Tuesday - December 06 - 2005


Hey guys and gals and fellow Ewoks, well the real world is gobbing up all my spare time...hmm... (WHAT spare time? LOL) I just thought I'd mention that a certain little movie I worked on last winter is hitting video stores today. :D


If you passed it up at the cinema because you thought it would be total Bantha Poop, then you should definetaly go and watch FANTASTIC 4 on dvd. I really enjoyed it and think it's a great ride. Grab your popcorn and have a fun tuesday night at the movies.

I'll soon be posting a Niub in the Real World section where I will be able to show you all how the Fantastic 4 effects were done as well as some of the other filmwork I've touched in the past couple of years.

I'm currently on my LAST shot for Final Destination 3 and after 37 hours in a ROW, I can't wait for a 1 week vacation.




Well look what Santa brought us ... well actuall my friends at Legends Action Figures, Now this is a great way to start the New Year and we're only in December :p

As soon as I finish my Final D3 shot, I'm heading over to pick my set up. If you don't live in Montreal, you can always order online if you don't see them in your area stores.





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