Monday - May 02 - 2005


A quick note for those of you who were not able to come visit us in indianapolis last week, There are a few official NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop T-Shirts still available.

Cost is $14 US plus shipping. Send me an e-mail and let me know what size you prefer. Still have Mediums, Large and XL as well as 3 KIDS sizes.


Makes a great souvenir as well as support for the site. Wear them in time for Episode 3 premiere :P

I've also downloaded my pictures and will have the 5th postcard at the printers sometime this week. I will let you in on all the details ASAP as well as show you tons of pictures from the workshop. Catch you later...




Wednesday - May 04 - 2005


Quick hand count... How many of you went out today and bought the Revenge of the Sith CD Soundtrack. WOW WOW WOW. Did I mention WOW yet? LOL.

I haven't been this excited for Star Wars since Episode I. And with all that we have seen at C3, and the early reviews at Aint It Cool News, Hope is strong that this is by far the BEST of the Star Wars movies ever made. Hard to beat Empire and New Hope but in 2 weeks will will all find out for ourselves :) Woo Hoo.

What makes this purchase even better is the Bonus DVD that comes with the soundtrack. WOW. I am floored by this insert. I watched the episode 3 footage 7 times before having to stop and go to bed. :) I don't think my F4 producers would be happy knowing I was late for work because I watched Star Wars Videos until 4 am LOL.

If you haven't bought this yet. GO NOW. You will be happy you did. And John Williams is at his BEST. I just LOVE how he incorporates original trilogy segments into the new score. Amazing !!!. Did I say I can't wait to go see this opening night at Midnight? :)




It's been over a week now since CIII, Man time flies. I am still sort of sad that it is all over. I had such a great time (even though I was stressed 95% of the time :)

Today I start the updates in the NiubNiub's Celebration 3 Diorama Workshop section. When we first arrived at the convention center, we had to find where the Hall C was, then unload the truck and then almost 12 hours of Set Up time. We had a small panic when they wanted to kick us out at 8 pm. But with the help of our saviour Mary, we managed to get everything ready for Thursday at 11 pm. Check out the picturs and come behind the scenes with us and see what we did on Wednesday before the convention started.



Wednesday - May 18 - 2005


Well the wait is over !!! WOOHOOOOO. Tonight at Midnight the SITH hits the fan :D

I can't start to tell you how tired I am, I have never worked this long and hard on a project before. The toll on my body from all the 15-17 hours days, 7 days a week, over the past 5 months... I need 1 week's sleep.

But we are talking the LAST Star Wars movie here :( nothing can keep me away from attending tonight's premiere. I just hope I don't fall asleep at 2 am LOL.

14 of us from work are jumping into a Taxi after our Fantastic Four double shift and will experience the Dark Side of the force at 12:05 am :) . I will tell you all about it in my review, hopefully posted before the weekend.

Right now, I am off to bed. My eyes are burning and my fingers hurt LOL. Grab a hold of your tickets and see you at the cinema :)

Oh, and if you have a few minutes, I'd love you to e-mail me and tell me what you thought of the movie after you've seen it. Catch you later...Ciao...





I got confirmation yesterday that my last day of work on Fantastic Four is in 10 days, Not this Friday but Next. After that, 2 months vacation ... YES YES ... :D

I will probably faint by then and sleep 3 days straight but afterwards, get ready for bombardments of Updates. June is gonna ROCK !!! From C3 pictures (finally) to Interactive Toy Reviews for ALL that's come out for Episode 3, NEW Decals, Blueprints and Step By Steps, Visitors Dioramas AND --- 5th Anniversary Where's NiubNiub? contest. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.



Friday - May 27 - 2005


What a l-o-n-g 6 weeks this has been. Not only for me but for EVERYONE at Meteor Studios. I can officially say we are POOPED :P

Today, if all goes well and my last shot gets approved, will mark the end of my Fantastic Four contract. I can thus wake up a noon tomorrow instead of 5 am :) Woo Hoo. NiubNiub will be a happy man LOL. That also means the start of my 2 month vacation and the return of MEGA updates.

Starting next week, things will get a stirring at NNU. So get your glue guns ready, here we go...



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