Monday - August 01 - 2005


"Where's NiubNiub?" 5th Anniversary Contest is officially closed and my friend Mike from Galactic Hunter is picking the numbers as we speak. I hope you had time to find all the Niubs :) If theres one thing I know from all the e-mails is that you all had fun searching the site. :)

Come back Wednesday to see if you are one of this years winners.

Good luck to all the participants.



Can it already be? ... Vacation is over for NiubNiub. 7 weeks sure did fly by quickly. Today is my first day on my next film project... Final Destination 3. Judging by the actors faces below, it's gonna be a WILD ride :)


If you are a fan of the first 2 Final Destination movies, you haven't seen nothin yet !!! This time, disarter strikes a Roller Coaster. When I saw the Animatic, I knew i just HAD to work on this scene. Remember how scared you were to go swiming after seeing Jaws? Well, better go to the amusement park now, because after this movie comes out, you won't want to ride coasters for a long, long time - hee hee :P

Work hours are no overtime, until october so I should be able to keep updates to a regular flow for now. Stay Tuned...



Wednesday - August 03 - 2005


"Where's NiubNiub?" 5th Anniversary Contest is now but a memory in our hearts :) And a pleasure to create as in years past. But more importantly, I am sure, you want to know if YOU won the grand prize right?

Well my friends, I present to you THE WINNERS of NiubNiub Year Five. Congrats to all who participated as well. May your luck improve next year :) hee hee.



Are you builing or planning to start your very own Death Star Diorama ? If you have seen my Making Of's or participated at the Diorama Workshop at CIII, then you know what Mac-Tac is. And judging from your reactions, just how much it adds movie set realism of the Diorama.


After hundreds of E-mails asking me "what is Mac-Tac" , "Where can I order Mac Tac" , "My store doesn't sell Mac-Tac here in the US" and ""Can you help me?" I thought I would go to my local store and buy some rolls for those who can't find it in their city.

I'm not making profit from this, just happy to help out. The store is but 2 blocks from my apartment. You send me the cost of the Mac-Tac you need plus Shipping costs and you are ready to start your masterpiece :)

Mac Tac roll is sold by the yard, divided into feet... $1.50 per foot at 18 inches Wide. If you are interested, send me an e-mail and tell me about your project.




Wednesday - August 17 - 2005


I just returned from the hospital today, seems an idiot decided to get in his car Monday and collide with my bicycle on my way to work. I spent overnight in the emergency gettings head scans and ultra sounds to make sure no internal injuries resulted from the accident.

Seems the first 24 hrs are the most dangerous for head trauma. I've also been told that the next 4-5 days can still lead to dormant injuries just waiting to surface. Let's keep our fingers crossed. What lesson did I learn from this... ALWAYS wear your HELMET when BIKING !!!

I appologise for the delay in E-mail replies for the Mac_Tac orders, I'll write in asap.

Also I am but 1 days work away from finishing the NEW Making Of menus and section layout. I hope to have that done for this weekend. Hmmm.... does this sound like Deja Vue? :P

Also picked up the latest wave of Ep3 figures at Legends Action Figures this past weekend. They are really cool. I need to get those reviews out pronto. So much to do.... OOh I also got my Master Replica Vader Saber. When I saw these at CIII, I just KNEW I had to get one. Seeing it turn on and off just like in the movie is way too cool :) Hee hee.






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