Saturday - December 04 - 2004

Woo Hoo ... Bye Bye Curse

Finally, we have delivered all our shots for Cursed yesterday. Woo Hoo. No more 20 hour work days which means more Diorama time on the weekends :) we have all been working so hard for the past 3 weeks, I've hardly had time to do anything, including Sleep. Have you ever seen what a Ewok Zombie looks like? LOL.

Today I am finishing the lighting in the Death Star Conference Room so that I may start another Diorama next weekend. I will also be posting up the final Sneak Peaks and Blueprints and Decals. Stay tuned for that.

I also had a chance to go to Legends Action Figures last night and picked up a whole bunch of toys, including Incredibles, Star Wars and the Ultra Cool Galactic Heroes. I will post reviews for those asap.

Oh oh... Now that I have time off I will be able to watch my Ewok Adventures DVD :) I remember seeing these on TV when I was way younger. Ok, not that young :) the second is better then the first even though they don't have the budget of the Trilogy. I don't know if fans who have never seen it at original broadcast will like it compared to todays special effects. But way better then the holiday special :) LOL.



Speaking of reviews, this past week I managed to finish work early one night and was able to go to the movies with my friends. Unfortunately the movie I was dragged to was Seed of Chucky LOL. Ok, it might not have been THAT bad or was it? :P check out the review to find out.

Head on over to NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to read my 2 cents worth and remember to add your name to the review if you have seen the movie.



Monday - December 13 - 2004


I can't believe it's been 1 month since my last update on this Diorama. I guess you loose track of time working 20hr days :P. Well, no more excuses :) I finally had some time to complete the Conference Room Diorama. Yes that's right, it's finished !!! So you can now view the final step by step pictures on the making of this room. Below is a peak of what it looks like with the figures placed inside :)

Warp over to the Sneak Previews section and select Page 22 to check it all out. I tell you, for a simple room, it sure looks cool :)



Well I started my contract on Fantastic Four last wednesday. WOW, it is just too cool. Seeing Thing in action...droool...LOL. I have a feeling there will be long line ups next july :)

I have also been confirmed that we have a full week off between Christmas and New Years. So updates everyday to catch up on toy reviews and new diorama pics. I am also hoping I will be able to reveal my SECRET diorama by then. I can't wait to get your feedback on that one :) I am VERY excited :D.

Have a great day, I'll be back with Conference Room Diorama Pics later this week.


Wednesday - December 21 - 2004


Some of you have heard about this "project" for a while now in the Diorama Forums, well now the time has come where I can finally reveal to you all what the Secret Diorama is...

Well almost - LOL - Don't adjust your screen so quickly, the picture is all wacky on purpose :)

Head on over today to StarWars.Com and read up on what I have been planning the past month and a half. Then come back Friday...and I will spill ALL the details, I think you will all be very very happy :D


Friday - December 24 - 2004


Several months ago, I was contacted by Lucasfilm asking me if I would be interested to organise a brand NEW Diorama Workshop for Celebration III next April. Hmmmm Hard question LOL. With the success and trememndous FUN I had at Celebration II with the Mos Eisley Diorama construction, this was a no brainer...OF COURSE ....YES :) but...what to do???

Knowing that Episode 3 was the final bridge between New and Original trilogies, I tried to think what location would marry both together. In episode 2 we saw a hologram of the Death Star, perhaps construction of the space station will occur in Episode 3 ???, what better way to gap the bridge then by contructing our very own DEATH STAR. Yes, The Empire will rule Indianapolis next April :)

If you missed out on the fun at Celebration II, this is your chance to enter the world of Diorama building and help create what might become the LARGEST Death Star Diorama EVER MADE - The Emperor will be most proud I am certain :)

Click on the photo above to find out ALL the DETAILS on what to expect and stay tuned for more updates including voting poles on how to make this the ultimate fan event :)


Saturday - December 25 - 2004


I wish you all the BEST of Christmases and hope Santa brought you all plenty of Foamcore, Hot Glue Guns, Xacto Blade Refils and of course, some Figures to put in your Dioramas :) Have a wonderfull and Safe Holiday.

I am on vacation for an entire week - WooHoo - well unless we have changes to the Fantastic Four trailer :( Stay tuned for a full week of updates including the beginings of a NEW diorama? :P




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