Friday - February 10 - 2006


Yes it is quite embarrasing to be Feb 10 and wishing you a happy new year but I think that this will be overlooked for those fans who thought I was in a coma after last years Bike accident. I am happy to let you know I am alive and well and have NO plans to CLOSE the site. I have at least 10 more years of diorama making to catch up to all the scenes still not created :P

I want to thank everyone for their patience, support and emails asking me what is up and your excitement and anxiousness for new diorama updates. I can tell you this... my friends at Legends Action Figures and I are designing the next MEGA window Diorama that will be constructed LIVE at the store every weekend and we will unveil the selected scene and design ideas before end of the month. I know it sounds so far away but February only has 28 days :P hee hee.

Until then... if you are looking to have some fun at the theaters...




Yes yes, after many long long hours of work during the x-mas hollidays, and one of the major reasons of lack of updates (E.P. knows the other one - LOL) New Line Cinema brings us our 3rd destination into terror :). I must say after seeing the final edit of our work, we are very very proud at the quality of the work delivered for both the opening and closing scenes of the film. we kick @$$ :) LOL

This time the premonition is on a Roller Coaster (which appart from the cars and actors, is all 3D. The entire sequence was created by my friends and I at Meteor Studios Montreal) Check out the official Final Destination 3 site for more information about cast and other scary deaths :P You can also click on the poster below to see the movie trailer.

A little group of us from the studio are going to the Paramount tonight, so I'll let you know what I thought in a review during the weeekend. If you go see it, you can also leave your feeback as you did in past movie reviews.

Also interesting is that now that the movie will be released, I will be able to add the "making of's" from some of the shots i composited and explain to you the joys of movie magic :) stay tuned for more Niub in the Real World...



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