Tuesday - March 01 - 2005


I've been a busy Ewok this weekend :) I managed to start work on the final NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop Falcon Docking Bay design. I have to simplify it somewhat so it will fit on Convention Tables, but I think it will still blow you away - Hee hee. But to keep you happy until those pictures are ready, I thought I would show you a section that IS completed :)

As you have seen with the Vader/Kenobi Room, The Celebration Diorama will be assembled TWO levels deep. A front row, which will mostly be regular hallways and some basic rooms, and a rear row which will consist of "depth" hallways such as the Rounded HallWay seen in the preview picture above. If you have seen the film as many times as I have, you might be grinning by now :P Have you all bought your plane tickets yet? :) hee hee.

You can view the rooms that will be available for construction at the Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop in the Building The Sections Menu. Select Rounded HallWay to see more then 60 pictures of Step by Step construction.



Sunday - March 06 - 2005


Man am I DEAD. I just got back from work doing a lovely 21 hour shift to finish my shot for the SECOND Fantastic Four Trailer coming out next week. It's the same shot that I did of The truck crashing into Thing but with more explosions :D I will let you know when the Trailer hits the web. F4 is gonna be a GREAT action movie. I read the script and from what I have seen it's gonna blow Batman out of the water :P hee hee.

So speaking of movies, I had time last week to go see 2 films. Constantine and another movie I worked on... Wes craven's Cursed. Many of you might know that filming this was a curse LOL. After 3 years of focus groups and re-casting and re-shoots it was finally released. I must admit, usually this spells disaster for a movie but I was pleasantly surprised :) Check out NiubNiub's Summer Movie Reviews to check it out. And remember... you can add your name at the bottom of each review to let us know what YOU thought of it.




Well I am off to create the Next template for you to create at the show. Can you guess what it is? LOL

I have already started the Left Wall last weekend and will continue making some NEW photoshop decals today and continue construction well into the night. I will post making of pictures later on to show you where my progress is. Have a great weekend - What is left of it. I will chat with you soon.



Monday - March 14 - 2005


Well another weekend has passed, my LAST one actually. We found out Friday we are going into 6 day weeks for Fantastic Four then to 7 at the end of April. That doesn't leave much time to prepare for NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop.

Don't panic just yet, I went into overdrive this weekend and finished some New Photoshop Decals, I wanted to sneak you my favourite one (below) before I rush off to work. If you are a true Star Wars fan, I don't have to tell you where you've seen that :)

I have cropped the step by step pics and have to do the Dreamweaver Layouts before I can upload them for you to see how far I've come in the Falcon bay yesterday. I'm hoping to have that done by midnight tonight so you can check them out tomorrow . See you then.



Yes it's true, I'm old - LOL. Good thing Star Wars toys keep me young and feeling 14 :) Hee hee. I got a amazing present today, I'll snap a pic and show you tomorrow. NiubNiub sooooo Happy :D Eechawanna !!!

If you want to give me a present - Click on the Figure Fund for the C3 Dioramas. A contribution for your fellow fans would really make my day. well that and maybe a happy birthday email - LOL.



Wednesday - March 16 - 2005


Did everyone go buy their DVD of the Incredibles yesterday? I will try and watch mine on Sunday.

Man am I tired. It's almost 1 am and I am in severe sleep deprevation LOL. But you know how much I love you all and I know you are dying to see more of what's in store for the NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop. :)

Don't wait any further, I have added a NEW section to the Building The Sections area, yes...The Falcon Docking Bay is under construction and it's a BIG room :)

I've been working on it 2 weekends now and the large part is done but far from complete. Still missing are the floor and Right Wall. That should be done by next week. Until then...Enjoy the pics. all 15 pages of them. That's like 154 pictures :)



Tuesday - March 22 - 2005


One of the fun things this year at NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop will be handing out a LOT of FREE collectibles to my loyal fans. All you have to do is show up and come get your presents :) First up is a pair of Bumper Stickers. Perfect for your schoolbooks, locker, car, computer, or anywhere else you might want to share your love of Star Wars Dioramas.



Both designs thank you for your participation at the workshop and are EXCLUSIVES for the show and will never be available anywhere else. So if you haven't booked your tickets yet... wait till you see what else I have up my sleeve. :P



Don't forget what comes out today on DVD. Yes...It's the Clone Wars animated series and if you never saw these on TV or in Hyperspace, let me tell you that if t Episode III is just a small fraction as cool as these stories, then we are in for a great summer :) I know where I am heading during my lunch hour today :D



As if I didn't have enough pressure trying to put the Diorama Workshop together, Working on F4 all day, and updating the site, I got home from the printers tonight to find my basement all flooded...again... :( Lucky for me, the water did not reach the falcon Docking Bay or I think I would have had a nervous breakdown.

Time is tight, still too many rooms to design and so little hours to do it all. I might have to forego the Sneak Peaks of the rooms I am building until after the convention. Typing and croping the pics takes a long time that I need to build the remaining rooms for you to choose from at C3. I will continue updates until I leave, but perhaps more pics and less typo. Keep your fingers crossed that the flooding can stop at least until May :P



Monday - March 28 - 2005


Hope you had a great Easter Break. I have today off :D I will be finishing the falcon Bay and starting the Red Control Room soon after. With only 3 weeks to go, I am totally fraking out LOL.

Onto cool news... I am happy to share with you 2 more freebies that you will be getting when you visit the NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop . A collectible C3 NiubNiub Keychains will be handed out as well as a really cool Imperial Themed Button Pins. Perfect for wearing when working for the empires ultimate battle station :D



Remember these are Limited Editions to be given away ONLY at the convention. They are sure to dissapear fast, so make sure to ask for yours when you visit the workshop. Tomorrow I will show you the coolest of all the collectibles. You will want to visit everyday when you see what I have planned :)



Tuesday - March 29 - 2005

C3 DIORAMA WORKSHOP - Falcon Docking Bay

YES !!! I am sooo happy that I managed to complete the Falcon Docking Bay yesterday. I thought you might like to get a sneal peak at what it looks like this morning :)

I don't know how many people will want to tackle this puppy at NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop . It is a massive 4 day project. Unless you get some friends to help build one wall section each. The good news is that it will be on display at the show and that upon my return to Montreal, I will add the Decals, Blueprints, and Making Of pics for those of you who want to build this diorama in your home.

Up next... The RED control room. One of my all time favourite sets and a diorama I've been wanting to make for what seems like forever. I'll show you some peaks later in the week. Have a great day.



With almost just 3 weeks until Celebration III, my friends over at FFURG.COM came up with a fantastic idea... What better way to help populate the Death Star Diorama then by having all the fan customisers from FFURG's booth come by the workshop and use their newly created customs to populate their section of the Hallway.

Now you have double the fun in coming t visit us at the show !!!



Thursday - March 30 - 2005


What better way to show your love for Diorama Building at Celebration III then by purchasing an official NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop T-Shirt at the show.

With "Celebration III - Niubniub's Universe - Diorama Workshop" on the front and "Building the Galaxy... One step at a time - Indianapolis 2005" on the back, you not only will look as super cool as Wicket, but you will be owning a great collectible as well. :P


The shirts are silk screened on High Quality Black 100% Cotton T's and are limited to 200 prints. At this low number, they are sure to go FAST.... So be sure to get them early in the weekend.

The shirts will be on sale at NiubNiub's Exclusive Vendor, Federation Toys at booth # 132. Be sure to wear them as you build your Death Star room. I have placed the order for a mixture or XL, L, M and KIDS sizes.

Purchases will not only show your support for my site, but also will help me pay for my travel expenses and partial recovery costs spent these past months designing the workshop.

Oh, and a special surprise gift will be handed out to everybody who shows up at the workshop WEARING their shirt :D 3 weeks and counting... It's gonna be great !!!


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