Tuesday - November 01 - 2005


Hollidays are coming up VERY fast, and while chatting last week with my friends Jose and Steve at Legends Action Figures, we came up with a great idea for our fellow star wars fans as well as help me clean the clutter in my apartment :)... You see, I have a little over 100 Diorama Workshop T-Shirts left at home that I can't use so... you guessed it :) ...


With every toy order placed during the month of November, I will give Legends one of my NiubNiub CIII Diorama Workshop T-Shirts to add into your shipment. Not only do you get a FREE $15 value but a collectible that was only available in Indianapolis last summer. How cool is that? :) Well almost as cool as the toys LOL.

Since the shirts are limited, it's first come first serve. Place your orders today. This offer is no longer valid after the end of the month or when all T-Shirts are given away.


Now I KNOW there is no one visiting this site who hasn't picked up their DVD copy of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith :) what do you mean "not yet" ? GO NOW, go on... RUN Luke RUN :P





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