Friday - March 05 - 2004

Small Tease of the NEW Choose A Character design

Man it is so much fun being between contracts. All my friends are hard at work, waking up at 7 am while I sleep in until noon - hee hee. I am having so much fun working up the new section designs. Last week you have seen the Main Menu face lift which gives you an idea of how the site will look like once I complete and replace all the old pages. I must say I am thrilled to read all the positive e-mails sent about the change. So far it's 98% loving it and only 2 hate mails - LOL.

Well today I give you a tease of the section I have been working hard at all week.

I am very proud of the results and can't wait to show you the first new Choose a Character reviews. I have completed the photoshop elements and need only complete the html Dreamweaver templates. I am aiming at it being ready for mid next week. Make sure to check it out :) I'm off to design the News Archives. Have a GREAT wekend !!!


Wednesday - March 10 - 2004

News Archives Facelift

The first section that had to get NiubNiub's New 2004 design was NiubNiub's News Archives. This way I have a place to store the new updates :) I think you will really like the new design and facility of navigation. You can now Select a year, view the year with direct links and also monthly views as they appeared on the Main Page Posts.

If you have just discovered the site, here is the perfect time to catch up until I complete the design on the next sections...stay tuned...I am between contracts and am on vacation until April 19, so LOTS of updates will be created. NiubNiub is coming back in force :D


Sunday - March 14 - 2004

NiubNiub turns 40 - My god, a New Decade - LOL

Yes it's true, hard to believe but today is my birthday :) Not only that but I turn 40. My god time flies LOL. I find it hard to believe when I look in the mirror, I know I don't feel 40, or act 40, just ask my mom...she thinks 40 year olds should sell all of their toys - what do you think? LOL. I do know I'm happy to be 40, I wouldn't want to go back to being 20 that's for sure :P and to top it off, I got a phone call Friday that might start my new decade with a BANG. Here's hoping I can spill the beans later in the week :P

On the Universe front, I am hard at work finishing the templates for the Choose a Character section. I just picked up the latest Star Wars wave at Legends and hope to have the reviews up before weeks end.


Wednesday - March 24 - 2004

New Choose A Character Design Unveiled

I've been working very hard on the New Choose a Character Reviews templates for the past 2 weeks and happy to report that they are now completed :) This means that I can now start taking pictures of the figures and let CAC team leader Chris take care of starting the updates rolling in.

For today you can click on the picture above to go see what the New reviews look like within the section. Once the menu is ready, I will update the first batch of actual interactive reviews and will explain what the little blue numbers on the right will do :) I hope you like the layout. send me your feedback, it is much apreciated.


Friday - March 26 - 2004

Scooby Doo 2 In Theaters Today

Hard to believe the "Summer Movie" season starts earlier and earlier each year. Well since there is still a couple of days until Hellboy comes out why not go see Scooby Doo 2? :P Of course the fact that I worked on the films FX doesn't influence my decision to go see it :P hee hee. A gang of us from Meteor Studios is going tonight and I will post the review tomorrow as well as reveal the brand new 2004 Movie Review section. Wait till you see how cool the menu is :)

If you are going this weekend and curious to spot the shots I composited, keep an eye out for the Mystery Van Pterodactyl chase sequence. Stay tuned tomorrow, Saturday, to see if Scooby 2 is worth your hard earned dollar :)



Sunday - March 28 - 2004

Premiere NEW Summer Movie Reviews

Continuing the re-design of the site, I am very happy to let you know the Niubniub's Summer Movie Reviews section has now been updated with the 2004 site design. You will find a very cool interface using the Movie Posters as links to make the reviews appear with a simple mouse click. I have fun just passing the mouse over the posters LOL. There's something about it that looks like theres a real light behind them like at the theater, doesn't take much to amuse NiubNiub LOL.

You can click on the Banner Menu Right Top Button at any time to select a year and view films released in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. And remember, every review has a e-mail link at the bottom for you to send in your feedback. It's always fun to see what the fans think. To make it more interesting then the old design, I split up the choices into 4 votes...Big Screen Must See, Liked It Too, Wait for DVD and Total Bantha PooPoo :) Don't be shy, let me know what you thought of the films too !!!


Scooby Doo 2 Review

To start the 2004 movie season, I put up the Review for Scooby Doo 2. The fact that I worked on the FX did not influence my opinion one bit :P Simply click on the poster to have the review pop up at the bottom of the screen. And remember you can send in your feedback after you see the movie.




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