Wednesday - June 01 - 2005


Just when I thought I was on vacation I got a call to come in last saturday to do minor tweaks on my last shot. After 97 hrs it was the last phone call I wanted to hear - LOL - but thatès the glamour of show biz :P

Today we should get final feedback from 20th Fox in LA and see if I get the greenlight to go home. I want ALL fans of the site to send me positive vibes to I can get back to dioramas - heh heh. Stay tuned... can you believe only 5 weeks till it comes out and the FX are still cranking out? The stress is so high you can smell it :) Wonder when the Episode III effects were finished ?



Saturday - June 18 - 2005


Can it be ? All Fantastic Four shots have been delivered to Fox in L.A. and I am actually slept more then 5 hours for the first time in 7 weeks :D and MAN, does it FEEL GOOD :)

So I am now officially between projects (at least until July 20) and what a nice break that will be. Now I can play catch up with all the pictures I took at CIII, get all the decals uploaded and blueprints scanned. A lot of work to do before starting my next Diorama. Wonder what it will be ? :P

This weekend I am preparing the web layouts for the Diorama Workshop reports, so we should be seeing that around Monday. stay tuned...



Countdown is getting close and the Hype is starting to hit fever pitch. In a couple of days even Burger King jumps on board and starts selling their F4 toys :) I am really psyched about this film. It's my biggest project and so so proud of the work we did. I can't wait to see it with an audience in a couple of weeks.

If you haven't seen Trailer #3 yet which went online Friday, or if you think this movie will suck, Click on the image above to warp to Apple.Com and watch it NOW. All the shots that have the Brooklyn Bridge in it, are part of the 15 minutes Meteor did the Effects for. The other scenes kick butt also. I DARE you to not watch it 2 times in a row :)

Could it be that the 4 will kick Batman's Booty at the boxoffice? Hmmm....could be :P



Since we are on the subject of Summer Blockbusters, I finally got the time to put some NEW Reviews up in the NiubNiub Summer Movie Reviews section. A lot late is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. After that comes this little movie you might have seen called Episode III: Revenge of the Sith :) Maybe you had the same reaction as I did. Was it what we hoped for even after 3 viewings? :P Also uploaded is the review for Batman Begins. I went to see that last Wednesday with my friends from work. Tim was a Visual Effects Supervisor on the film and we wanted to share the experience with him. But is it worth the $13 admission? or should you rent Batman and Robin instead? :P

Remember, at the bottom of ALL movie reviews are interactive boxes for you to leave your name in and share with all of us what YOU thought of the movie. Have a great weekend. I will see you here in a day or 2.


Monday - June 20 - 2005


Hard to believe that 2 months have already passed since Celebration III. Today, it almost seems like a year or more. Well you know the expression better late then never... with all the chaos and little sleep since then I am happy to FINALLY present to you the pictures taken at the Diorama Workshop this past april.

Over 6 pages of images can be found in NiubNiub's Celebration III Section. Make sure to check it out.

Also... I am preparing 4 more sections, 2 of which I will need your help to bring them to life.

1) If any of you visited the Workshop and Took pictures at the event, Please email me here and send in as many pictures with captions that you wish to share.

2) If you want to share memories or stories of your time at the Diorama Workshop, Please email me here. Don't be shy, i'd love to read what you thought of your experience building your room.



It might not seem like much, but it takes a lot of work to get all the past stories sorted out for all the newcomers or even the old timers who want to catch up with what they might have missed.

The News Archives are now up to date. You can navigate easily throught either Monthly Posts or Yearly menus. the choice is up to you, either way allows you easy instant access to what's been going on here at niubNiub's the past 5 years... 5 years, wow, can you believe it?



In just 2 weeks I will celebrate 5 years online - which can only mean one thing :) Get your coffee mugs ready, the return of Where's NiubNiub? is just around the corner. This years prises will include of course a NiubNiub Diorama as Grand Prize along with a couple of CIII exclusives for those of you who might not have been able to come visit in Indianapolis. More details in the coming weeks...



Wednesday - June 22 - 2005


On the Sunday, we took all the finished Dioramas and stacked them side by side and one on top of each other to form a giagantic 60 foot wide by 5 foot high Death Star. Today I am happy to show you what the Completed Diorama Workshop Death Star looked like.

Make sure to check all the pictures, there is a surprise that many of you have been waiting for :)



I have also added more pictures to the Diorama Set Up Section. You can now see the construction of the Life Size Death Star Panels in my friend Marc's Woodshop as well as putting it all together in the Indianapolis Fan Fair Hall. See how the entire workshop was planned at the start.



If your name is not Steve, simply ignore this message :P LOL. Where have you dissapeared to? Been trying to reach you since the show ended. I hope you email me, I really want to put the Diner Table Photo on the site. It was just TOO gross to not share with the rest of the world :)



Friday - June 24 - 2005


It's a holliday today in Quebec, and if I wasn't on vacation I would be happy to have a nice 3 day weekend :) Amusez-vous bien les amis :)

After my B-B-Q's and party, I will continue organizing the Decals and Blueprints that were used at Celebration III's Diorama Workshop. Finally you will be able to continue what you had started at the show.



Hot off the press is the last exclusive Celebration III Diorama Workshop Postcard featuring the completed Death Star that was on Exhibit on Sunday. A great souvenir for all who participated.

If you were at the show and picked up the 4 other cards, you can now obtain the LAST postcard and complete your set. Simply send $2 for postage and handling (enveloppe costs) along with your name and return address to:

Frank D'Iorio c/o NiubNiub Secret Card #5

1751 Richardson SUITE 7200

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3K 1G6

Postcards are limited to 1,000 prints. Once all are gone, that's it. I will then remove this shipping information as to not confuse people in the News Archives. You can also send me an e-mail if you have any questions about the postcard.



Thursday - June 30 - 2005


Vacations are great :) Have lots of time to catch up on the cool new releases. Today I put two NEW Reviews up in the NiubNiub Summer Movie Reviews section. First up is the latest zombie thrill ride Land of the Dead. Not for 8 year olds for sure but if you are a fan of Romero's Dead films, Resident Evil and 28 days, then this is for you :) Then what could be my favourite movie of the summer so far... War of the Worlds :) Is Spielberg back at the top as the best Science Fiction director out there? Read on to find out.

And remember, at the bottom of ALL movie reviews are interactive boxes for you to leave your name in and share with all of us what YOU thought of the movie. Speaking of which, If you entered your name in Batman Begins, please do so again, I erased the data by mistake uploading the new reviews.



After months of e-mails begging me to get the Celebration III Death Star Decals online, the wait is over. What was/is taking so long is that the printers sheets were 11"X17" but no one has printers at home for that size paper, so I have to rearange the layouts so that they fit on 11"X8.5" paper.

Today you can find the first batch of decals... The main wall panels. There is also a new design for the downloads that I think might help with your printers. All images are now standard 8.5"X11" and should avoid the size issue some of you emailed me in the past. Simply make sure your page set up is at 100% and voila. More to come very soon, including the specific rooms created at the show plus the making of's and blueprints.




Tomorrow marks a milestone for Niubniub's Universe. it's the 5th anniversary of the site and the launch of your favourite internet game... "Where's NiubNiub?" check in tomorrow morning to see what prizes you can win this year. Get your coffee ready, there are lots of pages to search :P




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