, Episode 1, Power of the Jedi and Saga Figures. A Clone Wars Sub Menu will be added when that series is released later this summer.

2) I have changed the Main banners into a simpler design to allow less clutter and make it easier on the eyes and give a fresh new look to the site.

3) The Top Menu bar has also been changed, now you can go directly to the Visitor's Dioramas section from any page instead of just the main page.

4) Below the figure's picture there is a New graphic Link for the Character VR's . If a C:VR has been created for that figure, you will be allowed to click and view it's Animation directly, bypassing the need to go to the C:VR Menu.

5) Remember tha the Reviews are Interactive - Your opinions are what make them fun to read. I have added more space for your comments. Click at the bottom of each review to send in your feedback. Let us know what YOU think.

6) Best of all, All NEW reviews are instantly recognisable at the top of the page. Just select the figure you want to go to and voila, no more need to remember what it's name was, using actual figures for the links should make things easier for you.

So you are dying to get started? :) today's NEW reviews include Wave 2 Star Tours Droids ... DL-X2, R4-M9 and WEG1618. Also the newest Saga Figures ... Han Solo Hoth Rescue, Chewbacca Mynock Hunt, Yoda Padawan Trainer, Ashla Padawan, Chian Padawan, Jempa padawan and finally arriving in stores, the Carded Red Battle Droid. At the moment only the SAGA section has the new look, I am working hard at finishing up the other reviews which should all be improved before the end of July. Hope you like the changes and Have a Great Weekend.


June 19, 2003 - THURSDAY - 12:15 AM

Death Star 2 Quick Update

Hey guys, I'm on day shifts this week and next, I have to go to bed in 5 minutes but wanted to tell you how excited I am. !!! My finger is WAY better, I can bend it without being in pain and even started work again on the Emperor's Arrival. I finished the Giant Neon White thing that is at the entrance and just placed the order for the Giant Mirror. I have taken pictures and will post them up ASAP, Next Monday for sure unless I post them Saturday :P

Tonight I went to eat with my Friend Jose from Legends Action Figures Toy Store. If you guys come on Vacation to Montreal this summer, are you in for a treat !!! We started bringing some of my Dioramas to the store and getting final measurements for the Death Star 2. Yes that's right, there will be a Live NiubNiub Exhibit at the store for everyone to come see. I will have more information and pictures once it is all set up.

OK, I must go to bed now :) I will see you soon. And don't forget, Niubniub's Universe's 3rd Anniversary is coming up which can only mean one thing...Where's Niubniub? is almost here :P


June 23, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:52 PM

Emperor's Arrival - Sneak Preview

I hope you had a great weekend, Here in Quebec we have a holiday tomorrow so that means no work today = 4 day Weekend - Woohoo :D My friend Hans is in town from L.A. and we will be catching a show of The Hulk tonight, did anyone go see it yet? Was it any good? I will have a review of it tomorrow. But for today...

I have 21 NEW pictures in the Diorama Making Of Section showing you the construction of the Neon Force Field. It looks really cool and also completes the Docking Bay :) I have ordered the Giant Mirror that should arrive next monday, June 30. All that is left is some Ceiling Details and construction of the Girders to support the Tie Bomber. After that, the fun begins of putting all the figures in place. I can't wait to see that :D
Todays NEW pictures can be found in Page 20 and Page 21. Enjoy :)


June 24, 2003 - TUESDAY - 02:48 AM

NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews - HULK

I finally got a chance to cath the Hulk tonight and can tell you I was shocked. Good or bad you ask? I guess you will have to head over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to find out :)
Judging by the movie's blockbuster Number 1 spot, many of you might feel the same :P


Finger Chop - 3 weeks later

My finger is healing pretty well, if you want to see what the human body can do in 3 weeks...just click here...3...Hmmm...that number seems familiar...Could it be that it is a clue to the next Where's Niubniub? Contest :D


June 26, 2003 - THURSDAY - 12:05 AM

WOW - NiubNiub now has a Search Engine !!!

This is just TOO cool. If you look up, just below the banner, you will notice something Brand New for NiubNiub Year 3. I just got my FIRST Anniversary Present...and 5 days early to boot :D A Huge thanks to Philip at Rebelscum for giving me my own Search Engine. I can't tell you how many emails I got from people saying how cool it would be to have links to ALL the Visitors Mos Eisleys, Death Stars or Carbon Freeze Chambers so that you could compare and see which one matched your building skills.

What page was that certain Toy Review? or Diorama picture?...Well now all you have to do is enter any keyword and you will get instant results pointing you in the right direction. No more having to rely solely on the News Archives. This should be just one of the many ways I plan on improving the interactivity of the site. Who knows what else can pop up in 2003 :P


JUNE 30, 2003 - MONDAY - 01:07 AM

Happy Birthday to me :D - 3 years online !!!

Can you believe it? It's been 3 years since I've written my very First Post . I can't believe how fast it has gone by. If you have been around from the start, I am sure you would agree to that :P So many cool things happened last year, the hightlight for sure being Celebration 2 and the Diorama Workshop. I can't even begin to imagine what will happen this year. Well yes I can, but I can't speak about it just yet. But man, if it comes to pass, you will be sure to read about it here first :)

New dioramas to tackle, More Interactivity and New Sections for you guys (and girls) to have fun with, Return of the C:VR's, A few Graphic changes to freshen things up a little and what I am most excited about...a cool exhibit of my 10 Fave Dioramas at Legends Action Figures for those of you coming to Montreal during the Summer. Should be unveiled in a week or so. It's gonna be a blast !!! So I guess the first thing you might have noticed this morning, besides the New Header Layout and News Posts style, would be a little Red Banner :P...


Let the games begin - Where's Niubniub? 3

Yes it's that time again...Where's Niubniub?...but this year with a few new twists. :D I decided to inspire myself from Sesame Street...If you are a fan, you will understand when I say...This years' contest is Brought to you by the Number 3. 3 Years, 3 Tasks, 3 Dioramas = 3 Winners :)

Instead of looking for 30 Hidden Niubniubs, this year you only have to find ONE! It should save you a lot of time, or will it make it harder? :P You also need to identify one of my Dioramas and answer a simple question about myself.

For the Complete Rules check out the Main Contest Menu. When you have found all the answers, go to the Official Entry Page and follow the simple steps to enter. Oh yeah, the prizes :D Well instead of 1 Grand Prize, I decided to give away Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Dioramas. You can see them on the Contest Prizes Pages.

You have ONE month to participate, Good luck, and most important...Have Fun :D


NiubNiub's Universe Search

If you are wondering what happened to the "Search Box" that was on top of the page, I have placed it at the Bottom of the News where it makes more sense. If you want to search for a specific Diorama or toy or Figure or Visitor, Simply Scroll all the way Down. And if you use it to find Niubniub's Secret Page - Shame on you !!! :P LOL



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