Friday - June 30 - 2006


First off Thank you to many of you who tell me in Forums and in Emails that you miss reading my weekly updates. I feel guilty about not keeping up as I would hope to but a lot has been going on this year that is putting a lot of stress on NiubNiub and time away from fun stuff like collecting and dioramas.


The main reason I have been absent - apart from the crazyness on my current work project... Frank Miller's 300, but more on that for another post - is my mom's battle with Alzheimers. 2 years ago we started noticing she was repeating herself and this year has been hard watching a big deterioration. Trips to the notaries, accountants, lawyers and hospitals take up most of my time and just the stress of feeling like walking on eggshells when chatting with your parent is not fun at all. Talking with my friends and colleagues, I am shocked at just how many people are afflicted or knows someone who has been touched with this disease. If any of you have been through it and care to share your help tips or what you did to help ease the pressure, please don't be shy to e-mail me and chat about it. Once all the Power of Attorney and Doctor Visits are completed this month, I am gonna be trhilled to change my thoughts a little and get back to some creating.

Now, let's move on to more pleasant thoughts ..





Well I couldn't just let you guys and girls miss out on the summer's favourite contest now could I??? LOL - If I'm going to skip 3 months to do an update, I better make this one GOOD one to make up for it right? LOL.

I am happy to continue the tradition and allow one of you to take home of of my original Diorama creations. This year ... It is one of my favourites .... Darth Vader's Secret. This was one of my very first to use stickers and super sculpey combined. Even though only 2 figures are needed to bring this BIG Diorama to life, it will make a great addition to your home displays I am certain of it :) So let the games begin. Head on over to Where's NiubNiub? 6 Menu Page NOW !!!




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