AUGUST 01, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:42 PM

Where's Niubniub? 3 - Contest Closed

My 3rd annual contest is now closed...the total number of correct answers were 79. Philip Wise from will pick the 3 winners tonight and I will post the names Monday...Stay tuned...Have any of you seen Pirates or Tomb Raider yet? There is Rain in the forecast this weekend, I might take time to catch some flicks. Hope you have a great weekend as well. See you next week.


AUGUST 04, 2003 - MONDAY - 11:38 AM

Where's Niubniub? 3 - And the winners are...

Last friday as you know was the closing of the 3rd Annual Where's Niubniub? Contest. The total number of entries who got ALL 3 answers correctly was 78. Philip Wise from chose and e-mailed me these 3 random numbers. I then matched them to the contestants e-mails in the order they were received. And the winners are...

#67 - Anthony Sanchez - USA - Queen Amidala's Throne Room
#20 - Mark Jakubowski - USA - Rebel Briefing Diorama
#18 - Derek Smith - USA - Death Star Trash Compactor

Congratulations to the Winners :D I will be e-mailing you shortly. Great job to the other players who did find all correct answers. I will have a little tribute to you later this week. And better luck Next Year :P

AUGUST 11, 2003 - MONDAY - 06:40 PM

I am STILL alive :P

I am so very sorry about the lack of udates, it is just that something VERY BIG is hapening in my life outside the site and taking up all my time. I hope that it works out and will be able to share it with you guys. Hold on, I should be able to update soon. Thanks for your patience...Frank

AUGUST 17, 2003 - SUNDAY - 10:20 PM

Hang in there !!!

I was hoping by now to be able to say what has been keeping me so busy these past weeks. As usual, matters are always more complicated then expected and when something important in your life happens, everything else seems to all come at the same time...Good :) and Bad :( Many exciting things are in the works in my real life now that will potentially change how I make dioramas and continue the site.

Don't have a heart attack, I have no plans on closing shop. LOL. It is only the quality and craftsmanship that is too change drastically over the coming months (and years). Some changes you will notice sooner and others may evolve over a longer period. But if you love visiting the site, you will all be very happy with the potential of what's in store.

I wish I could spill the beans now but need to sign some papers first :P
In the meantime, I started cleanup of some Visitors Dioramas as well as taken some pictures of NEW toys. Reviews should start coming in soon. Thanks for your patience. You will all understand soon. :)


Where's Niubniub? 3 - Secrets Revealed

Sorry it took a little longer then planed, but the Where's NiubNiub? 3 answers are now up in the Archived Where's NiubNiub? 3rd Annual Results Section. Again Congratulations to the Winners and everyone who participated. If you did not win...there's always next year :



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