Monday - June 21 - 2004

Toy Jackpot

Has it really been 1 month since my last update? I can't believe how fast the year is passing along. Seems it was January just 2 months ago. Maybe it's all the planning for my trip to California this August? If anyone out there wants to get together and toy hop, let me know :) Speaking of toys...

This weekend I hit the Jackpot !!! Legends Action Figures received a TON of Star Wars figures. I picked up the entire Ozzel Wave as well as Madine wave, The Clone Wars Cartoon figures and best of all...the first 11 Original Trilogy Collection Figures. These Have to be THE best packaging since 1995. Way to go Hasbro !!! Below is just a peak of what I picked up.


I also bought the LAST ever Simpsons Wave, Dancing Gizmo and the Alien VS Predator Wave 1. I will be posting reviews within the next weekend. We have 3 days off here in Quebec and 3 more next weekend. My friend Guy Paul has been helping me all weekend to start anew my 2004 templates from Scratch which will greatly speed up your access to the sites new sections. And perhaps we will be seeing some NEW Visitors pictures :)

Lots to come. I can't wait to show you what I'm working on....I know you are patient, and thank you for that. You will be rewarded :D


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