Wednesday - January 03 - 2007


OK, you are ready for the 2nd part of my HUGE SECRET ???

Today came the realization of a dream I have had since I saw Star Wars in 1977, I was 13, and decided I wanted to work in movie Special Effects. One day I could work at ILM and create images like the ones I watched growing up in films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Poltergeist, Innerspace, Roger Rabbit, Total Recall, Jurassic Park, Contact, where do I stop? If you look closely at the Badge, You will see why I am grinning ear to ear...

Yes today was my first day in Training at Industrial Light & Magic !!! After years of interviews, I have made it to San Francisco and realised a childhood dream. After the next week of intense training on the logistics of how the company works with their pipeline, I shall start actual shots next Monday on TRANSFORMERS !!!

I have seen what I will be working on and although I cannot talk about it, Go see the Trailer now and imagine 500X even cooler then that :) This film is gonna KICK BANTHA POOP out of Spiderman :) I still can't believe I am working on such a high profile quality project. And being in San Francisco is AMAZING. what a cool city.


Don't panic just yet... As I work on Transformers during the week, I will be planning out the Diorama Workshop for Los Angeles in May. Since that was in California also, it made sense to come work here in the USA this winter and kill two birds with one stone :)

There will be one more HUGE surprise that I will announce soon, at least I hope I will, I am working hard on it to come to be a reality. Hopefully I can announce that soon. Stay tuned, 2007 is just starting and WHAT a YEAR it WILL BE !!! :) When you set your sights on a goal, ,even if your friends make fun of you, believe in yourself and make it happen !!!

Happy New Year !!!!

Frank D. NiubNiub



Monday - January 29 - 2007


What a way to start out the year eh? (oops my Canadian heritage is showing through - LOL)

Not only do I have the thrill of walking around and working at ILM (more on that soon), but this year marks the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars - can you believe 30 years !!! Man where does the time go? Funny thing is that I still feel like that 13 year old kid going to the cinema back in 1977 :) And with that landmark comes the excitement of yet another Celebration Convention and for me, the chance to organise another Diorama Workshop.

Today marks the creation of a brand new section on the site... Celebration IV: Endor Diorama Workshop.

Inside you will find a complete menu... some sections now open, like the Diorama Diary and Ewok Landscaping Figure Fund, and others (like the Step by Steps of how you will be creating the Trees and Hutts of Endor) Coming Soon in 1 or 2 weeks.

Let the weekly updates begin, there is a LOT of planing ahead to make this the GREATEST workshop yet, and I will be doing my best to give you as much sneak peaks as I can before we head out to L.A. in May. Woohoo. Make sure to reserve your plane tickets ASAP :P




You may have noticed a new little animated banner above the news this morning. If you are wondering what it is, just click on it to find out all the details about the Celebration IV Ewok Landscaping Diorama Figures Fund and how your participation and help can greatly augment the final look of the Endor Diorama as well as the fans experience at the show.

With the success of Celebration III's fund, I have no doubt you the fans, can come through yet again and show us how generous Star Wars fans can be :)





With all the overtime from Final Destination 3 and 300, longtime fans already know how few and far between updates were for 2006 compared to years past.

Since updates will start rolling out pretty often now that Celebration IV is approaching, it was time to get the NEWS ARCHIVES running up to date which would allow all of you new visitors to backtrack through 7 years of postings. wow 7 years :P

Just click on the archives icon below on this page and warp to the menu, select a year or any month to play catch up.






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