Monday - May 10 - 2004

Learning the Hard Way....

Hello everyone, well you know what they always learn your best lessons the hard way. Well 3 weeks ago my Hard Disk Crashed - more like DIED - so the shop tells me and I lost EVERYTHING. :( All my pics, MP3's, Word documents, Softwares and worst of all...the entire NiubNiub Site. So many items in fact I don't even know where to start and replace it all if even possible to do so.

I was working hard on the Visitors Section Design when it happened and lost all the Photoshop files. Lucky for me though, I had burned a CD of the 2004 designs that were done until April 01. So I was able to salvage those items.

I just got the computer back from the shop Saturday and downloaded the site back to my Hard Drive minus the April/May Photoshop Templates that I must recreate from scratch.

To make sure this doesn't happen again, I also bought myself extra RAM and a Portable HD for weekly backups. A GOOD MOVE for all of you who want to create a web site - LOL. Don't do as I did ... so naive thinking your computer will always function proporly.

I have also lost ALL emails that were sent to me last 3 months. If you had sent a mail and NOT gotten a reply, please send again. I do read EVERY email and ALWAYS reply, even if it takes a while sometimes ;P Also resend if you sent ANY interactive reviews such as Character or Movie input.


Niub in the Real World

Today I also start a new contract...Compositing Exorcist 4 the beginning....scarry LOL. The work hours should be 9 to 6 everyday, so I will try my best to catch up with those photoshop files of the Visitors Dioramas during weeknights, in order to get that section back up to speed quickly so that my team may start helping with the updates.

Thanks to all of you for being so patient with me. There are so many cool things to come, I wish I could update them all at the same time....All the best...Frank D. NiubNiub.


Monday - May 17 - 2004

Summer Movie Reviews - Troy

How was your weekend? Did anyone elso go see Troy? I have a feeling many of you did - hee hee. I wonder how many of you will agree with my Review? Remember, you can email me your thoughts to me to add to the review at the bottom of the page. Warp on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to check it out.


Welcome Eva Blue

Since my computer crashed 3 weeks ago, I discovered I had incompoatibility issues with Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla with my 2004 design, so before I get too far ahead, I found a great programmer who will be helping me correct and build my Dreamweaver templates to perfection. This should also proove positive for loading times on your computers.

Eva also knows flash, so very soon I will be able to unveil my long awaited Interactive Puzzle sections, as well as Interactive virtual dioramas and customs. Welcome aboard Eva. You can check out some of her previous work at If you need her to design a website for you, make sure to WAIT until she's done with my work before asking - hahaha.


Wednesday - May 19 - 2004

Summer Movie Reviews - Shrek 2

The summer movie season is in full swing. One of the most awaited movies and surely one to fall into the top 5 moneymakers of the year...Shrek 2 opened yesterday. I am sure I don't have to convince many of you to go see it this weekend :P Hee hee. If you want to read my 2 cents, head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews and check it out. Let me know what you thought of it so I can add your thoughts to the review.

Friday - May 21 - 2004

MSN - NiubNiub

Just a quick note to say I have Finally jumped aboard the MSN wagon. :) If you feel like saying hello to me simply look me up...NiubNiub. Always fun to catch up with the fans. Perhaps even give me ideas for upcoming sections or your thoughts on the new look. Have a great weekend. See you online :)


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