Tuesday - November 02 - 2004

Niub in the Real World

WOW, as if October wasn't a Fantstic month for me, Wait till you hear what Diorama I will construct for Next year. But I can't spill all the details quite yet. Expect a HUGE announcement very soon :D I am very excited about this.


Sneak Previews - Death Star Conference Room

Yes can it be... More Step by Step photos :) 56 to be exact.., I took advantage of the extra hour this past weekend and ALMOST completed the Death Star Conference Room Diorama. Wait till you see how cool the Chairs turned out :)

Head on over to NiubNiub's Sneak Previews Section and check out Page 16, Step 157 all the way through to Step 213 on Page 22. Have a good coffee break :D.


Friday - November 05 - 2004

Star Wars Episode III Teaser Trailer

Pop quiz this morning...After watching the Episode III teaser on hyperspace Niubniub

1) Drooled all over his keyboard and cried when he couldn't find kleenex to wipe the spit of the keys

2) Watched it over and over again, like say....12 times.

3) Then started looking Frame by Frame, checking out all the tiniest details

Well, if you know me by now, you know it's ALL OF THE ABOVE - LOL. I am sure the pattern repeats itself with many of you reading this. C'mon, admit it !!! - LOL. These trailers really know how to do the trick... get us all excited for the movie. I just PRAY that the tone of the film is serious like Empire was and not CHILDISH like Episode I. (which I liked but jar Jar and jake Lloyd do NOT compare to Han, luke and Leia.)

I LOVED the space battle, Padme's Leia hairdo, Emperor's EVIL look, Vader in chains, Anakin's Darth Maul Eyes, 3P0 on the tantive IV, Chebacca's Roar :), Padme all sad and frightened, The Lava world. man this movie has no reason to NOT be the best of the prequels. How many days until may next year? :P


Diorama Making Of Revisited

Slowly but surely all pages are getting the 2004 facelift. So why not revisit 2 of my fave Dioramas today. Tatooine Sarlacc Pit and Vader's Secret. For the NEW visitors of the site, sit back and watch the Making Of sections Step by Step pictures. Perhaps you will be motivated to join the fun of Diorama Building :D


Pixar's The Incredibles opens today

Need I say more... :P



Wednesday - November 10 - 2004


Well I finished revamping the NiubNiub Diorama Downloads Section with the 2004 design and just in time to give you the decals for the Death Star Conference Room. ALL decals are FREE but please remember, these are intended for personal use. NOT FOR RESALE. Please abide my wishes :)

The Blueprints will follow shortly and I will be Modifying the other download sub-section throught the next 2 weeks. So get off your chair and go buy some ink and ENJOY !!!



I hope you all had a great weekend. So how did you like The Incredibles? :D oh and Star Wars Teaser on a BIG screen - drooooollllll - LOL. Well after the movie, I spent the last 4 days finishing a NEW TOP SECRET diorama. I can't wait to show you what it is. Hopefully I will get the OK in 2 weeks or so... I am so mean to tease you like this, I know... I think the DARK SIDE has taken me over - hint hint :)


Tuesday - November 16 - 2004


Man, what a weekend of horror LOL. I am in delivery crunch time for Cursed and just spent 35 hours at work with no sleep. My head feels like it is gonna explode LOL. Ah the price of working in film effects :P

Well before bed, I wanted to upload Princess Leia's Plans to the 2004 design of NiubNiub's Diorama Making Of section. It's great fun for me to look back at the step by step pics. If you are new to the site, make sure to check it out, you might get inspired to start making your own Leia's Plans. For my longtime fans, go down memory lane and revisit one of my favourite scenes.



Thursday - November 18 - 2004


Well yes, the summer is over and it's cold as hell outside - especially biking to work at 8:30 in the morning LOL. Just a matter of days before the first snowfall :( Nooooooo - LOL. Another 4 months on Hoth when I was hoping for Tatooine :P

The good thing about winter is that there are still great (and no so great) movies that come out this time of year. Of course many of you have seen The Incredibles by now. I guess the important question is "How many times?" LOL. Also uploaded are long overdue Resident Evil 2 and the latest horror terror The Grudge reviews.

Head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to read my 2 cents worth and if I think you should spend your hard earned dollars on these gems :)

Remember, at the bottom of every review are interactive boxes for you to add your name so that the entire planet can see what YOU thought of the movie. Your participation is what makes this section fun. I'm off to see Incredibles again :P - well I wish I could, but I think I will be stuck L-O-N-G hours at work until delivery on December 01. have a great day. Happy movies !!!




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