Saturday - October 02 - 2004

NiubNiub Slogans - And the winner is...

I never expected this much of a turnout, thank you to everybody who sent in Slogans. In the end there were over 411 submissions, The funniest had to be Austin Grieve's "We cut our fingers off so you don't have to" LOL - From those I selected 5 as you know and a total of 783 Niub Fans voted for their fave. That is just awesome :)

So with 241 votes... you guys selected as the winning slogan ...



Congratulations to Donald Williams who came up with such an excellent catch phrase :) Send me your Address so I can ship you the ILM T-shirt ASAP.

as for the rest of the votes...79 selected "Canadian Craftmanship, Galactic Excellence". 102 for "your toys deserve a home too", 144 votes for "Little homes for Big kids" and 217 chose "Who said Size matters?"


Choose a Character - OTC Wave 01

More reviews have been added to the Choose a Character section. Released last May, the Original Trilogy Collection Wave 1 contains some of the coolest figures made so far and some of the worst Stinky PooPoos LOL. Check out Luke Dagobah, Yoda Dagobah, Spirit of Poopy Obi-Wan, R2-D2 Dagobah and repackages of past figures...Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot, Luke Jedi Knight, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

Remember all pages now contain LIVE interaction - Simply fill out the boxes on each figures pages to submit your comments with the entire planet :) Wave 3 reviews coming up next...

Oh yeah, you can also PRINT the reviews and collect them in a binder or hand them out to Aunt Rita for your holiday wish list :P


Thursday - October 07 - 2004

Diorama Making Of - Introducing 2004 design

Working on the Death Star Conference Room this week made me realise I needed to revamp the Making Of section with the NEW 2004 design. So today I present 2 Flashback Making Of's to wet your appetite until I post the Sneak Peaks this weekend. You will find the Main Menu of course with the light up icons and 2 past Lifesize R2-D2, made completely of cardboard for under 100 bucks and the Gungan Battle. More will follow until we are caught up to the present.

If you have a moment, send me feedback on the new layout for the Making Of pages. Are they easier to read with the text on the left as opposed to the older design. Your input always is helpfull for future changes to the site :)


Friday - October 08 - 2004

Choose A Character - All Menus 2004 design

It might not seem like a breakthrough, but It took me 6 days to revamp and link all the figures, ships, beasts, playsets in NiubNiub's Choose A Character Reviews section. As before, you can click on the head icons at the top to warp to specific Sub-Menus such as Classic, Power of the Force, Episode 1, Power of the Jedi, Saga, Clone Wars and the Original trilogy Collection.

What is NEW and best of all...a complete Alphabetical Listing of Every Figure on one page. It's called the Figure Menu and on the left of each oval, is a mini icon that tells you what brand that figure was released. Now all that is left is to update all the reviews with printable cards like the OTC reviews :P...hmmmm....maybe I'll be done by 2010 LOL. Hope you enjoy the easier navigation. :)


Niub in the Real World - Started Work Today

Well I knew my break couldn't last forever :P I got a call this week asking if I was available for work, and upon hearing on what film was offered, I said YES YES. This contract ends on Dec 10. So until then I will be back to working on the site weekends. Let's hope that doesn't mean too much of a slowdown. Things were just starting to pick up again.


Monday - October 11 - 2004

HUGE update tonight

Happy Holliday to all my fellow Canadians today :)

I was working on the update for the Sneak Preview diorma - Yes it's true, I have actually been Diorama building this weekend :P I have over 90 pictures to show you. However, I have just been emergency called at work so I must jump on my bike and head over to the studio for 3-4 will finish the Sneak Preview Dreamwaver pages at supper time and post them up before the end of the night. It's starting to look really sweet, expecially the conference table :) Stay tuned...


Tuesday - October 12 - 2004

After 1 Year...Finally...NEW Diorama Sneak Peak

It's now 1:00 am, It took me longer then I thought to type in all my Step by Step instructions but I promised you an update tonight (ok, it's now morning :P) so here it is...I made you wait long enough...

After more then 1 year since completing Palpatine's Arrival, I am Back in Full Force doing what you guys seem to like best about the site...NiubNiub Dioramas :D So sit back and prepare to view my latest work in progress...the Death Star Conference Room. I scraped all the pictures of what was started last year and I returned to the very beginning so that you can more easily make your own as I build mine.

Today you will find over 85 pictures !!! Spread out over 9 pages. I hope that keeps you busy for a little while :) I managed to complete the Floorbase, the actual Conference Table and the template for the Main Wall Units. All in a days work :) I will soon place the Decals online for those of you who want to construct along with me .

Enjoy the pics, Have a great's only the beginning :)


Tuesday - October 19 - 2004

Quick Update - What's coming up

Hey guys, Thought I would chime in with a what's hapening on my end...12:24 am, I just finished drying up my basement where the washing machine broke and started flooding the Diorama Room. I was working on the Conference Room when I noticed my bum starting to get wet. I was able to safely remove the Diorama from the floor, Thank God. I would have cried if it my past weeks work was to start over. It took more then 9 hours to just cut all the wall pieces and get them ready for the decals. but man, it looks FANTASTIC !!!

I will upload the pics before weeks end as well as some more OTC Character Reviews. Stay tuned, it will be worth the wait...Have a great day. Frank :)

Wednesday - October 20 - 2004

Sneak Previews - Death Star Conference Room

I managed to not do overtime tonight , it's a miracle :P, and so I had time to slave away and get these new pics up for your enjoyment with your cup of coffee this morning :)

This weekend I managed to finish half of the Death Star Conference Room. Man I tell you, it's so long and boring to do repetitive Wall Panels - LOL. Memories of Palpatine's Arrival are flashing back in my head :P but rest assured, I won't take another year off after this Diorama :) So what are you waiting for...Warp over to NiubNiub's Sneak Previews Section and check out over 30 NEW pics.

Starting at Photo 085 on Page 09, all the way through to Photo 112 on Page 12. DON'T go to Page 12 first :P It will spoil a HUGE surprise for you. Start at the begining like we were all taught as kids :)

Enjoy the pics...feel free to send in your comments...Stay tuned for Figure Reviews Friday.

Have a great one.


Friday - October 22 - 2004

Choose A Character - OTC Waves 4 and 5

Wow 3 updates in 1 week :) I'm on a roll - hee hee. Here are the reviews for the last batch of figures just released. Some are really very very nice and others, well...get out your air wick :D

Warp on over to NiubNiub's Choose A Character section and visit the OTC section. New reviews today include...Bib Fortuna, Darth Vader Death Star Duel, Darth Vader Hoth, Gamorrean Guard, General Madine, Han Solo Endor Strike, Jawas, Lando General, Lando Skiff Guard, Snow Trooper, Tie Fighter Pilot and Tusken Raider.

Remember, ALL reviews have multi angles, AHI-RES PRINT option so you can collect the reviews like Reciepe Cards, and of course...LIVE Viewer Interaction !!! Add your comments at the bottom of each page and let us know what you thought about the figure.

Hopefully I will get enough advance at work today that I can continue (maybe finish) the Death Star Conference Room. We have to deliver many shots for a sneak peak test screening in LA next week. stay tuned for more updates soon...


Niub in the Real World

Many have asked what film I am currently working on. I can show you the poster and point you to IMDB. That's all I can say at the moment. It's really fun stuff and I will tell you more when Miramax gives us permission to speak about it. Probably around the time the movie comes out next february.


Sunday - October 24 - 2004

WOW - Fantastic News - Niub is drooling

Man, this must be one of my best weekends ever :) I have huge news to tell you about I am not working today so I will be working on my Diorama. I will update the Sneak Peaks as well. Have a great Day :D


Monday - October 25 - 2004

Niub in the Real World

Friday I signed on to what is definetely the BIGGEST film of my career so far. It's not Star Wars but just as FANTASTIC !!! :) Here are some clues ... can you guess what the title of the movie is? Hee hee.

This contract starts first week december until june of next year. I am so thrilled beyond belief and to be able to stay in Montreal to work on such a project is even more fun. I will be able to keep the apatment and continue working on my dioramas in my off time. I am sure you are happy to hear about that :)

Speaking of Dioramas, I completed the Blastdoors, Hallway Neon Wall Panels and started the final chair design. There are over 70 pics to update, I will place them in the Dreamweaver pages and upload mid week. In the meantime here is a great way to get your Diorama rush... :D


Web Links - NEW Fan Diorama Site

I have gotten an email this weekend from a long time friend of NiubNiub's, Kris Van de Sande, who pointed me the way to a really cool NEW Diorama site just recently created. If you enjoy my site, you will want to bookmark The Cutting Edge. They have some awesome dioramas and also include Making Of section similar to mine to help you with your own creations. Way to go guys...I am impressed...make sure to check it out and others in NiubNiub's Web Links section.


Wednesday - October 27 - 2004

Sneak Previews - Death Star Conference Room

Here we go...another 43 photos on 4 new pages bring you the completion of the Death Star Conference Room Wall Assembly, Blastdoors and Neon Corridor Walls.

It really is coming along nicely. All that is left is to make the Chairs and a NEW Diorama will be complete :) And in record time considering my dayjob workload. :P It's great to be back in full Diorama form - Hee hee. So Warp on over to NiubNiub's Sneak Previews Section and check out Page 12, Stepas 113 all the way through to Step 156 on Page 16. Have a good coffee break :D.


Friday - October 29 - 2004

NiubNiub 12 month Calendar - Make your choices

I am preparing a Niub Store section and one item I am designing is a Wall Calendar. Perfect for the upcoming New Year. My problem is...12 months...12 Dioramas. But which ones? I need my fans input to help me select the 12 that will make it to print. Email me your 12 fave scenes , I will calculate the results at the end of next week. Thank you all in advance :D



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