Monday - August 07 - 2006


As if having your life almost killed by a drunk driver at 2 am on Boston's crazy highways wasn't bad enough...

check out the lovely surprise I got when I woke up Thursday morning. Seems my tearduct got blocked and my eye got swolen shut. mmm, Do I look like ROCKY after he got beat up? or more like Jason from Friday the 13th? LOL. Man this itches like hell and is driving me bats. Not to mention spending the weekend in hostpitals and eye clinics :(

So as you can see, it was a little hard to get all the contest winners pages ready for last Friday as planed...




After returning from the hospital tuesday I should be able to see again. The drawing has been done and the winners selected, now all that remains is to prepare the ASP pages so that I can upload and have you all view them. Check back Wednesday to see who the winners are



After many months in planing stages I have a NEW section premiering this week. Though not directly related to dioramas, it is something you movie fans will enjoy and get to better understand what I do as a living outside the website. Make sure to check it out this Friday !!!



Wednesday - August 09 - 2006


So the suspense has been mounting a little longer then expected - hee hee - and as opposed to the other years where I emailed the winners to congratulate them in advance, this time, they will find out at the same time as you. I will then contact the winners directly and get their address info and arrange for prize give away.

Drum roll please....... And the winners of the 6th Annual Where's NiubNiub? contest are .......




Friday - August 11 - 2006


Yes it's true, a NEW section has finally hit the site.

For many years, you have heard me talk about how busy I was working in films. A couple of months in the making, I am happy to finally have a specific area where you can actually see what I do for a living. Perhaps even inspiring a few padawans into joining forces in the Visual Effects business :) It truly is a DREAM job.

Ever since I saw Star Wars in 1977 and the 7th Voyage of Sinbad as a kid, I KNEW I wanted to work in film effects. So as corny as it sounds, Dreams DO come true .

Inside the REAL WORLD MENU you can read up on what current project I am working on.

When you click on RW DEMO MENU, you then enter the meat and patatoes of the section. Here you can see my demo in flash format, and better yet, choose a movie poster and see select scenes that I worked on, including Final Composites, Making Of's and Still Breakdowns for slower servers.

If you are a movie and special effects fan, I think you will enjoy it very much. Even if you don't YET work in the busisiness :) Enjoy.... and have a great weekend !!!





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