JULY 04, 2003 - FRIDAY - 03:44 PM

Sneak Previews - DS2 Palpatine's Arrival

It's VERY close to the finish...40 NEW pictures have been added to the Sneak Previews Section today. after this week, I have but one more update before unveiling the finished DS2 Docking Bay - Palpatine's Arrival.

Updated today are Page 22, Page 23, Page 24 and Page 25. Now for those of you who jump to the Last Page first - You know who you are - LOL. The jokes on you because the Jaw Dropping pics are on 22, 23 or 24 :P

Just wait till you see the difference the Mirror makes in the Diorama. It cost me $115 bucks but man, was it worth it. Well, what are you waiting for...Go check it out :D


More 2003 Improvements.

You might have noticed a small change today, I have added Roll Overs to the main page as well as a test to the Choose A Character Section. This should help you better discover what images also act as actual links. I hope you find them helpfull. Please let me know if they affect the speed in which the pages load in your computers. I am very interested in this also. I don't want to sacrifice esthetics over speed.


Happy July 4 to my American Visitors

I want to wish all my American Friends a Great July 4th Weekend. I will be checking out Terminator 3 tomorrow, as I predict many of you will also :P, I will have my review up on Sunday.


JULY 05, 2003 - SATURDAY - 08:15 PM

Summer Movie Reviews - Terminator 3

I bet you I can predict what will become this week's Number 1 Movie...Let me see...Of course I am talking about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines :) As soon as I came out of the theater I knew I had to RUN home and type my review for the NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews section. But was it to warn you to save your money or to get ready for the Best movie of the summer? Ahhh, for that answer you will have to go and see for yourself :P I'll give you a clue...I hope you have 12 bucks in your wallet - LOL.


JULY 11, 2003 - FRIDAY - 02:10 PM

Where's NiubNiub? 3 - Clue Number 1

After one week into the Where's NiubNiub 3? contest, there are only 38 entries who correctly answered all 3 tasks. That means your chances to win are still great. If you are having difficulty finding me, here is a first clue...

Start on this page and think Number 3. Then 3 again and start looking :P Don't strain too hard, you will easily know when you find me :) So don't give up...I know you can do it. How often do you get the opportunity to own a NiubNiub Diorama right? :) and remember, these are not copies, but the actual ONLY ones that I created.


Next week return to Day Shifts - lots of goodies

As you can tell, the 2 weeks I work nights limit the number of updates :( but the good news is that next week I return to days and the timing couldnt be better... The Death Star 2 Docking Bay is now complete, I will be taking pictures on the weekend with all the stormies in place and even try to create a Quick Time VR to allow you to see it from all angles. This should be up Monday.

Then I bring the entire scene up to Legends Action Figures for public display. I will have more info and pictures on that mid or end of the week. I am very excited about this and can't wait to have room to walk around in my basement again - LOL. Once the exhibit is set up I can start to concentrate on my Toy Reviews (Lego, Aliens, Matrix, Simpsons and gremlins) and also do a MEGA update in the Visitors Dioramas. It's been several months since I had time to update and I have almost 40 Visitors who've sent in their amazing diorama pictures. you will be in for a treat.

All this should keep me busy for a while and then I can return to my next diorama creation...Death Star Conference Room. So have a Great Weekend. I'll see you Monday :)


JULY 14, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:05 AM

Palpatine's Arrival - Teaser

Man am I beat...Saturday it took me 6 hours to set up and take more then 52 pictures of the completed Death Star 2 Docking Bay. And even with the pegs, those little stormies just WANTED to play DOMINOES :P. 5 fall, Fix 5, now 12 fall - can you see the pattern? :D You should have heard me SCREAM - LOL.

Sunday was spent sorting, color correcting, cropping and choosing the 9 BEST photos for a whopping 11 hours!!! I was so into it, I even forgot to eat dinner. Now it's very late and since I have to get up at 6:30 this morning, I didn't have time to set them up in NiubNiub's Star Wars Dioramas Section :( However...No need to panic just yet :P I did promise you pictures today so below is a small Teaser of what didn't make the cut. You can call them Niubniub Deleted Scenes if you will :P Enjoy and stay tuned for the 9 Final Pictures...

Convention Kirk Exclusive Help

Are you going to Comic-con? If you have a paypal account, could you pick me up a Art Asylum Star Trek Kirk Exclusive? I would really hate to miss out on this amazing figure. I know it's NOT star WARS ;P but hey, Classic Trek rocks too :D I will refund your purchase and postage and be forever gratefull :)


JULY 22, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:23 AM

NiubNiub's Dioramas - Palpatine's Arrival

So how many of you had to wipe the spit off your keyboards this past weekend after seeing all the AMAZING upcoming toys from Comic Con? Man, Hasbro sure is in TOP form :D Niubniub is VERY HAPPY - LOL. I can't wait to get those Dignitaries!!!

So, now that the convention is over, I am sure you are dying to see the completed Death Star II Docking Bay right? Well this is your lucky day then :) Warp over to Niubniub's Star Wars Dioramas Section and check out the 9 Cinema pictures that recreate the scene from Return of the Jedi. And don't forget the Cinema Comparison :D It's really cool to see just how close the diorama turned out like the Movie set :) Not bad if I do say so myself :P Once you get there, you will see a few changes including BIGGER pictures and HOTLINKS. That's right, you can click on any figure in the photo to go to their Choose a Character Review. No more need to know all those kooky alien names we can never remember :P Hee hee. Enjoy the pictures :D


So what's Next?

Last week, Steve, Jose and I assembled Palpatine's Arrival in Legends Action Figures window display. Man it looks sooo cool behind glass :D There will be a total of 10 of my fave dioramas on exhibit. I will have pictures and info for those of you planning on visiting Montreal later this week.

I am also putting together every single Decal I used for the Docking Bay which will soon be available for FREE Downloads as well as Blueprints that will give you the proper measurements to recreate the diorama in your own home. Finally will come some Hi-Res pictures from Palpatine's Arrival. Stay Tuned all week as the Dark Side takes over NiubNiub :P


JULY 28, 2003 - MONDAY - 12:19 AM

Where's NiubNiub? Only 4 Days Left !!!

Today is the start of 2 more weeks of Nightshift. I will try and wake up early so that I may bring you some goodies during the week :) As you know... this week marks the END of JULY which means you only have 4 days left to send in your Entry Forms and become Elligible for the Where's NiubNiub? 3rd Anniversary Contest Diorama Draw.

As of today, I have the lowest participation in 3 years. There are so far, 94 people who participated with only 72 getting all 3 questions correct. I guess that is good for those in the drawing as your chances are a LOT better then last year. Unless of course we get 300 other participants before Thursday :P Don't give up if you haven't found the Hidden NiubNiub yet. The prizes are cool, if you love to display your figures, send in your answers NOW. Good Luck !!!

NiubNiub's Making Of Dioramas - Palpatine's Arrival

Many of you noticed that the Final Diorama pictures were missing the Tie Bomber. Well that was because I cut the support beams at Legends while I was assembling the Docking Bay for public display. So today as we bring the Palpatine's Arrival to a close, I am happy to share the Suspension Girders step by steps with you on Page 25 and Page 26 of the Dioramas Making Of Section. You will see how well the Tie Bomber fits into the Diorama. I think some of you might soon be doing just the same at home - Heh heh.

Last but not least, I have moved the Palpatine's Arrival Sneak Previews into the Niubniub's Making Of Section. As you know by now, when a Diorama is complete, The MOS becomes the step by step's permanent home.


NiubNiub's Hi-Res Dioramas - Palpatine's Arrival

You asked for it so you shall receive :) I am happy to share with you 10 More Pictures from Palpatine's Arrival. This time in Hi-Res Quality. A few are the same angles as in the Diorama Section while others are Brand NEW never before seen photos. I hope you like them ;o)


Special Surprise This Thursday July 31

I'm working on a Special section of the site thatwill premiere this coming Thursday. Be sure to mark your calendar :) I think you will find it very interesting. Especially if you are a fan of Palpatine's Arrival :P


JULY 30, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 02:43 PM

NiubNiub Downloads - Death Star II Docking Bay

You can now print your own copies of the Decals I created for the Death Star II Docking Bay Diorama. I am more then happy to share and know they will be put to good use. Remember though, these are for your home private use - NOT for RESALE. Even if you don't go as elaborate as my Palpatine's Arrival, you can still create some cool backgrounds for your Shuttle and Imperial Forces :) It's all in NiubNiub's Download Textures Menu. Click on the Death Star II Button to start printing !!!

JULY 31, 2003 - THURSDAY - 02:43 PM

Official Opening - Legends NiubNiub Diorama Exhibit

I am SO happy to tell you all that the Legends Niubniub Diorama Exhibit officially opens today !!! A total of 10 scenes will be on public display from now until December. So you have plenty of time to book your plane tickets - LOL.

Located at 7104 St-Hubert Street (one block from the Jean Talon Metro station) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Legends Action Figures has been my source for buying all my toys for the past 3 years. Steve, Jose and Henri have been so great to me, I was thrilled when they asked me to put the Palpatine's Arrival in their main window display :D

But I realise not everyone can come down to Montreal and visit, so I tried to create the next best thing... a Legends Exhibit Section. It's the next best thing to coming over and seeing it in person. Starting with behind the scenes pictures of the Palpatine Set Up, the Window Display construction, Some close up pics of the Diorama, Pictures of the Diorama Exhibit, A Virtual Visit to the Legends Action Figure Store including a really cool Quicktime: VR as if you were here with us. If you are in town, make sure to sign the Guestbook and pick up your exclusive Niubniub Exhibit Fridge Magnet. I will even transfer your comments to the site, so be nice - LOL. Oh and who knows...maybe we will see each other there when I am picking up my latest batch of toys :)

Where's NiubNiub? LAST DAY to enter !!!

A few extra people have qualified during the week and if you haven't entered yet, today is your LAST CHANCE to win one of my very own NiubNiub Dioramas. If you were laways to busy (or lazy - hee hee) to make a display for your Star Wars figures, you have no more excuses. It can't get easier then this :)

Send in your Entry Forms before Midnight and become Elligible for the Where's NiubNiub? 3 Diorama Draw. Don't give up if you haven't found the Hidden NiubNiub yet. I know you can do it, send in your answers NOW.




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