Saturday - September 04 - 2004

After a year break ... Time to Diorama again

Now that I am between contracts, and have plenty of spare time to give to the site, I have actually started work yesterday on a Diorama. Ater almost 1 year since Palpatine's Arrival, I feel a little rusty but think it will come back to me in full force :P Would you care to take a guess at what I am working on...


Yes, it's about time I complete my Death Star Conference Room - LOL. I completed the Wall Decals in photoshop. It only took me about 7 hours :) These will soon be added in the Download Textures for you to enjoy at home. Today I am cutting the foamcore pieces that the decals will be attached to. I also will be starting the Center Table and Chairs. If all goes well, the diorama could be complete in 2 days. Just in time for school :P ha ha LOL. Stay tuned for the return of the Diorama Sneak Previews... Enjoy your 3 days off...


Hasbro's ultra Cool New look

I got an email from Steve today asking me if I had visited Hasbro's Star Wars site lately. He said that I might get a kick out of their new design.

You old timers might remember the Character:VR's I animated a couple years back like Sandtrooper, well mix in some Holograms from my Wave Menu design...

I just have to wonder if the designers were just a teeny weeny inspired by my site :) Things that make you go hmmmm :P. All I have to say is WOW - WOW - WOW - how ultra cool !!! and they beat me to my own idea for interactive placement of figures on backgrounds. If only I had a found a flash programmer friend to do the same LOL.

Now click on the Action Toy Arena...My keyboard is full of drool, I feel like I am 12 years old and just saw all the figures for the very first time :) Hat's off to the designers and Flash programers, I know how much time and sweat it must of taken to put it all together. BRAVO !!! I just LOVE how the 3D rings that come up and down as you click the sections :) and the music ... makes me want to watch the DVD's :) I cant wait till September 21 :D

If you worked on the design and reading this, don't be shy, email me :) I'd love to hear from you.


Last years Where's NiubNiub? Winners

One down, 2 to go... I still need Anthony Sanchez and Mark Jabubowski to e-mail me ASAP. If anyone knows them, can you pass along the message I am looking for them. Thanks a million.


Tuesday - September 07 - 2004

Sneak Previews - Premiere - 2004 design

As many of you know, NiubNiub's Diorama Sneak Previews is THE section to visit when you want to catch a glimpse of how my current diorama is progressing. Well since I am working on the Death Star Conference Room, I needed a place to put the step by step pics right? :) So have a peak at the new look and let me know what you think of the new layout. Later in the of what I have been working on this weekend...stay tuned.


Put your thinking caps on ... Slogan Contest

When thinking of concepts, there is nothing better then brainstorming with others, so I got the idea to create a contest to find a slogan for my site - example: NiubNiub's Universe... "Come get your hands dirty". The winner will receive a really cool prize that was ONLY available at SIGGRAPH. I'll spill all the info end of this week. Start getting your pens out :D


Friday - September 10 - 2004

NiubNiub Slogan Contest

Since brainstorming as a group is always more productive, I decided to create a contest to see who can come up with the Best Slogan for my site. All you need is to put your thinking cap on - No sleepless nights searching for NiubNiub's this time - LOL.

The Winner of the contest will receive a Grand Prize of an OFFICIAL Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) T-Shirt, Available ONLY to those attending SIGGRAPH 2004. They were in short supply and a great addition to your Star Wars collection :)


To warp to the Official Contest Page and view what the actual T-Shirt looks like, simply click below.


Thursday - September 16 - 2004

Busy Busy NiubNiub

As you know, I am between contracts which means lots of free time and I am having a BLAST working on all kinds of really fun stuff for the site. My Death Star Conference Room Diorama is taking shape and I have been preparing the pictures for the Sneak Previews section. The reason they aren't up yet is that when I went upstairs to download the camera to the computer, I could not find the cable. The HORROR when I realised I left it at my friends apartment in California. He has mailed it to me so as soon as it gets here, I can dump the pics and share them with you.

In the meantime...I finalised the design for the Making Of section. I am making sure the links are all ok then will upload those before weeks end. Also, Eva and I have finalised some code for the Choose a Character reviews...wait till you find out the ultra cool feature that has been added :P Hee hee. Apart from code also comes graphics...

Since the Saga cards have come and gone, Hasbro is now in full swing with the Original Trilogy figures, so I thought why not spice things up a little for the 2004 reviews. Here is a small peak at what you can look forwards to. can't wait to post these up. Stay tuned...


Saturday - September 18 - 2004

NiubNiub Summer Movie Reviews

Finally, after 2 long weeks, I have updated my 2 cents worth (along with a slight redesign facelift) on all the movies I have seen during the summer months. I am sure there are some that many of you went to see as well. Perhaps we share the same taste? In the 2004 menu I have added Reviews for Spiderman 2, The Day After Tomorrow, The Village, Alien VS Predator, The Bourne Supremacy, Collateral and Exorcist the Beginning.

Simply visit NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to see if you predicted what I thought of the films.

Speaking of thoughts...There is now a very cool NEW feature in EVERY review. At the bottom are 4 boxes for you to type your name and share with the world what YOU thought of the movie. Once your name is typed, click SUBMIT and with the magic of technology ( and your name is instantly uploaded to the database. You no longer have to email me and wait till i find time to copy paste. How cool is that?

Oh, one more thing :P I get an email of each submission so I can see if you typed in any naughty words not suitable for NiubNiub fans of all ages :) Respect that and I won't have to use my Ewok Spear :P Have fun entering your names and remember you can do so for 2001, 2002, and 2003 films as well.


Monday - September 20 - 2004

Choose a Character : 2004 OTC unveiled

I went to Legends last friday and picked up a TON of new OTC figures, it's fun for once that Montreal is first in North America to get these newest waves. Having new figures got me thinking...Yes, can it be...NiubNiub has written some new reviews :) Not only that...but I have created a special design that is inspired by the OTC: Original Trilogy Collection cards. I think you will like them a lot. At least I hope so with all the hours this weekend it took me to make them. LOL.

If you remembered a couple months back when I started the SAGA Reviews design, you will feel at home navigating these new pages. well, almost :P You see I have changed a few little items. Gone are the 1,2,3 on the side. Now there is a Navigation Bar at the bottom of the review that let you view FRONT, SIDE, BACK and ACCESSORY (if the figure comes with a cool item, like a bar counter, or stools, or Hoth Screen etc...)

Next is a PRINT link that will open a 200 DPI version of the review for you to save to your desktop. You can then PRINT it like a reciepe card and collect them side by side. (they really look cool printed if I do say so myself :) You can even use the prints as a list to give Mom or Aunt Ida for your holliday wishlist. With a picture, they are sure to pick up the right figure you want . LOL.

The CHARACTER VR is found next to the PRINT button and will be active when a VR has been created.

The last button MORE PICTURES warps you directly to's Image Bank of that particular figure. Here you can vie what the figure looked like Carded, card back, side, top, upside down, close's the closest thing to having the figure in your hands.

So today let's get the ball rolling with OTC Wave 2 (holograms will come soon) Check out...R2-D2, C-3P0, Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stormtrooper, Wicket, Princess Leia bespin, Coud Car Pilot and Lobot. See what figures are worth buying a second time or if they are just the same rehash...Oh...I almost forgot...

The BEST is saved for last as they say :) Thanks to EvaBlue.Com, you can now input your own comments to the reviews LIVE without waiting for me to copy/paste your emails as in the past. Just fill out the boxes at the bottom of each review and click SUBMIT. Your page will reload (speed depends on your internet connection) with your input for the whole world to see :) How cool is that? Now be patient with me as the plan is to redo all the pages in this manner. Hopefully it won't take 10 years LOL. Enjoy the reviews, I'll have more surprises for you later...


Tuesday - September 21 - 2004

Finally !!! Star Wars Trilogy DVD and TOY Jackpot

Wow, is it Christmas? LOL. Check out what I got at Legends today...Not only did I pick up the long awaited Star Wars DVD but also a brand new shipment of over 20 new OTC figures, I am in shock :) LOL. Talk about great timing. If you can't find these figures in your stores, there are TONS of cases still left at the store. Tell Steve that NiubNiub sent you :)

I will be taking pictures of the figures and have reviews up ASAP. May the Force be With You :D


Thursday - September 23 - 2004

NiubTeam - Please contact me

I need my guys to send me an email - I've just noticed my address book is corrupt from last summers crash.


Saturday - September 25 - 2004

NiubNiub Weblinks sections - 2004 design

Slowly but surely, every section is getting a facelift this year and this week happens to be the entire Links section. I know it's not as exciting as a completed diorama :P but maybe I will make you discover a cool new site or two that you didn't know was out there. Perhaps we share some in common :)

When you click on the 09 WEB LINKS buttons, you will notice 4 choices...NiubNiub's Favourite Websites. These are sites I visit every day or so. Other Cool Diorama Sites speaks for itself. When you finish visiting here and still crave to see more dioramas, this is the place to check out other great work. Star Wars Fan Sites is where other fans like yourself share their display for the love of toys and the movies. Finally if you want to place a NiubNiub link on your site you will find some graphics in NiubNiub Banners.

If you have information, your own site, or a cool site you've discovered, send me an email, tell me about it and I will add it to the apropriate pages.

Slogan Contest CLOSED - Selecting Finalists

WOW, I am blown away by the number of submissions I received, you guys sure have some creative thoughts :) I am going to go over all of them with some friends tonight and try and select 5. If that is too hard, maybe I will increas to 7 or 10. there were some really good ones . I will post my favourites Monday morning and you will have 1 week to vote for the winner. This is so exciting :)


Monday - September 27 - 2004

NiubNiub Slogans - Time to Vote !!!

It wasn't easy but I managed to select my 5 favourite slogans from the hundreds of submissions received in the past 2 weeks. Now it's YOUR time to VOTE and select the WINNER. Just like on American Idol :P Click on the icon below to jump top the voting page...




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