Thursday - April 01 - 2004



Friday - April 02 - 2004

NiubNiub Early Bird Club April Fools :)

Now for all of you who have been visiting since the begining know by now that if I wanted to take advantage of the fans I would have charged a long time ago for my decals and blueprints etc... NiubNiub's Universe has always been and always will be about sharing !!! oh and FREE - LOL.

Most of you figured it out and sent me some funny congratulations on a great April Fools idea. Though there were a few who were asking where to send their payments :) and even 3 NASTY emails telling me where to shove their dollar - LOL. Did you notice I had Dollar Signs in my Eyes? Those greedy money hungry Ewoks :P Beware of what I might come up with next year hee hee.

OK, as for what is real news :) ... I have completed the first Wave of Figure Reviews and will post them as soon as I get back from seeing HellBoy. I will be posting the review for that film later in the night also. Saturday at the latest. Check back later for another post.


Sunday - April 04 - 2004

NiubNiub catches HellBoy

I am sure I wasn't the only one to catch this comic adaptation of a movie this weekend :) HellBoy has some of the coolest character designs I've seen in a long time. I was so excited, I bought the Cinefex and rushed to Legends to buy the Action Figures right after the show. I wonder if that means I liked the movie? :P

Head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews and click on the HellBoy Poster. And remember to click on one of the commentary links at the bottom. I'm curious to see how you guys liked it. or hated :)...nah...LOL


Tuesday - April 07 - 2004

NiubNiub's Choose A Character Reviews

After 3 long weeks of Design and hard work in Photoshop, I am more then happy to open the New improved 2004 Choose A Character figure review section. The most obvious change is the new layout. However all the features that were in the old reviews remain including the ability to send in your comments at the bottom of each page. For today, only the Saga Menu is functioning. The others will come before weel's end. Now for the cool stuff...

Let's start with the Numbers...1...2...3...that you see at the right of the figure. Moving your mouse over these will now reveal 3 different poses. I thought this way you could best see what the figure looks like from all around if you decide not to open your collection. But who would do that? :P

Now below the numbers you will see a "P" that changes to Yellow when your mouse is over it but doesn't seem to have any effect. This is actually a Link to a HIGH RESOLUTION image of the Figure Review. You see, you can Print the cards at home and collect them like Reciepe Cards. Simply cut around the border and place them in a binder. This is also a fun way to see what figures you are missing in your collection.

Last but certainly not least is the Wave Menu. HUGE HUGE thanks to my friend David Syczylo who helped me tremendously with the case/wave breakdowns. 1995 to present. Now you will be able to see what figures came out together and in what order. Simply use the Back and Next buttons to navigate. There may be some weird links still to be fixed. I'm working hard on that tonight. The reviews will come out from the Newest going back in time till we catch up in 1995.

Went to Legends last friday to get the latest figures. Woohoo !!! If you live in Canada like I do you know it's impossible to find these at Tru or Walmart :( Save the hassle and order your set now. Tell them NiubNiub sent you :). So let's start with Saga 04 Wave 04 including reviews for Elom, General Dodonna, Gold Leader, Tie Fighter Pilot and Captain Antiles.

Once more thing...There is a completely NEW never before seen on any site that I know of feature in the Wave Menu that I will let you discover on your own. I think you will know what it is when you see them. Let me know what you think? Do they slow down the loading time? or worth the wait? Your opinions mean a lot to me.

So I'm off to bed. it's almost 4 am. have fun and send me some feedback...

Have a great day. Frank.


Niub Chat Tonight - 8 to 10 Eastern

It's been far too long since I sat down and chatted with you all so I take the opportunity of the New Reviews as Tonight's Subject for a Live NiubNiub Chat. Drop on by and tell me what you thought or what you like and don't like with the sites new direction. See you Tonight. 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern.


Thursday - April 22 - 2004

NiubNiub in the Real World

Hey guys, a little update to keep you informed on what I have been up to...I started a 2 week contract Tuesday that is really cool. I wish I could tell you what it is but i have a clause in my contract to keep quiet. I'll let you know what it was in November. Because of the time constraint for E3 I must work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. So very little time for updates. The good news is that before starting work, I almost completed the revamping of the Visitors Section. I only have a few bugs to iron out to make it compatible for non explorer browsers. Hopefully I will show you sometime this weekend. I'll talk to you soon. All the best, Frank.


Friday - April 16 - 2004

Classic Comparisons New Design Preview

Well I have 3 days left in my vacation before going back to work. I have been having so much fun re-designing the site. I just wish it was less time consuming but the look I think makes it well worth it. And judging by the wonderfull feedback you guys are sending my way, the changes are welcome with open arms.

This week I am giving you a preview of 2 more sections that will slowly morph into the 2004 design. If there are figures you wish to see before others, let me know, I have no particular need to follow a pattern. It would be my pleasure to endulge your wishes. Hee hee. Below you will see the Classic Character Comparisons. Here you will be able to view side by side images of Hasbro's Original Classic figures with their Modern counterparts.

I will be taking new clearer pictures of all the figures and have even added one little change. On the right you will notice some numbers that can sometimes be Hi-Lited in Roll Over mode. This feature will be activated when Hasbro has created more then One version of the same character.

For now only Greedo has the 2004 design but you can still have fun looking at the older design if you never took a look before. Let me know what you think ...More Comparisons to come soon.



Figure Variations New Design Preview

Not everyone has the luxury to buy every figure that is made, and we all know that Hasbro enjoys making resculpts of the same character over and over. Most times these are welcome but other times... Do we really need a Gui-Gon #200 LOL.

The Character Variations Section was created for 2 reasons. It's fun to see side by side all the variations that were made of our favourite characters. And help you guys decide if a new or missing figure is actually worth spending your hard earned dollars. Below you will see how the 2004 design is based on the look of the NEW Reviews as well as offer clearer pictures of the figures themselves.

If you click on the picture above you will get an idea of what I am talking about. So far only the Jawas have the New Design. More will come every week. Let me know what you think or what figures you might want to see next.

As for now, Im working hard on the Visitor's Section next. It's been far too long since it's been updated, and I have many many pictures waiting to make their public appearance :) Have agreat weekend. Hope to chat with you next monday...Frank.


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