FEBRUARY 26, 2004 - THURSDAY - 11:15 PM

Welcome to the New NiubNiub'sUniverse


I guess the first thing I have to say to all of you is thank you for your patience :) Updates have been way too few and far between in the past 6 months but fear not...things are about to gear up to warp speed.

....The main problem, apart from my real life going into overdrive, is that I bought a new computer which was not compatible with the old software I used to create the site 3 years ago. Thus I am learning a brand new software and using this as an excuse to bring a new look and easier navigation to Niubniub's Universe. I know sometimes a drastic new look can cause agressive tendencies within us - LOL - but I hope you like the changes.

....Now that Scooby Doo Too is completed, I have 5 weeks vacation until my next film. My plan now is to slowly introduce the new look into every section and have Team Niub Niub bring the rusty gears into full speed ahead. So hold on to your hats and stay tuned for new reviews, pictures and most important...Dioramas :D

....Have a great day, explore the new main menu and email me your comments. Both good and bad...it will help me iron out the new bugs.

If you are planning a trip to a Disney park soon, could you help me get a set, I can refund you with my Paypall account...I would be extremely gratefull. I am also missing the Wave 3 of Star Tours figures; R5D4 more importantly.


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