Monday - August 02 - 2004

Are you sitting down...yes...Finally an update :)

Yes it's true, I am not dead :) My contract for Exorcist 4 the Beginning ended Friday. I must say I saw the trailer and quite surprised. It actally looks pretty good and creepy. So now I am a free man until my next contract which means I can devote full days to work on the site :)

Eva Blue and Guy Paul have helped me a lot with some coding that was - whoooshhhh - way over my head. It looks like simple stuff to perfect the frame boxes, you probably won't even notice their hard work, but way too complicated for my web expertise in programing (which is zero - LOL).

The first thing I will be doing is replacing all the pages I modified 3 months ago with the 2004 design with the correct coded versions of the frames. Then I will move on to the sections that still have the original Niub Niub look.

One GREAT freature Eva Blue created was LIVE ineraction for the reviews. What that means is that you will no longer have to email me your comments and have me copy/paste them in the site. Each Character Review will have boxes for you to enter your info and a submit button that will instantly place your thoughts on the site for the entire planet to see :D But wait...I also get an email of every post so don't try and fill them with swearing :P I will have to erase it and track you down with my spear :) ok...enough talk...let's see what is new...


Niub Niub Main Menu Version 2.01

One thing that bugged me with the 2004 design was that my blue frames would gap and text would flow over the lines and look like a complete mess. Well the coding corrects the gap problem - thanks again GP :) - but i decided to go one little step further and slightly change the Menu Layout.

Here is how it works, simply click on any of the 9 blue ovals located underneath the Main Header to jump to it's Menu Page and see what sections are nested within that category. Having all sections listed together allow you to better see when each update was done as well as the sections description for the first timers :) This will also allow you to bookmark the area you most like to visit.



Once inside the Categories, Highlight the images at the right and click on them to warp to the section. See how easy that is? I'd like to hear what you think of the changes, your input really helps me with the direction of future changes and sometimes even the creation of New sections.

Now that the tedious work of coding is comlete, it is relatively simple to do my new designs and so you should see updates start to regain speed. I know...I said that last month LOL. Have faith...I'm not closing the site yet. When I return from my vacation, prepare yourself for some really cool stuff...


Niub Niub in Hollywood

After working like a mad ewok for the past 6 weeks, I am taking a well deserved vacation in sunny California. Woo hoo. I can't wait. I will be attending Siggraph, doing some business meetings and catching up with old friends.

I will be there August 5 to August 18th. If you live near Santa Monica and want to hook up and hunt for toys send me an e-mail. It's always fun chatting with fans, plus more fun then shopping alone :P. Maybe we can do a day at Disney or Universal. I want to have as much fun up there as I can.


Saturday - August 21 - 2004

Good to be home

I am back , yes, it's great to be back home. I still have a bit of jetlag and yet to unpack my suitcase, I'll deal with those chores tomorrow :P I went to Legends today and picked up the Alien vs predator toys - very cool - and the new wave of Star Wars. I'll be taking pictures monday and post them in the reviews section this week. I am between contracts so that means I can dedicate all my time to the site and yes....Finally get started finishing the Death Star Conference Room that I started way way back. Stay tuned..Niub is back in force...

Where's Niub 3 Winners

I need Anthony Sanchez, Mark Jabubowski and Derek Smith to e-mail me ASAP. If anyone knows them, can you pass along the message I am looking for them. Thanks a million.




Friday - August 27 - 2004

I'm going insane LOL

I am still alive - barely - LOL. I have been busy all week updating every post of the past 4 years in the News Archives in order to once and for all have all links and posts point to the correct sections for those of you new to the site or even for us old timers who want to go down memory lane :) I just wish it wasn't so tedious. it seems to take forever. I have but 2003 to complete before moving on to more interesting stuff...yes...I bought some foamcore this morning :) I will be working on the DS conference room and spruce up the Sneak Previews section.

so have a great weekend, anyone catch Exorcist? i I'll be back monday with an update or two :)


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