Saturday - January 01 - 2005


Can you believe it's already 2005 !!! seems like yesterday the world was in a panic that the banks would all have their computers explode in 2000 - LOL. Well aI've noticed that a holiday week isn't really a week off when you have 4 parties and brunches and dinners with family and out of town friends :) I need a vacation from this vacation LOL. I'm sure many of you must feel the same :P Well at least now we can go back to our regular routines with the added pressure of our New Years Resolutions :) Hee hee.



Last but not least, you can now view 12 movie inspired photos of the Death Star Conference Room along with it's Front View and of course everyone's favourite... Movie Comparison. They are all in NiubNiub's Diorama Section.

Speaking of which, you will notice that these NEW pictures are the first to incorporate my 2005 Design Upgrade. Diorama pictures are now LARGER then before. I will slowly be taking newer pictures of all older Dioramas and incorporate them into the new design as well using newer figures released since the original pictures were taken.

Let me know what you think of the bigger pictures. Are they cool? or take too long to load? Feedback always helps me in making the site the best it can be. Enjoy the pics, Have a great New Years Dinner and Be Safe !!!



With the New Year comes some little improvements on the site navigation. When you now select the NiubNiub Menu you no longer have to sift through 9 different sections to find your favourite pages.

The sections are still divided into their appropriate categories but now visible all at once. This should speed up your visits at NiubNiub's and also help you see which sections were recently updated. I've kept the picture thumbnails from the older design so that you can see what the section description refers to. These pictures also allow you to warp to their sections at the click of your mouse.


Tuesday - January 04 - 2005


My god the site has grown in size in the last 4 years. To think only 12 sections existed in 2000. Today, there is a total of 55 !!! that is a lot to get lost in :) So just as I modified the NiubNiub Menu to ease web travel within the site, Today comes #56... the First Time Visit FAQ.

listed alphabetically, you will be able to see and read brief descriptions of all the sites sections and what category it can be found under in the main NiubNiub Menu as well as Visitors Menu. You can also just click on the Thumbnails to warp to the sections directly. So if this is yur first visit to NiubNiub's, then this is a great place to start. For you old timers, if you want to see what you might have missed, you can drop in as well :D


Thursday - January 06 - 2005


Let's warp back in time...4 years to be exact. I have just updated the Gungan Sacred Place step by step pictures with the 2005 Making Of design. If it's your first fisit, you might be inspired to try your hand at sculpting one of the coolest designs from Episode I.

For the old timers, it is always fun to go back and check out all the steps. I know I have fun looking back at how the diorama was created. And why the Sacred Place you may ask as today's choice?...This will possibly be one of FOUR dioramas I will be bringing for public display at Celebration III this spring. What would the others be?...



You can't have a Diorama Workshop without having dioramas on display right? :) With the success of the Exhibit at Celebration II, it is only logical to have some of my dioramas on display for all of you to see in person for a change :) but which ones???

I would like you to SEND IN YOUR VOTES. I have FOUR shelf spaces for display so let me know what your favourites are and help me choose which scenes to bring to indianapolis next April. Your participation is important to me. the Diorama Workshop is just as much about YOU !!! so don't be shy, and who knows, perhaps your suggestions will be part of the winning selections.



Monday - January 17 - 2005


Geez the weekend passes by TOO quickly doesn't it? I got to finish only 3/4 of the work I was hoping to do on the site. I've been hard at work for the past 9 days, well nights, getting this BIG update up and running for you guys. All I can say is that it was L O N G overdue...

Above is a little picture from what will be posted sometime during the week. As soon as I finish all the Dreamweaver links and make sure there are no bugs, I will post it up for all to see. Want a clue? about, it's time to get your cameras ready.



With all the design changes to the site, I can't ignore my Diorama construction :) Especially with the Celebration III Diorama Workshop coming up real fast.

The next room for the Death Star will be the Control Room, used to destroy Alderaan. I thought it would be a fun chalenge to create this. I may be wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone else do it before. Will be lots of fun plus come April, this will become one of your choices at the Workshop :) Pictures coming soon...


Thursday - January 20 - 2005


I'm excited that you guys can now see what I was doing before Christmas vacation. The first shots from Fantastic 4 were premiered in theaters before Elektra last weekend and now finally available online. Remember that this is the TEASER trailer, a longer one will surely come out before the films July release.

The shot you see is the one I composited. It was great fun but hard work. We had but 3 weeks to get it done in time. When the film comes out, I'll be able to explain in detail how the fx were done. Click on the picture to view the entire Teaser Trailer.



I have a few more links to double check before uploading a LONG overdue post. Should have it done tonight and online for Friday. I know you will be all VERY HAPPY seing the post :) Hee hee.

Friday - January 21 - 2005


It wasn't really gone, but it has been over 18 months since an update was added to NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas Section. I was hoping that getting a NiubTeam together would speed things along, but I never managed to get the team off the ground as quickly as I had hoped for (maybe this year I will activate the team LOL).

After 4 long weeks with Photoshop and testing, I am extremely excited to say the wait is over. Michael Rhey joins us as the 100th builder !!! Not only that, but his work also debuts the 2005 re-design of NiubNiub's Visitors Dioramas with many many HUGE improvements for all of you...

Where to start...the Menus...They are now split into 2 categories. A Visitors Menu and a Visitors List.

The Visitors Menu is more graphic heavy and allows you to scroll 20 Visitors at a time. Starting from Visitor 001 all the way to the present. When you scroll over a name, his work will appear in Luke's Binocualrs so that you can get a glimpse of which Dioramas you will find inside his/hers section.

If you remember a specific Visitor and don't want to look through the binoculars, the Visitor List is perfect for you. Here you will find ALL names listed Alphabetically with information on their last updates. This way, you can see who was just recently added or updated with new pictures.

One more thing...because the net is getting faster and faster in terms of connection speed compared to 5 years ago, the best improvement in the section are the HUGE photos. Yes, now the pictures are even BIGGER then in the past. So you can now see all the details and get inspired to start your own Dioramas. If you are already in the section, PLEASE send me BIGGER pictures of your work so I can incorporate them in the new design.

For those of you who also make Dioramas and would like to share them with the rest of the planet, what are you waiting for ... LOL ... Email your Dioramas to me NOW !!! LOL. Make sure the pics are 72 dpi, and 700 pixels wide and in focus :P Also remember... the Star Wars movies are PANAVISION WIDESCREEN. Try and frame your dioramas with that in mind instead of a boring camera square. You will be amazed at how much more your scenes will resemble the actual films.

So enjoy the new look. Send in your work, and as long as I get pics, I will update the section weekly. Have a GREAT weekend !!!


Wednesday - January 26 - 2005


I just thought I would do a quick update to let you all in on what I have been up to these last couple of days. As you must know by now, I'm busy planning the Celebration III Diorama Workshop. Today I reserved my Cargo Van that will transport the Life Size Death Star Panels as well as my Palpatine's Arrival Diorama and a few other creations :)

So in order to offer you the best souvenir ever at the show - hee hee - With the help of the Original Trilogy DVD, I am re-designing ALL the Death Star Decals. , These will be the most movie accurate I ever created...



What a difference a few years make. Above are the existing Decals and Below, The movie Accurate ones.



It might not seem like such a difference but believe it or not...When I did the originals, I didn't even have a color printer LOL. Now the corridors will come to life in vibrant color :) Just wait till you see how it looks put together. I think you will see it was worth all the hours in front of Photoshop. I have a few panels to do during the week and then will start putting up some Sneak Preview pics. Have a great day !!! :)




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