SEPTEMBER 12, 2003 - FRIDAY - 12:01 AM

Are you sitting down? Niubniub made an update - LOL

Well I asume that many of you have noticed that there were no updates during the past 3-4 weeks. or was it 5 :) So much has happened this past month...where do I begin...

The month started pretty bad, first the death of my cat Fingers followed shortly after with a breakup, 3 days shy of our 10 th anniversary. If anyone has ever seen the movie "War of the Roses", you might get an idea of what I was going through and why I didn't have the will or energy to work on the site.

A few weeks later, a huge surprise, good news for a change...A phone call that lead to several meetings and interviews with some very interesting people (which I hinted at in my last post before dissapearing off the face of the internet - LOL) that I SO want to tell you guys about, but if there is ONE thing I have learned these past 2 years, in Hollywood (oops :p) "tomorrow" actually means 3 weeks from today - or is it 3 months? LOL. I promise that when the dotted lines are signed, you will all be the first to know.

However I can't just end this post without giving out some good news :D

Lucky for you, another exciting event occured this month. Those of you with a sharp eye might have already noticed...



Niubniub's Universe Joins Galactic Hunter

I am very pleased to announce NiubNiub's joining forces with Many of you are probably fans of the site and already know of the excellent work they do there. (if not, click on the link on top of the page)

Being the crazed Star Wars fans that we are, joining forces, will insure you guys (and girls) a wider variety of new creative ways that will spice up the Star Wars Universe on the web :D I am thrilled that Mike and his team love the ewoks enough to have me come on board :). The Best is Yet to Come...

So life moves on, one day at a time...a fresh new start, with many many more surprises around the corner. I am just so excited...It's a cool feeling to know that you, the fans, will be there to help share them with us. Let the updates begin ... :D

Your furry friend, Niubniub.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 - TUESDAY - 07:15 AM

New Section - Niubniub Desktop Pictures

I have been asked about this many, many times in the past 3 years and you know what they say...If you ask an Ewok long enough, he will get off his furry butt and give the fans what they want - LOL

If you are tired of staring at that boring field from Sound Of Music, The fish Aquarium, Field of Tulips or even the picture of your Aunt Rita's 55th Birthday, why not spruce up your screen with the first of NiubNiub's Desptop Downloads. :D There are 4 Screen Resolutions for you to choose from, so eveyone should find a compatible one with your computer.

To start things of I thought of doing a Montage of my Fave Dioramas. Just make sure not to stare for more then 10 minutes at a time because you might get crosseyed - Heh heh.

I will be creating one new NiubNiub Desktop a month as well as posting Visitors creations. It will be fun to see how you interpret the site. Put your design caps on and let go of your creative juices :D. I think this will be a fun way to decorate our computers :)


SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 - FRIDAY - 07:30 AM

Reviews Reviews Reviews :)

I have been away from my computer for longer then I thought. Tonight I went to Legends to pick up the New Lord of the Rings: Return of the King figures. (LOVE the Giant Gollum :) When I got back home, I was shocked at just how much catching up I have to do...

Star Trek, Aliens, Movie Maniacs, matrix, Simpsons, Grease, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Star Tours, Tomb Raider, Hellraiser, Lego, Terminator 3...and not to forget Star Wars and Clone Wars line.

Starting next week, I will post as many reviews as I can as well as some Visitors Dioramas. God knows I am WAY behind with that section also :( I think that I might have to do some recruiting real soon :) Get your resumes ready, and start practicing your Photoshop skills. If you love ewoks you could help out with the site. LOL. More details soon... So have a great weekend. I'll be working hard behind the scenes to give you a few cool posts come Monday or Tuesday.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:30 AM

Good news and Bad News - well sort of LOL

You might be wondering where the reviews are...Well my computer was having trouble and kept crashing all the time. I brought it to my tech guys at work who told me the disc was old and corupted and so I decided to save myself major headaches and go buy myself a NEW e-mac. Yes I know...still not a PC...sorry all you MAC haters LOL.

This means I will now be on System X, have all the latest software, including Dreamweaver which will help alot in co-ordinating posts with Galactic Hunter. And even some cool features like CAM CHAT. Yes, I got myself a camera so that you can come say hello to me in Yahoo or MSN and SEE what I look like - LOL.

This Camera will also soon serve - as many of you might have seen on Hyperspace - as a way for you to watch me build my Dioramas LIVE. No more waiting until Monday to see the will be able to see the progress as I create it. I think this will be lots of fun. I just have to figure out how to get it to work - LOL.

When I get my new computer at 100% speed, I will start uploading the reviews and other sections. Please be patient with me as I upgrade my equipment to give you the Best Niubniub has to offer :) So good news, New machines and behind the scenes stuff to make the site better and Bad news - have to wait a little longer for some REAL updates. You will see though, it will all be worth it. I hope - LOL. Talk to you soon

Frank. The NiubNiub :)


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