Wednesday - April 06 - 2005


One of the great things for me about Celebration III, apart from the Diorama construction, is the fun I have designing some cool souvenirs for my long time fans. I've been creating these for the past 5 weeks and now at the printing shop (one less item to stress about - LOL). So today, I present to you the best ever NiubNiub gift... The Celebration III Limited Edition Collector Postcards :)


There are 5 card designs and limited to 1,000 prints each. Each day of the convention, I will be handing them out in sequence at NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop until all 1,000 for that day are gone. If you visit the Workshop everyday, you will get all 4 cards. After the show, I will reveal MYSTERY CARD #5 and tell you how you can complete your Collectors set. When available, it will be the PERFECT souvenir for all who came to visit and helped build the world's BIGGEST Death Star.



Friday - April 08 - 2005


One of my all time favourite rooms in Episode IV - and one that was high on my TO DO list was the Death Star's Red Control Room. And it took Celebration III to get me off my butt and get it done :)

I completed it tonight after more then 4 L-O-N-G nights doing the Photoshop Designs for the 7 panels. But the hard work paid off don't you think? Not only does it look cool but is 100% movie accurate thanks to the wonderfull DVD's released last year.

Now I am to finish the WHITE control room - that one looks cool too - even if it's just an edit suite :D Hee hee. After that, Sunday I am back in Marc's Woodshop to finish the LIFESIZE Death Star Walls and Blastdoors that will act as the main entryway to the Diorama Workshop. I have to thank Jesse for working hard these past 2 weeks cutting and prepping all the wood. In 1 day I assembled but 2 panels, and there are 14 to be done. Did I mention there is about 2 weeks left until the show? HOLY BANTHA POOPOO !!!!


Enough chat chat, enjoy the pic and have a GREAT weekend. cath you later...



Thursday - April 14 - 2005


Yes you have read correctly, after 2 successfull years on display at Legends Action Figures, my biggest diorama so far... Palpatine's Arrival, will be auctioned off during Celebration III.

A HUGE thanks to Federation Toys for helping me hold my very first Diorama Auctions. Not only will these help me cover my traveling expenses to C3, but the proceeds will help support the site and cover the material costs for this years upcoming diorama projects.

Bidding on Palpatines Arrival as well as my Death Star Prototypes will take place at the Diorama Workshop during the entire 4 day convention and the winner will get to take home these one of a kind originals on Sunday afternoon.

The Docking Bay Diorama will be the centerpiece of the Death Star Workshop Project so make sure to come and see it in person for the first time ever outide Montreal.


Tuesday - April 19 - 2005


Well this is it, I haven't slept in 2 days and wish there was another week before the show. Such is always the case when organising :P

Well I have to go to bed, it's 5 am, must get up at 7.30 to go get the cargo van that will carry the Dioramas and Life Size Death Star Walls to indianapolis. I will not be able to update till I return, but check out Galactic Hunter.Com for all the latest C3 news and maybe a peak at what I am up to over there :)

Seein you in 2 weeks unless we bump into each other at the show. Do come say hello.




Wednesday - April 27- 2005


What a week !!!

What a show !!!

What great fun and Hard Work !!!

After what seemed to be forever - driving from 7 am to 10:30 PM non stop is NOT fun. Those of you who took a Plane to Celebration, I HATE YOU ALL !!! - LOL. I am dead tired, my eyes feel like poping out of their sockets and I am seeing Highway Dividers in my sleep LOL.

I am back at work today on Fantastic Four which has now moved to 7 day a week rotation. So little time to do much else but sleep, eat and work. I will be uploading all the C3 pics over the weekend and update a few times a week when I can. There are TONS of stories and photos to share.

I'm off to bed. And will catch you all soon. Take care.

Frank. D. NiubNiub.




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