Monday - October 16 - 2006


This has got to be the BIGGEST most EXCITING month in my life EVER!!!! You know when they say that good things happen in Three's. mmm, do they really say that? LOL Let's start with what I can tell you now...


1) NiubNiub is now a Homeowner :) Goodbye paying rent and neighbors who's 8 year old kids play tennis balls on walls at 1 in the morning on SCHOOLDAYS !!!! Hello??? child services !!!! :P If I remember well, my mom made me go to bed like at 7 or 8 on schoolnights when I was in grade 3. I have a huge 2000 square foot penthouse Loft with a private storage room which i will be transforming into my NEW Diorama Workshop. After the flood in my workshop here last year, I didn't have any space to build new scenes , so this is great news for you guys and for me cause I am itching to start building again. The BEST part of the Lot though will be my new cinema screen, a whopping 11 feet high X 45 feet wide. wow, can you picture playing Nintendo Wii on that at xmaas :) woohoo LOL

2) The other very exciting news that some of you might know... there is a little event next year CELEBRATING one of our favourite film's 30th ANNIVERSARY. mmm. I wonder if you can guess what it is??? :) Well those who have celebrated the 2 last two times with me know what I am talking about but wait... If you think you know what to expect... You ain't seen NOTHING yet. If you are doing a get together to celebrate 30, you can't just do the same thing as in the past, you have to do it BIG and I mean... BIG. REAL BIG !!!! I'll have much more details for you in the New Year and spill the beans on what I am planning to make this the BEST CELEBRATION EVER.

3) Now this news is MEGA MEGA HOLY BANTHA POOP NEWS !!! I can't give specifics just yet, but those following the site from the begining and who know my passion for film and my career might be able to guess what the news is. If you think you know what I am talking about, email-me :) This news is why I bought my Loft and why I have to sell parts of my collection and why I'm leaving my apartment in November. More to come real soon...

In the meantime, save your money, there are lots of figures coming out this month. Th ePod Racers and GraGra are gorgeous. What happened to the Gungan heads? They shrank like 4X the size of Jar Jar and Tarpals. Not Good :( Have a great week and chat soon... Frank D. NiubNiub




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