OCTOBER 09, 2003 - FRIDAY - 01:22 AM

NiubNiub LIVE - Star Wars Internet Radio

Are you guys busy Sunday?

Star Wars en Direct Internet Radio (Star Wars Live) will be interviewing me LIVE in both French and English this coming Sunday, October 11. You can listen and call in questions LIVE or you can send in your questions ahead of time by email for me to answer on the show. The topic of Sunday's show is of course...Making star wars dioramas :)

First up is a LIVE show in French at 1:00 pm eastern (7:00 pm Europe) Followed by a 2nd LIVE show in English at 7:00 pm eastern. Have your questions ready and drop by to say hello. Have a great weekend, I hope to hear from you Sunday :D.


Custom Marathon

If you thought I was nuts, my good friend Dan Curto is completely insane LOL. If you visit The Custom Alliance, you will see the Customs Mrathon...what is that you say? well Dan is insane enough to be updating a NEW custome every 15 minutes!!! I thought I had trouble with my updates ... :D

Check it out, good chances you will be inspired to custom some figs for your dioramas.



OCTOBER 14, 2003 - TUESDAY - 12:22 PM

Indiana Jones Figures Help

Have you seen the NEW Indiana Jones Figures sold at Disneyland?

If you are planning a trip to a Disney park soon, could you help me get a set, I can refund you with my Paypall account...I would be extremely gratefull. I am also missing the Wave 3 of Star Tours figures; R5D4 more importantly.

NiubNiub Radio Interview

If you tried to listen and participate in the LIVE shows this weekend, you probably noticed there was no access. The Star Wars en Direct webserver had crashed 15 minutes before the show. We did record the show and I answered the email questions you had sent. It's just too bad I couldn't talk with you live on the phone :( When they are ready for download, I will post the link.

NiubNiub AAHA Interview

In the meantime, for those interested to get to know me a little better, Anakin and his Angel did a text interview that can be found on their site by clicking on "Fan Section" then "AAHA Interviews". From there select #3 Interview with Frank (Niub Niub)

OCTOBER 17, 2003 - FRIDAY - 01:57 AM

Niubniub Radio Interview

The crew at Star Wars en Direct have got their server back in action and you can now listen to the shows we taped last Sunday including my interviews both in Francais and in English.

Just click on the links to download to your desktop and listen. You might find out a few interesting things about me including where my nick name came from and HOW to PRONOUNCE my site's name - LOL.

Oh and you will even get to see the real me - what I look like without the hood :) Now there is reason enough to click on the links.Have a great weekend. I'll be studying my System X Internet software and hopefully learn how to create pages for the figure reviews. I'll try and get something up for next week.

OCTOBER 29, 2003 - WEDNESDAY - 12:10AM

Summer Movie Review - Alien Director's Cut

I had the fortune of attending the Montreal Premiere of one of the BEST Horror Movies ever made last night...Ridley Scott's ALIEN: The Director's Cut. If you want to read my thoughts head on over to Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews Section (Ok, so summers over :P) Many of you young ones might not have been born in 1979 :) If you have Only seen the video or dvd version, I highly recomend catching the movie in a cinema near you. Even without the New Scenes Gimmick, it was great to see it on the big screen again.


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