Monday - December 25 - 2006


Today is quite special for me in several good and sad ways. First the sad...

It is probably the last Christmas that my mom will actually be able to recognise us due to her Alzheimer progression. It's a very stressfull disease. One must bring out the most patience in you and support to try to not frustrate and confuse the victim. So many of my friends and many of you guys as well have written in to tell me how you are facing similar situations in your own families. It is scary how wide spread this disease is once you start talking about it to people around you. Again thank you for your support in this difficult situation and I wish you and everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays !!! I hope you got all the star wars gifts you wished for and hopefully NOT TOO MANY of the Hasbro REPACK figures they've been releasing this past 2 years !!!! ;p

Now for some GREAT news... and the reveal of my FIRST BIG SECRET ...






I am sooooo sooooo thrilled and excited to let you all know that Lucasfilm and Gen Con have asked me if I wanted to return next summer to organise yet another Diorama Workshop based on the tremendous success and fan popularity of the past 2 celebrations.

We have been in talks for about 3-4 months now and they LOVE the theme/idea I proposed for next May's event. If you thought that Mos Eisley and the Death Star projects were BIG, HA !!!! wait till you experience the workshop in Los Angeles next May !!!

Next Summer, we will return to the basics of Diorama skills that people enjoyed at Celebration II, the 3 P's... Paper, Plaster and Paints :) and what exactly will we be crating??? What if I hinted that my ewok cousins would be first in line to start building - LOL. Yes that is correct... The ENDOR FORREST is next years theme.

During the 5 day event, you will have even more time to push your skills and complexity to a new level. With some major twists and surprises you will find out more about early next year. Ahhh, I know... tell us NOW ;p

We will need a lot, and I mean A LOT to fill up the 16 X 32 feet forrest surface. The main creation of course will be your own TREE. That is the start of your project. Once that is completed, if you wish to stay on for another day, then you can add to it your very own EWOK HUTT. Those of you who only want to spend 1 or 2 hours at the workshop can build a ROPE BRIDGE that we can connect to 2 trees to start getting the feeling of a village. As in previous workshops, you WILL be allowed to bring home your creation at the end of the last day's exhibit.

Now if you think THAT is cool, you can't have Endor without it's specific locations, like perhaps you want to stay on even more days and build a POWER GENERATOR, orhave your friends work as a team and build an AT-AT DOCKING STATION where Luke surrenders to Darth Vader. Or some Ewok traps like Logs crushing an AT-ST :) and if that wasn't exciting enough ... :) How can you not include a cool SPEEDER BIKE CHASE :D

Spread out between all the items that you guys will have created, will be a huge miniature train railroad system that will have Luke, Leia and Biker Scout Speeders (attached on top the locommotives) to simulate the high speed chases we remember so well in Return of the Jedi. Now if that isn't excitement enough to book your flight and hotel reservations today, I don't know what is :P LOL.

I will be planning the workshop January all through end of April and will create a section that will keep you informed as to what the techniques and actual look of the trees, hutts etc... will be like leading up to the convention. I hope I will see some familiar faces and some new ones in Los Angeles. The one thing I can Guarantee, is that it will be a LOT of fun.

Stay tuned NEXT WEEK for PART 2 of my NIUBNIUB SECRET. It could be my most amazing post since the site was created over 6 years ago...






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