Wednesday - July 26 - 2006


Wow you guys must really think the site is DEAD !!! - LOL. I have never had this many LOW participants in the contest which I guess is GREAT NEWS for the 7 who are entered in the draw. those are GREAT odds for them :) Let's see if more of you can get all the answers in time for the weekend cut off date.

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 1 : Zero to Hero was this toy's favourite motto

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 2 : Chewbacca is still bitter about this particular party

Last week I clocked in 93 hours trying to reach our goal to finish all 300 fx shots for this coming friday. I've been working from 9 am to midnight - 1 - 2 am / 7 days a week the past 3 weeeks. Who said movie making is glamourous :P LOL but is sure is fun when you aren't stressed out of your wits :) I will be posting 2 more clues when i return from work tomorrow night.



Not for the young Padawans that's for sure, but if you are a little older and like a good scarry movie, check out the Final Destination 3 DVD. My friends and I at Meteor Studios here in Montreal worked on the entire Roller Coaster sequence at the begining and the big train crash at the end. anSee if you can find me in the credits :p oh and there is also a little NiubNiub joke I inserted in one of my shots. It's hard to spot but its in the tunnel.


Thursday - July 27 - 2006


Here you go , 2 more clues to find the hidden NiubNiubs.....

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 3: If you were to MAKE this HEAD you could see for miles when standing on top.

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 4: What room in my HOME would you find R2 rappin' with Yoda ?

Stay tuned tomorrow night for the remaining 2 clues. After that it should be a sinch to participate in the drawing. Send in your entries ASAP.



Friday - July 28 - 2006


And the LAST 2 clues to find the hidden NiubNiubs.....

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 5: Good thing Boba went first *burp* or I'd really be in trouble.

Hidden NiubNiub Clue # 6 The hills are alive.... with the sound of Gungans.... ahh ah ah ahhhh :)

Good luck, that's all the help I can give you. Should be simple enough to get you to the right pages. Don't think TOO hard, the clues aren't THAT comples LOL. Have Fun !!! That's the most important part.



As many of you know, the many hours of work and lack of updates these pas t weeks are due to the crunch time of getting all our effects shots done for Frank Miller's next masterpiece... 300.

Since I was stuck here in Montreal, I was wondering if any of you had the chance to be at Comicon this past weekend, and if you happened to go see the 300 presentation. I read on Ain't it cool news that the croud went wild. Certainly not for young Padawans, that's for sure, but many fx/ fantasy/ comic fans will love this film.

If you were there, send me your feedback... I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!





Monday - July 31 - 2006


If you haven't yet participated, here is your LAST chance. Any emails that arrive past MIDNIGHT eastern time will be deleted and NOT ellegible. It's not that hard, there was a big push this past week - maybe due to the clues? :P Odds are STILL very much favourable as opposed to past years so give it a shot !!! Good luck.



I am leaving this morning on a little roadtrip to Boston USA for the annual Siggraph Convention. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's like comicon but for all the people who work in the film effects industry. Some of you already know WHY I am going :P wish me luck :) If things go realy realy well I might have some very exciting news to post later in the week.

When I return Thursday I will do the draw and announce the contest winners friday. Have a great week you all and see you friday. Can you believe there have been more posts this week then the enntire last year :P how sad is that though :( At least I'm not Dead. well not YET. Spread the word :P LOL



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